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My First One

A New One For Me!!!!!

April 28th 2006 5:10 am
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Hi there. My mommy read that someone took me. Well I am back on now. My mommy even put 2 more pictures of me on my page. I am alittle more grown up in these. I will,along with the other kitties be 1 next month on the 8th.


Hello Everyone

January 13th 2006 8:47 am
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Made it through Thanksgiving,and for Christmas Mommie gave me some ham,
UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! I am still driving mommy crazy sometimes,but I have calmed down some. I still complain though about eating. When it is time to eat,I want to be fed!!! I still like to chase the broom when mommy is sweeping up the cat litter,and really the vaccumn doesn't bother me. I even like to sleep with mommy now. I know I have to start writting some of my furkittyfriends,and hope I will be able to do that soon!

Freddiethe Freeloader


My First Turkey Day!!!!!

November 25th 2005 9:39 am
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Wow,can't believe what my mommy gave us. It is mime and my syblings
1st Thanksgiving and mom brings us so Turkey!!!!! Me and my brothers and
sisters were a bunch of piggies. This is the first time that mommy gave us anything other than dry food. I heard that she has 2 other Turkeys to cook and that we will get some from those birds to. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!


My First One

August 4th 2005 6:21 pm
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Meow to all. Can't believe that Mommy did this for me. I can be such a pain sometimes.
I was trouble for her to start. All I wanted was to suck my momma you know what. Then
Daddy made a mistake and gave me meat and that is all I wanted to eat. Momma had to get wet catfood cuz' I wasn't eating anything. Now I am though. I eat the dry cat food like all the other cats do. Sorry there is a picture of all 6 of us. Mommy doesn't have one right now of just me. Mommy named me to after her brother. this was a nickname he had a a little boy.
Angie who mommy is going to add(w/o a picture though) is his girfriend. Hope all of you who visit me will be friends with me. It was funny to. When I was downstairs,I had this habit of pooping on the carpet,and Mommy took me upstairs,showed me the litterbox,and that is where I went,and still go.
We all,that includes the big kitties have a problem with fleas this year though all know that it is because of this hot weather. Daddy and Mommy give us flea baths and are working at getting rid of those nasty bugs. When we get old enough Daddy is going to get all of us fixed too. He wants to get us declawed,but mommy's not to sure about that.
Well hope you like my first entry and I will get more pics of me to put on. Angie may have a page but no pics yet. Hope we can get some this weekend. Meow to all.

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