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Home:Mission, a, Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Male   Weight: 12 lbs.

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Mozza-Wotza, Goofus, Fluffykins, Bean Boy

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Quick Bio:
-part feral-cat rescue

Tabby and White

Raw green beans - cat candy to him!!

Neighbours' cats on HIS home property!

Favorite Toy:
A big wooden bead that makes lots of noise & rolls funny. When it gets on the carpet, he'll pick it up & carry it back to hard flooring so it makes noise again. He also LOVES to play tug-of-war with using his teeth to hold on.

Favorite Nap Spot:
All over the place as long as it's comfy but mostly on my bed (heated waterbed).

Favorite Food:
He's more like a dog in this way - he'd eat almost anything if I let him. But his all-time favourite is RAW green beans!! And lots if he can steal them. He also enjoys lots of other cat-safe raw veggies. Weird, huh?

Can detect green beans among other groceries when I come home from shopping. Leaps & catches soft toys we toss in the air for him. Whacks at windows or door when he wants out. Easily leaps off the 2nd floor deck when he wants. Loves chasing his tail.


Arrival Story:
The place we lived in had feral cats outside - very wild & couldn't be approached. When the mom had kittens, we to get them. My sons found them but they ran off except one little guy they caught. He became our Mozza. We eventually caught all but it took 5 months. He was tiny, about 5 weeks old. I had to made special food for him to lap up. He'd lay across my neck in bed, back feet on the pillow and front feet not even reaching the other side. Now, he's so big but not overweight. He's very attached to me and has been Momma's boy ever since.

My dear boy, my companion for 17 1/2 years is now gone. I let him go (pts) in the first week of July 2010. I miss him horribly & it seems so much emptier & quieter. I loved him dearly & he, too, loved me back with all his heart. I was the only momma he knew for all those years. I love you, sweetie & always will. He's such a funny cat. His antics keep us cracked up. He also thinks he's a tough guy and needs to keep all the neighbour cats in line but it's really him who's out of line. He'll jump off the 2nd floor deck to chase them off! Mozza is perfectly relaxed with us and those he knows well but is nervous around anything or anybody new. His feral mom had a very fearful nature (not just 'cause she was feral). All her kittens were too. We had a small earthquake once & he slumk from room to room for hours. Morgana never even batted an eye. He hides when someone knocks or the door bell rings until he knows it's okay.

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Bean Boy

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10 YEARS OR OVER??? DOGS or CATS, American Shorthair Club, Canadian Catsters

I've Been On Catster Since:
August 11th 2005 More than 11 years!

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The One & Only Mozza

Poor Mom still hurts but she's trying....

January 31st 2008 2:06 pm
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I know Mom is still very sad. Sometimes, I try to initiate play with her & she tells me she loves me & strokes me but doesn't play. Other times, she will for a while but not long. I'm a good kitty really even if I'm not sad about Morgana not being here like Mom is. And Mom's good too. She understands how I feel. Morgana & I were siblings all her life & all of mine except for the first year. But our personalities were very different. We hung around each other a lot but never really played. I'm a big boy kitty who likes to think I'm tough (Mom says I'm really a wussy & I know that too). Morgana was the tiniest little girl kitty but she really was tough! Thing is, she never played tough. She wasn't like that. She only acted tough when she thought her family was being threatened.

I'm scared of loud noises, thunderstorms, earthquakes (we had a tiny one & boy, was I scared!!), dogs, anyone I don't know, & all sorts of other things. The only thing I'm not scared of is other strange cats. After all, I need to protect my property from other kitties peeing on Mom's plants. Morgana was scared of nothing. She'd lift her head when she heard loud or strange noises & if it happened again, she'd go to investigate. Me? Heck, I'd hide under the quilt hanging over the edge of the bed. Silly Morgana - doesn't she know kitties survive longer by hiding from danger, not tackling it?

But I still miss her in my own Mozza-way. She was so good about letting me know if Mom had a treat. She'd always meow in a certain excited way & I'd come running for my share. And we had lots of fun watching squirrels & birds on our deck. We'd both chatter excitedly at them. I still check out spots that she liked to lay on to see if I can smell her & find her. But her smell gets fainter over time. I guess she really is gone. With Morgana gone, it's not quite as exciting now, especially since Mom isn't full of fun like she normally is. I'm hoping she'll get back to it soon.

