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The Wit and Wisdom of Chewbacca

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Dad won!

August 22nd 2006 7:46 am
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Well, I have to report that I lost the battle.. Since Dad discovered that Emma and I know how to use the kitty door, he refused to open the door to let us in or out, no matter how much we sat there and cried! Sometimes he would grab us and shove us through the kitty door, but usually he would just ignore our pleas. So, we finally had to accept the inevitable..............we have decided to use the darn kitty door. Once in a while it is hot enough that Dad leaves the big door open, or sometimes a window, and then we can use that, but mostly we use our own door now. I hope Dad never discovers that we kind of enjoy having our own door!


That Darn Door

August 17th 2006 8:35 pm
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Well, Guess what??? Dad installed the cat door in our favorite window. He taped the flap up so the door was always open, so that was okay-----but after we got used to using it, he closed the door! So then when we wanted out, he would shove us through. His theory was that we would soon start to push the flap open ourselves when we wanted in or out. Well, it isn't a matter of learning---how dumb does he think we are? It is a matter of principle--it is HIS job to let us in or out! So we pretended that we couldn't figure out how to push the flap open and go through. That worked fine until this morning, when Dad was outside, and Emma and I both wanted to go out. So Emma went through the cat door first, then I came through. Well, Dad was looking, and saw us use the door. So, as they say, the cat is out of the bag. He knows that we can go through that darn door ourselves, so he won't let us in or out any more, no matter how much we sit there and meow!




August 6th 2006 11:08 am
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Well, Purrs to everybody out there!
I thought I should Meow to you about the Hummingbird: Dad hung a hummingbird feeder outside the window so Grandma can watch the hummingbird. There is only one, but he is a tasty looking morsel! He hangs around the feeder most of the day. Emma and I sit there and watch, thinking what a nice lunch he would make. Dad hung the feeder out of our reach, so all we can do is fantasize!



July 20th 2006 9:44 am
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Meee-ow! Guess what??? Dad hung a HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER outside our window! Ooohhh--I can sit on my window shelf for hours and watch that tasty morsel as he enjoys the feeder. He looks so delicious--I can hardly stand it!


Good news and bad news!

May 24th 2006 1:35 pm
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Purrs to all from Chewy!

Well, the good news is that we finally get to go outside! I bought a cat door from, but Dad hasn't installed it yet. He is waiting until he puts a new door on the house. Since the weather has warmed up, he leaves a window open enough for Emma and me to go in and out. Ooohhh. it is exciting outside. There is a BIG yard to explore, and we don't know what is beyond the fence, but we intend to find out.

The bad news is that it has been raining every day for a week, and we don't want to get wet, so we have been staying in. Emma still goes out and makes a dash for under the house, but I don't go out at all.

More good news: Hulk hasn't been chasing us lately, so I think we are finally getting him trained!

I feel the urge to climb up on our observation platform to look out the window, so I have to go. More later!



Laps and a cat door

May 10th 2006 8:12 am
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Meows and purrs from Chewbacca!
Laps are GOOD! At least Dad's lap is good. Grandma's isn't so good. I haven't tried any others, yet. I don't like Grandma's lap very much, because there isn't much room on it. Her tummy is in the way! Besides, Grandma doesn't do anything except sit in her chair. She doesn't feed us or work in our litter box. Why should I sit on her lap?

There's one thing about Grandma that I really like, though. She uses a walker that has a seat, in case she has to sit down before she gets where she is going. Well, I love to take naps on her walker's seat! Sometimes Grandma decides to go into the other room though, and disturbs my nap!

I like grandma's bedroom, too. There are a lot of things for Emma and me to knock to the floor, there are her stuffed animals to wrestle with, and her bed is good to sleep on, unless she is in it; then it isn't so good.

I ordered a CAT DOOR from yesterday. When it comes, Dad is going to put it in the back door, then he is going to teach Emma and Me how to use it. We can hardly wait to go out!

Your pal,



March 17th 2006 11:42 am
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Well, it happened, despite my objections. I had resolved that Dad wasn't going to fool me, but somehow he managed to do it. He took away our food Wednesday evening--we like to snack all night long, and by Thursday morning, we were ravenous! Well, when Dad got up, he put out our food, and called us to breakfast. Half starved, I failed to realize it was a trap, and when I came running, he grabbed me and stuffed me into the carrier. I put up a good fight, though, screaming,kicking and scratching, I made him sorry he wasn't wearing leather gloves!

Over my loud protests, he took me to see Doctor Cody, who put a thing over my face, so I had to breath something that made me fall asleep. When I woke up, I checked my south end and discovered that I had been tutered! Well, it will be a while before I forgive Dad or Grandma--and I will NEVER forgive Doctor Cody! It still is pretty tender, and I am still disgusted over the whole Idea. Nobody asked ME if I wanted to be Tutered!



Spaghetti-- and escape plans, foiled

February 12th 2006 5:33 pm
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Well, Guess what?? Today, Dad fixed one of my very favorite treats--SPAGHETTI! Oohh, how I enjoyed it. Emma likes it too, and sadly, so do the dogs! They always get more than Emma and I do.

We still haven't been able to escape-------yet. We look out the window and fantasize about playing in the snow. We can tell when Dad is ready to go out, and usually hide close by and rush to the door when it opens, but Dad is always ready, and shuts the door before we can run out. The dogs have their own private door, but we haven't learned to use it yet. Dad told Grandma that he is going to install a cat door for us in the spring. In the meantime, we can only look out the window and wish. Dad brings us in a bowl of snow every day, and puts it on our window platform. We enjoy eating it, but the strangest thing--we eat our fill, and later when we go back for more, The snow is gone. Somebody takes it and leaves some water in its place!



I fooled Dad!

January 8th 2006 3:33 pm
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Well, I thought I would purr to you about how I fooled Dad:

Emma and I overheard Dad tell Grandma that we had an appointment with Doctor Cody. I was to be tutered and Emma was to be splayed!

Well, Hulk told me about getting tutered, and I decided that I would rather skip it. Nobody even asked me, they just thought they could MAKE me go through it. Hah! That's what they thought.

We were supposed to be there at 8:00 that morning, and Dad got up early so he could get us there in time. It takes about an hour to get there.

As soon as Dad came through the door that morning, instead of rushing over to greet him, as we usually do,we both ran and hid. Dad hunted for us and found us. Whenever he reached out to grab one of us, we would run and hide somewhere else. What fun!!

Well, Dad chased us all over the house for 45 minutes before he finally caught Emma and stuffed her in the carrier. He never could catch me--he chased me around for another 30 minutes before giving up. I felt so proud of myself! Poor Emma got splayed, and she said it was not fun at all!

Your pal, Chewy


I'm getting TUTERED!

December 23rd 2005 10:32 am
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Well, guess what? I overheard Dad telling Grandma that Emma and I are going to visit Doctor Cody--that I am getting tutered and Emma is getting splayed! Well, nobody asked us about it! What a rotten thing to do!

The dogs told Emma and me that Sandy Claws will be coming soon, and that he brings good things for us. I hope he brings me some PIZZA! I love pizza even better than I do spaghetti!

Emma and I don't get to go outside. Dad said that in the spring, he will install a cat door, then we can go out and come in whenever we want. We keep watching the dogs use their doggie door. Maybe we will figure out how to use it--then we can go out and play in the snow. We look out the window and see the dogs enjoying the snow--when Dad goes out the door, we try to scoot out, but he always thwarts our attempt!

That's all for now,

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