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No ONIONS ever for kitties, please!!!

March 31st 2009 10:57 am
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Mommy wanted me to add this brief extra to my diary since I was picked as Diary of the Day. Mommy thinks it very sweet & kind but it doesn't alleviate the pain she feels at me being gone. She's hoping that anyone who comes to check out my page & diary will read this & warn all other fur parents.

But this is a HUGE warning to be taken VERY seriously by all who love their kitties dearly. Please - don't ever EVER feed us any human foods (no matter how yummy it is to us) that has onions in it. Not even a tiny bit of onion powder in the food!!!!

Why? Doesn't it make the food taste better & maybe help those ill kitties to eat something?

Because onions contain a plant compound that is very dangerous for us! It's called n-propyl disulphide (it's what makes onions smell like they do) & it absolutely destroys the hemoglobin in our red blood cells. Kitties who get eat food with trace amounts of onions may not seem ill. That's because a bit here & there, while destroying our red blood cells, may not have killed so many that we die. But it makes us feel off & makes us tired since it causes anemia.

But if a kitty eats a larger amount of food with more onions in it at one sitting, it may be destroy enough red blood cells to make the kitty so anemic, it can't recover & dies. Sick kitties who've been regularly fed pureed baby food meat with traces of onion powder in it have died instead of recovering. Their sad parents may have no idea that it was the onions that killed their baby. They were only trying to help them eat & recover. :-(

Apparently, garlic also contains this compound but seems to take longer to effect the kitties or maybe isn't as strong. Really, garlic is not a good thing to add to a kitty's diet either, DESPITE too many cat food companies adding it to foods (with the hypocritical hype that it's good for kitties).

More can be read here about the dangers of onions & garlic: d=1108
There's lots more about this if you wish to do a search on Google. Mommy made sure that her babies never got anything even slightly toxic to us. She loves us too much to take chances!
Please, I know you love your babies too so NO MORE HUMAN FOOD with those dangerous onions in them !!!


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