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I didn't do it, but if I'd done it, you wouldn't care because I'm too cute!

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Merry Tuna-mas!

December 26th 2009 8:16 pm
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I hope everyone has a meowy holiday. I got lots of presents! My parents got me treats and TUNA! I was so excited! Grandma got me some great toys. She sent me a plushie, a rubbery feather ball, a motorized mouse that taunts me (not a fan of that), and the coolest things ever: A Hartz Birds of a Tether and A Hartz Chrip and Chase. I love them and have most of the feathers out already.

I've been doing really well for a over a month *scratches on wood* and haven't been sick at all with any cystitis. My mom has been home with me every single day while she finds a better job, so I'm never lonely. Actually, she should leave the house more because I like piling all of my toys up on a chair and taking a nap on them.

Has anyone see Animal Planet's Cats 101 show? It's really neat. We just watched the episode with the Russian Blue. It so fits me! Mom didn't know that we Blues don't like our house routines to change. You'd think she'd figure it out, but humans aren't nearly as smart as cats!


Another cystitis update

November 12th 2009 10:20 am
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-From Tom Bosley's mom-

He has had a few more bouts of this problem, it seems like about once a month. We've consulted with the two vets previously and have been told that he is having flare-ups of chronic idiopathic cystitis. Basically, he's having bouts of issues with his bladder, either inflammation or bladder spasms.

As near as we've been told there is no cure, but just as it can start suddenly, the flare-ups can come back often (in his chronic case) or rarely if at all.

He's gotten us a worried a few times, especially the first part of this week. The most important thing is that when it looks like he's having a flare-up that we give him phenoxybenzamine that helps relax the bladder muscles and ensures that he is not blocked with a stone or crystal. Unfortunately that's about all we can do besides keep an eye on him and rush him to the vet if it appears he's in severe distress.

This is a very strange case, says the vet, as usually the flare ups occur several weeks apart, not every month. Hopefully we can figure out how to manage. We're working him eating more wet food and getting more fluids. We also had a change in work schedule around the time this started, so we've wondered if perhaps he's a little bit stressed that we're gone all day. To combat this, I've created a playlist of bid and wildlife sounds to play on my computer and as soon as I can find it I'm going to try some RescueRemedy.

Since about Tuesday he's been acting like himself and will be off the meds by next week. This is something that I've never experienced or even heard of, so I'd like to hopefully share some information (and hope) for people whose kitties are having similar issues.


A Very Lucky Boy

September 3rd 2009 12:47 pm
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~From Tom Bosley's mom~

The last couple weeks have just been insane! It all started around August 22 or so when we bought new recliners and decided to get rid of our couch. Apparently this brought up some bad memories of the move we made a couple years ago, and Mr. B. got scared.

That Sunday I realized he wasn't using the litter box productively - he was straining a lot and by the end of the day it was obvious his bladder was really full. My mother in law said he probably had bladder stones or crystals and to take him to the vet as soon as they openened.

We did exactly that and the people at Eastgate were amazingly kind and gentle. They put in a catheter and checked for stones, but didn't find any. They decided to keep him for awhile to feed him special food, antibiotics, and to keep the catheter in and out (all the while we came to visit rather often).

He ended up staying there for a week. He had a total of three catheters (the first he ripped out, so he got to wear an E-collar).

Unfortunately, he still wasn't urinating like he should have been. The doctor called me on August 31 to tell me that he was afraid Tom Bosley had a bladder tumor (which is pretty much a death sentence). Of course, we being the sensitive kitty lovers we are, definitely freaked out.

The next day we picked him up from Eastgate and took him to an appointment with a specialist at WestVet. The doctor was amazing and kitty was, too! He would not stop purring. I'm sure by that point he was happy that we were with him.

After doing some x-rays and an ultrasound, the doctor came to the most AMAZING conclusion - that he did NOT have a tumor. It was the best news I'd ever had. She said she didn't expect to find one since she'd never seen anything like that diagnosed in a cat so young and healthy. Instead, she came to the conclusion that he did have some debris in his bladder and was possibly having urethra muscle spasms due to the stress of our new furniture.

After a little bladder flush, she prescribed some meds that have to be compounded at the apothecary, and sent him on his merry way. I've never seen someone so glad to be home! He's still quite grateful that we figured out what was wrong and have helped him through this, he's even taking his medicine like a good boy. We've been keeping an eye on the litter box and slowly but surely it's being used. Hopefully after another 8 or so days he should be off the meds.

He is now home and confident that we are NOT moving and that his humans still love him dearly. Certainly a happy ending to a scary story that could have been much, much worse!


