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Bo's Tale

I've been named Cat Of The Day

October 17th 2008 1:56 pm
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October 17, 2008 I have been named Cat of the Day. I would like to thank the powers that be here on Catster for bestowing this great honor on me and all it took was to make the journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Mom is happy to hear that I have been named COD, she's always known what a special cat I am and now everyone else is getting the opportunity to know that too.

Thank you so much Top Cat, mom appreciates you very much.


I'm going steady

April 13th 2006 10:02 pm
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Ashes said that she would accept my ID bracelet and go steady with me. Wow, what a lucky cat I am. We haven't know each other too long, but she's so hot looking that if I didn't do something to make her mine another cat would come along and snatch her away from me, and that wouldn't have been a good thing with my temper.

Usually I am a laid back kind of dude, but when someone tries to take something or someone away from me, my hackles get all in an uproar and the bad boy side of me surfaces. This is just a warning to all you Toms out there on the prowl, Ashes is no longer available, she is my officially my girlfriend now, you can look but, no touching allowed.

I have to thank my little sister Autumn and her fiancee Gato (both have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge) for bringing Ashes into my life. Seeing how happy they are is the reason that I wanted to make a commitment to Ashes.


Sad Days

February 1st 2006 9:52 am
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Sad days are here, my little girlfriend Autumn is no longer with me, all I know is that my mom kept crying and said that she had to send Autumn to the Rainbow Bridge.

I know Autumn had been sick, she went to the hospital, she did come home for one day but was back there the next day. I will miss my little sleeping girlfriend. Things just aren't the same without her here with us.


My Name is Bo

July 29th 2005 1:31 pm
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It's about time that I start getting some attention, not that I am ignored but between Taz & Autumn they seem to get all the people wanting to know about them. I know that they have medical problems, but that is no reason for people not to want to know about me.

I am a great big ole lovable pussy cat. DJ and I joined this family 4 years agom we knew Susan, but we did not live with her. Our mom passed away (that's what Susan says). We are happy in our new home and for the first time that I can remember I have other kitty friends. Taz and I sort of like each other, we both want to be the Alpha Male, but Autumn she is just the sweetest little thing, I am glad that she is part of my life.

Susan takes real good care of me, and she shares her food with me, not that I would let her not. I have a good life eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping and occasionally I watch the birdies outside, but I much rather prefer eating and sleeping.

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