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Iam My Mommy's Angel Kitty

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Spring has Sprung

March 31st 2008 1:29 pm
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Ahh, all of my friends the snow is melting and the rains are a coming. I woke this morning to thunder and lightning, I was so frightened. But thankfully the Human Mama were here to sooth my shaking. I almost forgot all about the thunder, as I am an old kitty and I have noticed several things within the past few weeks. I have noticed that I have a tendency to be afraid of going into rooms that I used to go into, so now my Human Mama leaves a light on for me. I am so happy that she does that for me, I let her know if she forgets because I have been alot more talkative with things when I am afraid. I just let a shout out and my Human Mama comes a running to rescue me. I really love my Human mama, she is so good to me.
I want to update all of you on my medical problems, my thyroid is hanging in here for me. My Mama says that I am doing good. I eat what I want, Mama says that since I am a older kitty I should be able to eat food that tastes good, so she gets me good food. Even though the vet said I shouldn't eat protein, she still gives me protein. because when I ate the diet from the vet, I continued to loose weight and I was sick alot. I still have a tendency to puke, or as my Human Daddy says I take a bit off of the top, but I am eatting, basically a spoonful of food every time I get up from my naps. But as long as I am eating and continuing to put on weight that is what is important. Mama is keeping a eye on my thyroid and feeling my throat area and it has not gotten any larger. So all of the "Kitty Prayers" are continuing to work for me. Atleast they know that I am eating like a lion because of the thyroid because of that, and they feed me almost every 3 hours. But I am happy and continuing to have my bouts of energy to keep myself in shape. I go for my hall walks in the apartment as the Wisconsin weather has kept me indoors, except for the short times out on the porch. But I am looking forard to the walks once the weather warms up. Mama is thinking of getting me a stroller, as there are times that I get really tired from long walks and Mama can only assume that I would have abit of sore muscles and bone with being older.
Well, that's about all that is news in our house, I do hope that all of you are doing well and looking forward to Springtime. I will try to write more often and happy days to all.
Meows and Kitty Kisses to all of you,
Morgan and Her Mama
P.S. I like to get emails, so if you would like to email me, feel free to write, and I promise to write back as when Mama is in bed I can get online and answer your mail, she knows I do that but she doesn't care because she loves me so much.


What's New with Morgan.

October 26th 2007 6:40 pm
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It has been quite a while since I have written, but like I have said before I have been sick, but this is all that is new with this old gal. I have learned a new trick, I found out that my newest trick is something that my human couldn't believe her ears. For the longest tIme she thought that she was hearing things. That is because I have been watching to much of the "Dog Whisper", I only watch it because some of those dogs are so silly. Anyhow I have picked up this annoying habit of, barking, yes you heard my right, I can bark. Maybe this might have something to do with the fact that I have an enlarged thyroid. But now among my other talents I bark, I bark when my human's come home, I bark whenI want a treat, I bark for various reasons.But anyway that you look at me, I am still cute and now i bark. I am curious if any of you other beautiful felines have this habit, so please let me know if you do as I want to know , because as for now I am the only know barking cat. Maybe I should call that Guniness Book guy and see if I can get into it.
My cousin Diesel has taken a trip, and boy did he take a trip. I doubt that He will want to get into His carrying crate for quite sometime. As when He got into the crate he was in Milwukee, Wisconsin then when He got out of the crate He was in Manchester, England. You heard me right, England, boy oh boy, I am wondering if Diesel will now have a British meow. From what I understand Diesel did not enjoy the trip at all, He got off of the plane and waited patiently to be picked up. Diesel will be living in Yorkshire, England with my Human's son and Daughter-in-law. The first day that He was in England Diesel tryed to play Santa Claus and He tryed to climb up the chimmney to make a escape back to the states. I don't know if anyone has told Diesel yet but there is no way that He's going to make it back to the states unless he buys himself a one way ticket. I don't think that there is any money left in Diesel's kitty account for Him to pay for any trips back to the states. I will miss Diesel, but He has a new friend in England to play with and since Diesel is a young dude, He will have a long and exciting life living in England. Who nows maybe He will be able to visit the Queen Mother, I wonder if she has a Royal cat, if not maybe Diesel could apply for that job. Afterall, I am sure that a commonier could apply for that job, don't you.
I am doing well, eating like a little piglet, I am fond of the turkey that my Human goes to buy for me every week from the deli. I know I am not suppose to eat protein, but my Human says that I am an old gal and I should be able to enjoy the lives that I have left in this world. Instead of being misrable eating all of the no protein no taste food that I get from the vet. Now don't get me wrong but I also eat that stuff, but my Human spices it up with some other stuff that has gravy and tastes wonderful. Anyhow I am eating and that is what's the most important thing, because I don't want to get to skinny, as a thin cat is not an attractive cat.
So to all of my feline friends I say "Meow, woof, woof" and to the drooling dogs that I watch on "Dog Whisper" I say thanks for the entertainment. You dogs are so darn fun to watch and I really do enjoy watching all of your dumb antics. But all animals are creatures of Noah, even though we're not listed on the ships manafest, hey, that is because we're a smaller version of that good old lion, think about it, okay?


