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Home:Reston, VA/Bowling Green, VA  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Female   Weight: 7 lbs.

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Kiki, Kees, Keezer, Sneezer, Keeter Skeeter, Keezer Meleezer, Keekers, Keeterbug, Keetie Sweetie, Kito Frito, Kittle Skittle, La Kia Mia, Fluffy Grey Thing, Grey One, Special K., Keeterkins

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
July 8th 2000

Blue Tabby

Me, her privacy, watching T.V. (especially the Detroit Lions)

Loud noises, obnoxious animals (i.e. Kirby and Mike), fur trimmers, being brushed or primped in any way, people who touch her tail without her permission.

Favorite Toy:
Those aerodynamically-engineered feathers on the end of a long string

Favorite Nap Spot:
In the basement window sill, on a rocking chair in the family room, my bedroom window, the piano bench.

Favorite Food:
Whatever we give her. I also recently turned her on to Cool-Whip.

She has the fluffiest tail I've ever seen on a cat and she loves to show it off. She also knows the words "Kitty Nippers" (cat nip) and comes running when I say it (silly junkie!)


Arrival Story:
I was out looking at cars when she came up to me from a dirty garage at one of the dealerships and yelled at me until I picked her up. Instantly, she became putty in my hand. She was matted and burred with parasites in her tummy, but we took her home, cleaned her up and got her well. Now, she is the fluffiest, softest, most beautiful kitty in the world! (Contrary to popular belief, I didn't name her after the car. I named her after a kitty I met at the Humane Society one summer. The fact that I was car shopping when I got her was purely coincidence.) I believe she may have been part feral because she's very leery of other people, except me. I'm the only one she completely trusts. Strangely, she trusts the rest of the family only when she's lounging in the basement, not in any other rooms of the house. There must be something about the basement that makes her feel safe and loving.

Full name: Kia Jennifer. Best friend: Sonni, Mommy, herself. Astrological sign: Cancer. Favorite NFL team: Detroit Lions. Instruments played: Piano, flute. Voted: Prettiest fur, Biggest drama queen. Kia was recently on the front page of the paper after participating in one of the Mid-Michigan Cat Fanciers Association cat shows. Her tail is her pride and joy, so do not touch unless she gives you permission first. She absolutely hates to be brushed (we actually had an "accident" with the scissors once when trying to trim her mats off, resulting in several stitches to her lower tummy). :( So, I stopped brushing her for a while and, eventually, she turned into one huge mat, so we took her to the groomer's where they ended up shaving off most of her fur, except for a mowhawk down her back. That prompted us to give her nicknames like "Butch," "Patches," and "Not-so-fluffy." She was completely humiliated about her appearance until it all grew back. Now, we make her sit through several brushings a week even if we have to drag her kicking and screaming over to her little corner in the bathroom.

Forums Motto:
I'm still prettier than you!

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# ♪ Classical Cats & Canines ♫, ♥ Steve Irwin Memorial ♥, ♥ The Pet Poetry Group ♥, 6 or more kitties, College Football Fans, Catster Maine Coon Lovers, Cool Cat College Football, Friends of The Tortie Girls, Gray is Grey-t!, Lolkittehs (& Doggehs), New England Patriots Nation, NW Ohio Cats for Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!!!, Oceanic Flight 815 and other flights, Ohio Cats, The Coon Club, The NFL Fan Club

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August 31st 2005 More than 11 years!

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Catster's 2006 Holiday Picture Party!

