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Tuxedo Living the Posh Life

Took two years.

November 8th 2009 9:32 am
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Lumpy finally has learned that he likes catnip. A little pouch fabric toy has been on the floor and played with by the ferret for two years and just as of late Lumpy has started singing to it at night. Super cute.


Our Kitty never Hisses

December 31st 2006 9:55 am
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We were watching poor Lumpy get petted by our five year-old the cat was purring with ears flat back. This morning when ever I stopped petting him while talking to Nitro's mom on the phone he tried to bite me and would meow. Why can't my kitty hiss?


Christmas Shopping etc.

December 20th 2006 7:06 pm
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My son's friend just got a kitten. The kids seem to think that Lumpy wants to have a play date with the kitten. A long time ago Lumpy liked Squish and Mush but that was a long time ago. I think the ferrets are enough for Lumpy. He is getting some catnip toys on the 25th. The ferrets got a leash, I informed my son as well that Lumpy did not want a leash.



June 12th 2006 1:40 pm
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Well Mike was gone to LA and I was upset so I hardly was eatting the night he got back I ate four days of food. Mom is worried that I'm depressed. I keep eatting all the plants in the house accept for the living catnip plant next to my food bowl. Bamboo of the world beware. Adjusting to new home. Dame owner just registered my chip found out when she changed the address for the dog that she had failed to ever tell advid about me. I'm do for a rabbies shoot. Is there mercury in my shoot?




February 21st 2006 6:39 pm
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Poor little Lumpy for a minute there we were getting a new place. Than the reality we might foster two of his friends five cats are in a boarding facility because of a fire in the new place sunk in. They are all linked to us on this site. Lumpy got out on the porch in the snow last night. Yah escape, wait where's my fire place? That was what his eyes told us.


Why Lumpy?

August 7th 2005 1:00 am
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Well, I curled up next to mom and was happy to see that there was much interest in my page. This in comparison to the three year old human's blog and the dogster link for Mac, who has had less action in months than my site in its first hours. :P

I got my name Lumpy because I had worms so bad as a kitten. When, I first opened my eyes and was getting so little food that I looked all tummy lumpy from the air trapped in the belly. Back then it was air that made the cute tummy lump now it's
Iams. I also had ear mites. She had to save me. My Dad, Oreo a scrappy long haired indor-outdoor cat, had had a litter once inside a top floor unit in the New York walk up where two kitten's died of fleas. My owner resued the rest of the litter and learned the hard way that stinging ear mite medicine in the ears is not how to bond with a litter of kittens. My teeth are now often removed as a resolt of my earlier health issues.

One of my sibblings "Shadow" tested positive for lukimia and was sent to live in a shelter in Philly.

Three others siblings including a female tuxedo were found homes by my owner at Petco on the Upper East Side.

Two ended up at a shelter in Queens.

My mom was quite ferrel black with a single white pearl on her throat.

Two of my sibblings were Tabbies.

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