Oh my...

September 27th 2008 8:45 pm
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First, my cubes are getting worn out and I absolutely demand my humans purchase me new ones! Okay, I ate some bad grass and threw up in one and forgot to mention it, so it got moldy and mom had to throw it out. But, the other two I have, I've used to sharpen my claws.

Speaking of claws, if I ever get my paws on that neighbor cat Billy Bob and his brood he keeps inviting over to my house.....! I'll make him pay! He acts all sweet to my humans and they pet him and feed him saying we're "sharing" and "being kind" but it's such a scam. Then, when I get mad about it, I get put in time out because I scratch my humans. Man, that Billy Bob, I swear!

I wonder if he's the one that stole my dolphin and shark toys...I can't find them anywhere. When I hide my toys, I ALWAYS remember where I put them, so he must've taken then while I was in the litter box!


Oh My!

October 20th 2007 7:57 pm
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My humans and I moved to a new town! They gave me a sleepy pill and I peed all over myself. The car ride was realllllly hot, even though I had lots of water and ice bottles. I felt really icky, but my humans felt even worse, especially when I went #2 on the boy human, ooops!

But, we spent two weeks living with the loud lady, I think she's my mom's stepmom, but they had a cat that looked exactly like me! We never did make friends, but I got to meet a couple of dogs. They sure did drool and lot and were kind of stupid!

But then they put me in the car AGAIN, but they promised the trip wouldn't be so bad, because there was cold air blowing on me. Plus, the ride was really short. We got to this new place and I wasn't too sure about it. All of our stuff showed up there, so I was confused and I missed my old home, so I got depressed and spent the whole day hiding under blankets and pillows on the bed. Finally, though, my humans brought me TUNA, so I was okay with that.

I learned that the new house is FUN. I get to go outside with my harness and roll in the grass, which is neat. Plus, there are lots of squirrels in the trees that keep me busy. I also get to watch people walking by. Also, the floors don't have carpet on them, so when I play I slide around everywhere! It makes playing with my toys so much more interesting! The floors are a little cold on my toesies now, but there are lots of rugs to sleep on. Also, the new house wasn't nearly as hot as our old apartment. The neighbors have dogs, but they're so dumb, all they do is bark. Someday I want to meet them and make fun of them!


Oh no!

June 23rd 2007 4:23 pm
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My humans are starting to fill up boxes with their stuff and they keep taking me on car rides to "get used to it." They also keep talking about a new house, hardwood floors, and lots of squirrels. I'm scared, this is the only house I've ever really known and I hate the car! Plus, we have to stay with my other grandma and she scares me! I really, really hope they don't pack away all of my toys, I've also just discovered how fun straws are!


It's the simple things!

October 22nd 2006 4:07 pm
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My humans got me new toys!!! They got me a huge kitty climbing/scratching/lounging thingie, but I don't like it very much, I'd rather scratch the couches! But, they also got me these nylon cubes that stick together and I crawl around in them. My favorite is pretending like I'm asleep, then reaching out and grabing people's ankles when they go by! But I'm so cute, it doesn't even matter.

Oh, I played so much this weekend, then I found some ribbon to chew on, now my tummy is upset!


A new scratching post!

July 31st 2006 11:12 pm
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Well, I didn't really get a new scratching post, but I've discovered that my human's chair is made of the perfect fabric to scratch! It's also just the right height, because my real scratching post is too short. Mom says maybe we can make one sometime.

Tomorrow I have to go in and get my shots! I'm kind of nervous, but when I went in to get neutered in May, everyone was really nice to me. It should only take a couple of minutes, and I'm expecting to get a lot of cat treats afterwards. I really don't like riding in the car.

But! I did get to go outside a couple times! We strapped on my harness and leash and I got to go out on the porch and roll around on the cold stone. It was dirty, but felt soooooo good I could not stop purring! I also got to chase bugs up the wall, which is soooo much fun. I can't wait until we move and I can play in the back yard!


Ain't I a stinker?

April 5th 2006 11:19 am
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I'm a year old this month! I'm getting bigger and older and louder. I wish I could go out and see the world, but my parents won't let me. So, I'm rebelling by meowing as much as I can! Hopefully they'll give in and let me go out and explore!


It's so cold!

December 12th 2005 1:56 pm
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Ah, it's been so cold all I want to do is snuggle in bed at night. But I prefer snuggling with feet, except my parents keep kicking me everytime they roll over and that makes me an angry Tom Bosley. I tried to get them to stop it, but instead sometimes they make me sleep in my crate. It's okay because it gets really warm, but some nights I just need to play!

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