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Sammy's Journey

Sammy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge

March 24th 2007 9:42 pm
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and I'm just heartbroken :( I can't believe my sweet little man is gone.

Sammy was so special to me, he taught me so much in his short time on earth. He may have been blind but he sure wasn't disabled, he did and went everywhere a seeing cat would. He took a huge part of my heart along with him.

Sammy was diagnosed with primary brain disease about 2 months ago. He started off getting a bit wobbly and then would lose his balance and fall quite a bit. It progressed fairly quickly to the point where he could hardly stand up and would almost shuffle along. He went on prednisone a little over a month ago and was doing great on it until last weekend when he began to decline again. I upped his dosage but it only helped a little bit. His quality of life was not anywhere near where it should have been so as hard as it was for me to do I had to set him free from his failing body.

He may have had a short life that started off pretty rough but I loved him with every ounce of my being and he knew it. He also knew how much his friends here cared for him.

I'm sure he is whole again at the Bridge and is snuggling with his best bud Bubba who I lost just under 2 months ago at the age of 16 1/2.

Rest In Peace my sweet man, momma loves you so much.


Another surgery for me

March 24th 2006 10:00 am
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Today I'm having another surgery on my left eye. The first surgery left one small spot uncorrected and since I've grown so much it started bothering me alot so momma took me to the vet lady. The vet lady said that I might have to have my eye taken out :( After looking at me a couple of times though she thinks just having the entropion surgery again should fix me up for good (toesies crossed).


Life is grand!!!

September 14th 2005 9:34 pm
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Oh boy, I have such a great life! Lots of places to climb, good food, and of course momma. She treats me like the king I am!

I have finally been accepted by my new sisters Chloe and LuLu Belle, though they still don't like it when I jump on dem and chew chew chew, I don't know why - I only do it 'cause I wuv dem. Bubba likes to clean my face, he's such a good big brudder.

I sleep on the bed wif momma every night and snuggle wif her until she falls asleep, den I move to the end of the bed and sleep wif the other kitties and sometimes the bassets. They're good to keep warm wif.

Speaking of da bassets, I wuv pwaying wif dem! Just the other night I was rolling around and pwaying wif Tuckers face while he was twying to nap, he got the hint and woke up and pwayed back. It was fun, but he has big ol' feetsies!

Oh yeah, I also got my big kitty toofers in! My mouth was hurting for a while cause they were all in there at da same time, but all da babies ones are gone now. I got some dried shrimp from da toofer fairy too! Yummy...

Ahh ... it's bed time, my favorite time of da day ... yawn



I am such a happy boy!!

September 2nd 2005 2:35 pm
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I have great news to repawt! I have a forever home!! That's right, I used my magical kitty charms on my foster mom and she says I can stay here wif her forever!! I am so happy:) I love it here, the other cats are cool, and I even like the dogs!

I'm also getting around the house amazingly well ... my mom says it's almost like I can see! I run around and pounce on the other kitties and play wif my toys. Every night I jump up on my moms tall bed and snuggle wif her, she gives me lots of loves while I purr my little heart out and give her kisses.

I still have to get icky ointment put in my eyes but not for too much longer. Then the vet lady will check me out again, hopefully she says no more medicine - I hate medicine!



I got my stitches out!

August 23rd 2005 2:19 pm
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Yesterday I went back to the vetlady and she took my stitches out. She says I'm blind, but now I have to have some yukky ointment put in my eyes twice a day that might help me see a little by clearing up some scarring.

My foster mom says she is amazed at how well I can get around and "see" with my ears. I even know when a door is open or closed without running into it!

I get to explore some more of the house now that my stitches are gone and boy there's alot to learn around here! So many new smells and things to play with. Sometimes I get scared but I'll get used to everything soon enough.

I've been jumping on the other kitties here and trying to play with them, but they're mean and just yell at me and walk away ... hmph - I hope I don't get cranky when I'm old!

Well, that's all for now, time for a cat nap.



UPDATE 8/12/05

August 12th 2005 1:43 pm
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Sammy here, I have wonderful news to repawt! I was able to get my surgery while my foster mommy works on raising the rest of the money. I am now recovering at her house. I am feeling much better but still have a long ways to go. It is strange being able to open my eyes more than just a little bit and having them not hurt so much.

She put some new pictures of me here but pawlease don't be sad when you see all my stitches, it really does feel better than before even though it looks so icky. I'm being a really really good boy for her, but I hate taking my medicine ... blech! I can't wait until it's all gone!

Thanks to everyone for caring about me, I really appreciate it, and all the help everyone has given :)

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