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The life of a Hermie Cat

No More Pain

October 13th 2009 4:03 am
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I have some sad news. Friday the 9th at about 7:05pm, I made my journey to the Bridge. I put up a good fight for the last year or so but my little body just couldnt take it anymore. Mommy and daddy did all they could for me .... so many tests, so many treatments. And still unsure what was really wrong with me. Mom is pretty sure it was the FIP and somehow I manage to stick it out longer than what they say a kitty will. The hardest was leaving before Mom and I could say our goodbyes. Daddy called her when he noticed how bad off I had become, just that morning I was my normal self. I know she was on the phone so I meowed for her. She was rushing back to Indiana from Ohio but I couldnt wait.... I could already see my angels friends waiting for me over the Bridge. It was time to go. Dad layed a blankie over me to help comfort me and keep me warm, and then I began my journey Home. I am going to miss my family dearly .... well maybe not all them dogs MOL I will do my best to look over them while I run free at the Bridge. I am thankful to be free of pain and diarrhea and to be fat again.

I will miss you all!
Sending you all lots of love from the Bridge!


I went for a car ride ... a longgg one

July 21st 2009 1:02 pm
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Well the other day I went with mommy on a car ride. The ride itself was okay.. I layed in the back window, the back seat, on moms lap, on the front seat floor, then on the passenger seat. I was a little angry at first cause I thought for sure I was going to the vets again Grrrrrrr and then I got upset when mom hit some 'grumble' spots in the road. Now the end of the trip, thats a different story. I was not happy at all... even gave mom some good bite and scratch marks. I am now in a new house with four doggies. Where you ask? My new furever home. Oh no, I wasnt adopted out. I am just finally living where my daddy and furdog siblings live. Mom is on vacation but will have to head back to papas soon. I will miss her ...she protects me well from the dogs. Anyhow, I am NOT happy bout being here. Dingles 'attacks' me kind of in a playful way and Emerson barks at me not stop. I do not like either. I have had a set back in my health by coming here but mom is working hard to get me back in shape before she leaves. I have my own room with my own stuff where the dogs cant get me. I have a big old entertainment stand that sits up high enough for me to look out the window. Mom comes and visits me and sometimes when I am brave and hear her making my dinners, I will venture out to tell her to hurry up. MOL Mom says to look at the bright side, I probably needed all this rest I am getting in my own room. oh and no more going outside for me, I dont think I could even make to the door without getting jumped by a dog MOL I did come out and about last night while mom and the dogs slept. I am sneaky hehe But dad wasnt too happy cause I jumped up on the counter and got into left over dinner they forgot to put away. Hey what can I say... I was hungry and needed some adventure. Mom keeps telling me to relax,get better and how she will miss me when she goes back to Ohio. All I can say is daddy better take good care of me!! HMPH!
Well that is about it .... if you are reading this, please say a little prayer for me that I will be okay and get healthier and healthier.


Not the news we wanted to hear

May 12th 2009 4:50 pm
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Mom talked to vet again today cause I am not responding well to antibiotics. Come to find out I have high titers for FIP. Thats not good!!! Some signs point to yes I have it and some point to No I dont have it. High titer says yes, none responsive to antibiotics says yes, diarrhea says yes, .... but I am still alive after dealing with diarrhea for about 9 months and FIP kills quick ... 2-3 months. The vet put me on prednisone again but a higher dosage, and considering changing my antibiotic to flagyl. Mom will talk to my normal vet in the a.m. to get more info ,,, this was just the other vet in office.
Mom is pretty sad now thinking about it. She hates to see me like this .. I am so skinny .. she calls it cruelty case skinny (or darn near it). I ate really well today. But I am still leaking from the behind when I lay down. I had a slimy semi firm poo too along with diarrhea today. I hate all these meds though. I avoid mom at all costs. She tells me she is sorry but its for my own good. But I dont know ... all this stuff she is shoving in me is not fun. Nor is it fun when she wipes my bottom. It hurts!!! Mom told me she asked God to help us ... I hope he hears her. She sat on floor and talked to me for a bit while I sat in the recliner ... told me how much she loves me. But I am still mad her ... I even growled at her when I had enough of her petting me.
Please continue to pray for me!!!

p.s. here is a link about FIP if you want to read about it


I am so sick

May 2nd 2009 8:08 am
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I have been battling diarrhea for months and months now. First mom thought the new doggy made me stressed and sick. I got treated for worms by the vet. Then I moved with mom into papas house, where I do like very much ... no dogs hassling me. I continued to be sick. Mom took me to a new vet who said I had IBD. I was treated for IBD with special food and prednisone. This went on for months with little or no improvements. Mom finally sought the advice of a new vet. It was with my new vet that it was discovered I have coccidia. I was treated for that and got the all clear. But I continue to have diarrhea. Ohhhh, my bottom is sore! Mom had the vet do a complete blood work on me, which I must say I HATED!!! The vet had to sedate me to get the blood they needed. So far my diagnosise for the blood work is that I have an infection.... my white blood cell count is low. I am negative for FIV, leukemia, and hyperthyroid. I will start antibiotics today .... papa was suppose to pick them up for me while mom is at work. I am so sick of being sick!!!! I just want to be a healthy happy playful kitty again ... My mommy wants it too.
If you are reading this, please pray for me that I get better .... and soon!!!!
Happy Spring everyone!!

p.s. I have a new pal at my papas too. He/she is afraid of mom and papa but we are pals. Check him/her out ... you can see him on my page!! We like to just hang out and stare at each other MOL


Catnip for ME!!

January 1st 2009 4:27 pm
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Mom brought home a new bag of catnip for me!! YAY!! She gave me some and it was yummy and I rolled around and acted crazy!! hehe But then while mommy was at work and papa was away, I got adventurous MOL Papa came home first and found a bunch of 'stuff' on the kitchen floor. At first he didnt know what it was but then soon realized ... catnip! But where is the bag ? How did he get it? Welll .... mommy had put it up on top of the fridge.... it was always safe there when we lived in out apt. Guess what? It wasnt safe here!! HAHA I got it! I climbed up there and got it ... I tore a hole in it and I had fun all day long!! Happy New Year to me MOL MOL Mom finally came home and she found the bag ... and yes, I saved some for later. But now she put it in a cabinet! Back to sweet talking mom to get my cat nip!! hehe


Love Tagged

July 18th 2007 2:42 pm
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I was tagged by Wishey.

Now I have to tag three others by either rosettes or pmail and direct them here and say why they are SO SPECIAL..... And the game continues.

I will tag Kit ( )because he has gorgeous green eyes and because he has to put up with doggies like me.

I will also tag Kahlan( ) because she looks like me... she is beautiful as I am handsome.

And I will tag Riley( because he was one of my very first pals on catster and look at all those cool things he does.

HAVE FUN !!!!!
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