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Adventures of the Bobster

I've been tagged.....

May 24th 2007 11:13 am
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I have been tagged by:

Atlas, Mouse and Madison

Here are the rules.

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write in their own diary about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

Seven facts about me:

1) I like to catch baby bunnies for my Mum, but she then takes them back to the field...she is so ungrateful.

2) I squeak like a little kitten

3) I love tuna and cheese

4) I sleep with Mum everynight, either on her chest or by her feet. I like to kiss her face and pat her nose with my paw.

5) I am reluctant to have cuddles with my Dad......BUT

6) I like to watch Dad making his sandwiches for work in the mornings and get some little treats/scraps.

7) When Mum and Dad go away, Aunty Bonnie (next door) looks after me, i know when this is happening and when i come back from playing i go in Aunty Bonnies window and let her know I am home so she can take me back to mine and feed us and lock up.

I have tagged.

Princess Cali
Alfie Chinacat


Wednesday 28th September 2005 - At long last

September 28th 2005 9:49 am
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Well here I am at long last, finally got Mummy to write my first diary entry. I have been pestering her for weeks but she doesn't seem to get the message even when I am sprawled out across the key board. Anyway, here we are. Well my first few weeks on Caster have been amazing, I am flattered by all the friends I have made so far, it's really good fun and I don't know why Mum took so long to discover the site.

Haven't been up to much today, just mainly sleeping and eating whilst Mum and Dad have been at work.

Last night something very odd happened to me, I'm not sure how...I think it was a bit of a freak accident. Mum was just chilling out watching TV (not on Catster for a change!!!) and I came running in squeaking (no change there), just to let her no I was back from playing outside with my friends, and then I started sneezing really badly, and coughing and my eyes were streaming and then I couldnt open them, Mum was in a panic and Dad was still out at work, I wouldnt let her near me which made her worry even more and I kept shaking my head. She thought somebody had sprayed something in my face (not that there is anybody around here that would do that), but she was really worried. She was pacing up and down waiting for Dad to come in and Bruce was just sitting there staring at me whilst I continued sneezing and having very strange turns......anyway when Dad came in (only about 10 mins later), she got hold of me and made Dad hold me upside down whilst she looked at my nose....and there she could see a very tiny bit of grass sticking out of the end of my little pink nose.....she very slowly and gently got hold of it by the tips of her fingers and slowly pulled it out.....but it went on and on and on.......she said it was about 6 inches long!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea how it got there or where it went....but I am sure glad it is out.....and it sorted the trick....I jumped down and went and had some dinner and off for another play. She keeps talking about taking me to the vets to get me checked out but I am wasn't there long..

Mum says I am a real Tom Boy and very naughty....I always come back covered in mud and grass etc....I won't tell her where I go....but she knows its not far. Brucey my brother is a good boy and doesnt leave the garden.....we know we have to go in when Mum and Dad go out but sometimes I am a bit naughty and make them late.....

Anyway that's about it for my first diary entry.....its a bit damp and chilly this evening so going to stay in with Mum and check out some new recruits on Catser, and she has to write Bruceys diary entry too leep....cuddles
I love him really xxx

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