I have been Ill

October 27th 2006 10:19 pm
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I have been sick, I had to go to the Emergency Animal hospital. My Human called the Emergency Animal hospital, and rushed me out there, I was in such pain and my Human was so worried about me. I was having a really awful tummy ache and I couldn't do anything to make it go away.
At the hospital they did all different types of things to me, the first thing that they did that I really hated was that old thermometer up my butt. I would have been a good kitty and let them put the thermometer under my tongue or in my ear, but no they had to go and stick it in my rear end, I didn't even know the girl that did it to me, I was so sick I didn't really care what anyone did to me. But they took my tempeture, and then they took by urine, and no I didn't have to pee in a cup they did another invasive procedure that I didn't enjoy at all. So when they got around to taking some blood from me, i could have cared less because I was so wiped out from being poked in my butt and then being poked in other places.
I got sent home from the hospital four hours after we got there, and the conclusion was that I had something wrong with my kidney's. I was so happy that they sent me home(so was my Human) with some medicine for my tummyache and also some for a infection that they said that my kidney's had.
I went to see my own doctor, Dr. Brian was so nice to me, but they also take my temp. in my rear end. Boy, when will those doctor's learn that cats are very smart and co-operative and we'd be willing to hold the thermometer under our tongues. Someday they'll learn.
Well, anyhow I have been taking medicine for the past 4 weeks for something that the doctor's are calling,"Addison's disease". My Human was very sad when she found out that I was sick, she cried alot and still is quite sad about me being sick. She say's that she can't understand why I am sick because I am such a young cat, and that she doesn't want to lose me. I don't know how she can lose me, especially if she keeps the door closed so I can't get out of the apartment.
Anyhow, my Human says that all of my feline friends and human's should say nice thoughts for me. So that I can feel better and get healthy. The vet put me on a new diet, it's awful, it's called a low-protein diet. I hate it! My Human is trying to find out what I can eat, because this diet is driving me wacky, I have lost alot of weight, and I miss drinking milk, who knows maybe I could drink something like soymilk, ahhh that sounds awful too,but something is better than nothing I suppose. I'll try to gain some weight, oh boy that's something new for a girl, but everyone wish me well.
Hugs and lovings to all,


My Tail of Devotion for Morgan

July 26th 2006 7:30 pm
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My Dearest Morgan,
When you came into my life it was such a blessing. For the longest time I felt so alone, without anyone to keep me company when my Husband went to work. It's so funny how you are able to tell when I am in pain or when I am feeling depressed from having a "down" day. When my pain is so bad, you come into bed and lay with me, giving me the "look of love" that comes without expecting anything. As the only thing that I am able to give you somedays is a hug or an extra treat from me.
Over the past couple years that you have been in my life, I have changed, you have made me a better human, you have taught me what unconditional love is.
I am so thankful that you are with me. I cannot bear to think of what my life would be without you in it, but I know that we will always be together. I am so sorry that the family that previously had you made you suffer the awful act of having your front nails removed. I know that you miss them, as I can tell from the look in your eyes when you try to find the missing nails. I am so happy that they didn't have the back nails removed from your paws, because I know that having your claws is part of the instinct of your past of being a wild animal.
You will always be my "wild one" and I am so thankful for having you in my life. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I do hope that I am a good "Mommy" and that I do everything that makes you happy.
With all of my love,
Your Human Mommy