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La Kia Mia's Diaria

A 2nd Chance at my 9th Life

December 22nd 2011 11:09 am
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I almost died this summer. July 30th, 2011 will always be considered the last day of my old life. That night, I ate my dinner and went to bed perfectly fine. The next morning, everything changed. I refused to eat and acted very lethargic. A few days later, my appetite was back to normal, but I had lost the ability to keep anything down. I would eat, but everything came back up within 30 seconds, even water. I started losing weight rapidly and was very slowly starving to death. Mommy took me to the vet and they recommended $400 worth of blood work, which was not even within the realm of possibilities, financially. No one does payment plans around here and Mommy had absolutely no money to put towards my care. It seemed my only option was to waste away ever-so-slowly. Finally, she found a NPO willing to pay for my care. Bloodwork was normal, X-rays were normal, $800 abdominal ultrasound was normal. There was absolutely no answer for my condition! The night of the ultrasound, Mommy tried feeding me something, which I of course vomited right back up and then aspirated into my lungs and nearly died of asphyxiation right in front of her eyes. She rushed me to the vet in a panic. It was so traumatizing! I pulled through, but was still wasting away. Later that week, I underwent an endoscopy where they finally found the problem: I had an esophageal stricture caused by a thin band of scar tissue. My esophagus had been reduced from 2 cm in diameter to just 2-3 mm. They went in with a foley catheter and were able to open it back up completely! While I was under, they took some biopsies of my tummy and intestines. So, it seemed I had very narrowly dodged a bullet and life would soon return to normal for me. Then the results of the biopsies came back: I had some form of diffuse gastrointestinal disease. It was either Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Intestinal Lymphoma. A $500 phenotype test revealed the definitive answer: I had lymphoma. So, now I'm recovering from a stricture, near-starvation, and being treated for cancer. I'm on steroids alternating with a chemotherapy pill every other day. I also have to eat only limited ingredient food. My food alone is $75/month. I get my CBC's checked every month and take a B12 injection every 6 weeks, too. It's been very expensive and time-consuming taking care of me and keeping me alive lately. But, I'm doing great and I'm absolutely worth every bit of it! Mommy is so thankful to have me here, alive and well. Every time I eat my food and keep it down, we're both reminded of how close I came to death and then immediately grateful for everyone who helped make sure that didn't happen. I'm so glad they never gave up on me! Me being here is the best Christmas present any of us could ask for this year!


The Claws with a Cause

June 22nd 2008 9:13 am
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I cost my mommy $300 last night by attacking Kirby and snagging her left eye. She had to rush her to the emergency vet clinic, where she spent the next 2 hours while they treated her and ran tests. This is the 3rd time I've injured Kirby's eyes. The first 2 times were on the skin just outside the eyelids. But, this time I actually caused a nice large corneal ulcer.
What's ironic is that I've had my own eye snagged by Michael. (Remember that? I wrote a diary entry about it after it happened.) It didn't feel good. You'd think maybe I'd have some sympathy for my fellow creatures' eyeballs because of it, but instead I seem to have learned a new skill from it. The cherry on top is that Kirby isn't the only dog I swatted yesterday. I tried to scratch Piston's face after Mommy set me down on the floor a little too close to him for my taste. She was worried I snagged his eye, but I didn't. Oh, and the chocolate on top of the cherry on top is that I'm not the only cat who attacked Kirby yesterday! Lily swatted at her, too, right after I swatted at Piston.
Everytime this happens, the first thing Mommy does is check everyone's eyes for scratch marks or abrasions to the cornea. This is the first time in a long time her fears were realized. What's also ironic is that Mommy herself has had a corneal abrasion (but not as the result of any kitty fights). :) So, out of her and all her kids, Aria is the only kitty to not have had any eye injuries during her time with us.
Mommy actually considered having me declawed or something last night. She always said she would never, ever do that to an animal, but after yesterday, she seriously thought maybe it's the only way to permanently prevent these awful injuries from happening ever again. I doubt she'll actually do it. She'll probably look into Soft Paws for me or something. But, still, I didn't care for her threatening me about it.


Pretty Fly for a White Guy (or a Grey Girl)

May 26th 2008 7:45 pm
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I got to chase a fly around the window yesterday. Almost caught it, too. But, after I'd injured it and impaired its ability to buzz around my head, the game wasn't as fun. (Imagine that!) So, I lost interest and walked away. Not sure what happened to it after that.
I haven't written in a few months now, so lemme see what other news I can come up with.
Well, I have a new favorite nap spot: the blue beanbag chair. And, I now play goalie for the wooden fooseball team inside the table in the living room. Doesn't matter which team. Just whatever goal I feel like sitting in front of, and I'm equally good at guarding both. The other day, I got brave enough to venture out on the balcony. It was OK, but a little too dusty for my taste. I like to keep my paws clean. Overall, I've done a very good job of adjusting to life in Northern Virginia. I may even like it better than Ohio.

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