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Fancy Feast - Cod, Sole & Shrimp Feast & 9 Lives Tuna Select, but I prefer to eat dry crunchies, but my buddy has been limiting them because I am diabetic.


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After my husband left me, Girl (the dog of the house) and I were a little lonely. I spoke to my vet and he said that he had a friend for me and to come by the office. I looked into the cage and there sat Taz, from the moment we looked at each other we knew that we belonged together. He was 9 months old at the time. In the 11 years we have been together, our bond has just grown stronger, were ever I go in the house Taz is right there with me. He is my furry lover and we couldn't be happier.

Taz is diabetic, he was diagnosed 12/15/04. He is on PZI Vet (IDEXX) insulin 2 units, twice a day. Taz loves to be close to me and he is a very affection kitty, but when strangers come into his house he stays far away from them. Taz has 2 felines friends at home: Autumn & Bo. He also has 2 canines that he tolerates: Girl & DJ. March 26, 2006 was the last time I have needed any insulin. I am now diet controlled, at least that's what mom calls it. I don't get to crunch my dry food all day long like I use to, I'm only allowed to eat Fancy Feast and a little bit on a new crunch food mom found, it's called EVO and I love it, but mom only gives me 1/3 cup a day, but at least I am allowed a little crunch every day. I still get tested every 2 - 3 days, but that's better than twice a day. Since July of 2006 Taz needed to go back on insulin. Now he gets his juice on a sliding scale. He dosage depends on what his glucose reading is, sometimes he gets .5U and other times 1U, there are even some days that he doesn't need any insulin. I would never think to give him any insulin without testing him first. June 14, 2007 Taz didn't want to eat his dinner, and the next morning he still didn't want to eat, being a diabetic it's so very important for him to eat. I called and made an appointment with the vet, blood work was done and I was given an appetite stimulant in hopes that it would entice him to eat, it didn't, but Saturday morning he still hadn't eaten and I started force feeding him, this didn't make him happy but he let me do it. Monday the 18th I took him back to the vets and this time x rays were taken, his lungs looked terrible. There were 3 possibilities, heart disease, severe asthma or lung cancer. Taz was given an ECG and that ruled out heart disease, he was given Lasik to dry out the lungs if it was asthma, another set of x rays were taken and they showed that Taz did have an advanced case of lung cancer. He was put on prednisone and I continued to force feed him for another week until he no longer would let me. Monday the 2nd of July I took him back to the vet and asked if they could tube feed him and rehydrate him, I wanted a little good quality time for us to say our good byes. Thursday July 5th was the day that I knew that Taz had had enough and was ready to cross over the rainbow and join his sisters Autumn and Girl. I asked the vet to give Taz a sedative and I was able to spend our last moments together with him relaxed, although I was not able to be with him the moment he did cross over I was pleased to have had our final goodbyes with him knowing who I was and receiving every bit of my love.

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The diary of a Sugar Kitty

March 5th 2012 3:19 pm
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My name is Taz, we live in a state called Tennessee, I am a neutered male, 11 years young, 15 1/2 pounder.

Dec. 1, 2004 my buddy noticed that I was peeing and drinking more water than my usual. She took me to the vet (on her birthday, some present to her) Dec 15, 2004, my BG was 515, we tried regulating me with a diet of D/M wet and dry. I did not like the tastes of either one of them, so we thought we would try dry purina kitten chow, which I love, I do get get FF or Friskes twice daily about 1 tablespoon at a time (that's all I want to eat) I do prefer the dry kitten chow. Jan.3, 2005 we returned to vet for a BG (what is that), my numbers did go down a bit to 417. My vet put me on PZI Vet (IDEXX) 2 units one time a day, to be brought back 1/20/05 for a curve.(curve is being put off until 10 days of 2 units SID). At least I don't have to stay with strangers all day for awhile longer. Luckily my buddy found FDMB on 1/3/05, We were both happy to find others that are as clueless as she is.

As of 1/12/05, we have not started hometesting, but will be as soon as it arrives thanks to Vesla & Blondie. Today is 1/13/05 and we are starting our first day of hometesting and are going to try 1 unit two times a day, starting today. A quick up date, made it through the first two times getting tested. My buddy did
great the first time but the second time I couldn't figure out what she was doing and I got nervous and she stuck me right through the ear. I did forgive her after alot of loving and sweet talk. She better get her SHIT together or I may just pack my bags and run away from home (I couldn't do that to her).
I made it through the first day of testing without much fuss, but today I am already tired of getting stuck, maybe if I throw a few tears in my buddy will take pity on me and stop sticking me. I made it through the first week of hometesting. I'm still not happy about it, but I let my buddy do it. On 1/17/05 my buddy talked to my vet by phone and while she has never heard of hometesting, she wasn't opposed to it, she wants to check my meter against their machine. She was not happy with my number ps at 490's, +6 high 300's or low 400's (this was with the 1 unit bid). She asked my buddy to go back to the 2 units sid for 10 days and just stick me 3 or 4 times each day. In 10 days time my buddy will call her and give her those numbers. My buddy asked about increasing my dosage (I'm not having any
other symptoms), but my vet wants to wait til she sees the new numbers.