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I'm in my Easter Bonnet

April 5th 2006 1:17 am
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I am in my Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it. O'boy wait till you see what my Mommy's putting on me.This weekend I am going to have my picture taken with me in my new Easter dress, with a pretty bonnet and all. I really like when my Mommy gets me all dressed up, I feel so pretty when I have dresses on and especially when there's a hat to go with them, I really like those hats, because they keep my little kitty ears warm. In Wisconsin the weather doesn't know if it should be warm or if it's still cold. Must be why they call it "Spring", because the weather springs back and forth.
I noticed that my Mommy was looking at pictures of strollers for kittys. I like that idea, because then I could go outside, Mommy says that it would help her with her walking because she could have something to hold on to when she takes her walks. That way Mommy would be able to go for walks without using her wheelchair, and then I'll get out of the house and I could get to see the birds and all of the trees. So it will work out best for the both of us, I'll let everyone know how the stroller works. My Mommy's brother says that I should be a "service kitty" just like those dogs that help people. That's because I am such a big helper to my Mommy.
Well, it's getting to be pretty late, so it's time for me to take another mini- cat nap, I try to get my Mommy to go to bed, because I crawl into her bed and sleep between her and that big guy that she calls her husband. All I know is He's the guy that takes up my side of the bed at night, because during the day I get to sleep on his side of the bed. I don't think that he knows that because Mommy puts my blankets on his side and she moves them before he gets home, our secret.
Good bye for now and I do hope that everyone is enjoying the Springtime, I know that I am.
Hugs and purrs to All,
Miss Morgan


Where have I Been?

March 14th 2006 8:56 pm
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Hey, all of my friends, especially you furry ones, I am so sorry, please forgive me. My family life has been so hectic, my human has been ill and I can't get on the computer by myself. My health has been okay, with the exception of a ear infection hear and there,(get it hear). Anyhow the humans are treating me great, there's a possible threat that my human's might have to take in their Son's cat, my cousin Diesel. As his humans might move back to England, that's where the son's wife is from, I like her alot. When she comes over she gives me great neck rubs. I have never met Diesel, but I have been told that He's pack'in all of the claws, I don't think I could work with that. In England they don't allow Cat's to have their claws removed, it is illegal. Oh, well, I will find him a good home, I am putting feelers out and he's got a possible home with my Mommy's daughter, she wants a cat and that would be a great place for Diesel. My Mommy's daughter Sarah made me the beautiful shawl that I have on in my new picture, oh my Mommy's got a new camera that takes pictures really fast so watch out for some great photo's of me. Take care to all of my friends, and I promise to write more as my Mommy is feeling much better, that's because I take such good care of her.
Hugs and Purr's to you all,
Miss Morgan


I am a "Star"

December 29th 2005 1:08 am
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I was so surprised when I hopped on the computer today and noticed that I was the "Diary of the Day", my Human Mommy, (H.M.) was so excited for me. She was sick today, so I laid in bed with Her most of the day because that's where She is when She's not feeling good. I like to lay next to Her on the pillows, and I purr right into Her ear and She says that the sound of my purring makes Her forget about being sick and feeling pain. I am so glad that I can do that for my H.M., because when She's feeling okay She does special things for me, She likes to brush me , and She knows where the special spots are on me, you know those spots where you get your back feet wiggling all on their own . I think that my H.M. and Me make a great team, that's why we picked each other out at the Humane society. I hope that my H.M. feels better tomarrow, because then She will play with me and my favorite toy, that wand stick looking thing that has ribbons and feathers. Anyhow I really do like to play with that thing when She waves it in the air, it gets my old ticker ticking, and he says that's good for me to exersise. Oh well, I better go and checkup on my H.M. and see how She is doing.
High fives to all of my friends,
the one's that I've known
and the one's that I just met,
and the one's that I haven't met yet.
Remember to take care of your Human's because when you take care of them, they'll take care of you.
Meow, meow to you.