Meanwhile, Erin (that's Mom's oldest son she shares a home with) has been real good to me. He always is. He's much bigger than Mom so when he picks me up to carry me around & play with me, I fit in his arms better. Mom isn't big enough & I get squirmy in her arms since I hang out the sides.

Still, I keep Mom company all the time except when I'm napping. I like sleeping on the bed best of all so I go there for my naps. I really love it if Mom gets sleepy during the day & takes a nap with me. I turn into a purring, kneading love-monster then. I've been like that at bedtime since I was a tiny kitten. Mom said I was so small back then, I'd stand on my back feet, try to reach across her neck & not even be able to reach the other side of the pillow! Can you imagine? I'm SO much bigger now.

Mom told me she won't get another kitty. She said that I will be her focus now & she will do all she can to keep me healthy & with her for a long time. I hope I do. She reads & reads, trying to figure out more about Morgana's cancer. She said she doesn't want anything like that to sneak up on her again without her seeing it come. My last vet visit was A-OK & I hope it stays that way. Mom checks for early kidney trouble & anything else that can be checked for but she said some things are impossible to see coming. So far, I'm doing very good. My vet thought I was only 7 when he checked me!! Yet, I'm almost 15. Pretty good, huh? Even my teeth are nice & clean. My secret to good teeth & no hairballs ever coughed up? Eat your raw veggies, kitties. Yep, raw green beans are my favourite. But I like some other raw veggies too. Even the vet said they've done me a lot of good.

Anyway, you don't want me to blither on forever I'm sure so I'll stop now & write again when & if something comes up. For now, winter days are almost always the same. Can't wait for spring to go out in the garden with Mom again. Bye everyone & make sure you give LOTS of lovies to your mom & dad. They love you lots in return.


Mom Needs My Care

January 26th 2008 11:53 pm
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Since Morgana's gone, Mom has been so sad. I don't hear her singing like she usually does & her face hasn't had a smile on it since Morgana left on Thursday evening. I can tell she feels awful so I've been doing my best to comfort her.

While Morgana & I were never really friends, we grew up together & well... it just feels strange she's gone. She always left me a tiny bit of food in her bowl for me after she'd eat. I'd sit politely near by & when she walked away, I'd lick it out clean. But after I eat my meal, I look around for her & her bowl & they're no where to be seen. At night, I expect her to join us on the bed like she always did but she doesn't come.

I know she's really gone 'cause Mom put her on a blanket on our bed when she brought her home & I sniffed her carefully. I kept waiting for her to move but she didn't. I watched & watched but nothing changed. She smelled different too so I know something is wrong. Mom told me a few times that she's really gone but it's hard for me to understand really.

Still, I sense Mom needs comfort. I haven't played with her in my normal rambunctious ways but instead, I've been very quiet & very good. I climb on her lap a lot & at night, I snuggle up real close to her chest. Mom says my deep purring is comforting to her. I'm purring louder than normal & not because Morgana's gone. I just know Mom needs this now. She told me I'm good therapy for her. I hope so. She's been so good to us kitties that I'd like to show her I appreciate all her love for us.


Piggy for Supper (...& I was a piggy too)

December 26th 2007 8:06 pm
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Mom never made the roast pork for us yesterday as our power kept going out. But we got our very own roasted piggy tonight! Sorry to say, but I made a piggy of myself & up came my supper. Mom's careful not to feed me too much at one time as she says I would beat all previous world records (if there are any) for fastest eater on the planet. Honestly, I DO chew my food but Mom says it looks like I just inhale it - it disappears so fast. Can I help it if I love the taste of food?

Even though Mom didn't give me too much, I guess I ate it too fast. Well, it sure tasted good going down but not so great coming up again. Still, I kept it down for 2 hours! Not bad, huh? Mom says I'm probably going to be specially hungry soon. When she was sure nothing else was coming up, she offered me a little bit of our leftover pork. My tummy felt fine after it emptied, thank you, so I took her offering. I wanted more but she said that was all for now. Gee, Mom - I heard the Romans ate like that all the time & they did okay, didn't they? But she said I just have to wait. Mmm, I just love piggies. Not sure what they look like but if they look as good as they taste, they must be the most boo-tiful animal in the world!

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