Christmas Day, Hooray!

December 25th 2005 2:09 pm
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I want to wish all of my friends a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy Hanukkah", I do hope that everyone is toasty warm and under the tree. I have found the best place to be is under the Christmas tree, that way people can't step on me.
I do hope that everyone didn't get scared by that ol'fat man that came into your house last night, I think that I scared Santa, as he left a pile under the tree.My human's tried to blame that on me, hey, I know where the litter box is, I didn't do it. Well, next year I'll set up the video camera and prove to them that it wasn't me. I do hope that all of my friends got all of the catnip and tuna that they wished for and maybe a couple of things that you didn't wish for. I found out that the wrapping paper is a blast to play with, my human Mother said that I am just like a kid, I like to play with the wrapping paper instead of the gift.
You Pal,


Christmas Tree......Oh yah

December 13th 2005 4:16 pm
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Well, my human got the nerve up to put the tree up for Christmas, anyhow they didn't put the tree up last year. That was because they didn't trust me, I can't understand why, I do have a habit of knocking things over, what made them think that I would touch their lovely tree. Afterall the tree isn't a real tree, I checked and it's a fake one. The more that I investigated, I noticed that there's several things that made me realize that it was a fake. The first thing that got my attention was an absence of birds in the tree, and second it doesn't even smell like the outdoors. Who do these people think that they are fooling, certainly not me, I am way to smart for them. So I thought that I would surprise them, and boy, oh boy, did I. I have decided to ignore that old fake tree of theirs. I just lay under the tree and look cute, and they just have to get the camera out and gush over how cute I look under the tree, of course I look cute, would I look any other way, I think not.They love to take pictures of me, but that's what they should do.
I want to be a tattle tail and tell you about what happened to me yesterday afternoon, my human Daddy was drinking his coffee and I decided that I wanted to jump up and guess who got a bath in coffee, yep Me. I was okay, I didn't get burned but I smell like a coffeecat, yucko. Now my human Mommy wants to put me into the bath tub and get me wet, as I don't smell like her baby anymore. I don't know what to expect from getting a bath, but as long as she puts off this bath thing then I'll be okay. I have never had a human give me a bath before, I think that I do a good enough job with all of the licking that I do, so everyone keep your fingers crossed that my human Mommy doesn't get anymore ideas to give me a bath.
I do hope that all of my Cat friends have their holiday cards out, as we just finished all of our cards. I offered to lick the envelopes, but that's alot of licking so I bowed out of doing that. So I wish all of my feline friends, and those canine creatures too, and their humans "Best Wishes" for the upcoming holidays, and be sure that you stay warm.
Many Meows to you all,
Your Furry Friend,


She's putting Me in Clothes

December 3rd 2005 10:53 pm
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I can't believe that my Mom is putting me in clothes. The other day I was just laying all stretched out and Mom came up with a hair brained idea, I could tell by the look in her eyes. Mom said to her man human, "I think Morgan looks like she'd fit into 6 to 9 months." I had no idea of what she was talking about, 6 to 9 months what did that mean. Well, let me tell you, I found out all to soon what that meant. As you can see by the new photo's that are up, I am wearing a very pretty pink/purple striped shirt that says that i love my dolly. I still need to figure out what a dolly is. It's a very comfortable shirt and I don't mind that she dresses me up, as long as she let's the tail-end have plenty of room, if you know what I mean. I also have a new collection of collar accessories, I wonder if the next thing will be a stunning collection of large handbags for my Human to carry me around in, I tell you she better have something warm if she plans on taking me outside.
It's snowing outside, a small storm, but what else can you expect, it's Wisconsin and I have felt what that snow feels like, and I haveonly one thing that snows good for and that would be "tracking." I like to watch the bunnies outside and the snow helps me do the tracking thing, although I don't think that I would know what to do if I ran accross a bunny, I do know that we would play nice with each other.
So maybe somewhere down the line, I 'll end up with my own fashionline of clothing for furry gal's, I can be a runway model like Tyra. Until then if you have any ideas of what I should wear in my next couple photo shots just drop me a line and I'll try to see if my Mom can get it together for me. Until then to all of my friends.
Tah, tah for now,

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