Today is 1/24/05 and my buddy has been giving me the 2 units sid now for 7 days and she says my #'s are staying in the 400's (whatever the meow that means), well she called my vet and that woman told my buddy to increase me to 3 units sid and to call her in a week to let her know if my #'s are going down any.
My buddy is going to drive me crazy. She is telling me that she may have made a mistake (I'm not sure about what yet). She keeps saying that she is going to be injecting me twice a day (again) instead of the one time a day. She keeps saying that she is not going to change her mind again. I just wish she would make up her damn mind already and let me start feeling better. All this stick, don't stick, stick is playing havoc with my insides. Maybe the nice people at the FDMB have finally set her straight. I can only hope so. She tells me that she is now going to be giving be 1.2 units bid for a total of 2.4 units a day. I wish I understood people talk. Now she's telling me that I am going to see a new vet tomorrow, and that he is an advocate (do I see cat) of hometesting and that he has several other sugarkitties as patients. He better know what you people are talking about because I refuse to let him change my buddies mind. That new vet was an asshole, he was mean, didn't smile or pet me I'm glad my buddy said that we would never go back there.
My buddy wasn't happy with the 1.2 units bid and now because of advice she got on the board (again, with words I don't understand) she is giving me 1.6 units bid, she was happier this afternoon she said my #'s were actually in the 300's, well, if she is happy I am happy. Let's hope that we can both stay happy.

2/1/05, my buddy says my numbers are going from a ps of 499 to +6 350's. She is taking me to that vet (another ride in the car ugh!) on 2/7/05 to let her do a curve, and my buddy is taking her numbers with her (I wish I knew what all this means), I like my vet and I am hoping that they can get me straigtened
out soon. I am getting tired of feeling good one day and feeling like a wet cat the next day.

2/4/05, I am feeling terrible, yesterday I threw up all the food I ate and later I ate a little more of that stuff she gets out of a can, just to satisfy my buddy, but today I tried to eat but just didn't want to (I wished I had eaten for her) my buddy put me in that stange box and once again went for a ride, the only difference is that we went to a new place, and my buddy left me, they (strange beans) put me in a cage (at least the had the decency to put up a cover so that I could be miserable in private), then they put a tube down my throat (ugh) and forced food into my belly. I know my buddy did this to me to make me feel better but I miss her, I don't know what she will do without me there with her even though the rest of the gang is there, I'M NOT. After all I am the "Handsome Devil". I hope I can go home tomorrow (there's alot of strange furry creatures here and they won't be quiet). I'm not going home today. Mybuddy says I will be here for a couple of days longer than she wants (she wants, what about what I want) she came to visit me today, that made me feel better but I WANT TO GO HOME. They have a needle stuck in my leg and there is some type of liquid in a bag hanging in front of me (ringers lactate), maybe that's what is making me feel a little bit better, I hear that I have an infection (what's that) and they are giving me something called Clavamox. I'm still not real hungry, escpecially with the food they are offering me. My buddy brought my favorite treats in (Pounce) but I didn't feel like eating (I ate them when no one was looking). She looked so sad when she left me, for this reason I better get well so that I can go home and take care of her. She said that she will be back tomorrow, I can't wait to see her, I will get better so that my buddy will feel better. I don't see that female vet like I did in the beginning of this adventure, I do see 2 male docs and I love them both, no stress when I am with them, and they like what my buddy does with me.

2/7/05 I may be getting out of this hospital today. They say my bg was 225 this morning, and they want to do a few checks throughout the day to see if my numbers (there's that word again) stay good. The vet told my buddy that I was eating a little by myself, the food my buddy brought to me yesterday (yummy) (I'll eat more when I get home, I promise), and they are going to start giving me 2 units bid. The only bad thing is that I am going to have to change my eating habits to just 2 meals a day and no more grazing, (I love to lay there and crunch a little here and there) that may take some getting use to especially with Autumn and Bo (ha ha they will have to change their eating habits too, that makes me feel better). When I get home I'll write more about my experiences in the hospital and any other changes that they tell my buddy.

I'M HOME I'M HOME. It sure does feel good to be here. I told my buddy all about my experience (I'm not sure she completely understood). They have me getting stuck twice a day now, 2 units each time (that I don't understand), and they told my buddy that my numbers(again with that word) are ps 220 and peak
betweek 95 and 110. My buddy was happy to hear that. But I'm not happy about her taking away my food. She is only letting me eat twice a day, all the can I want (which isn't much) and then my favorite dry, but she takes it away too fast. I am going to have to learn to eat faster now. I am embarrassed by one thing they shaved my leg and it looks funny, my buddy says it will grow back but I think I have inherited her impatience, WHEN?
I think I left the hospital a little too soon (I've been home only 2 days). I felt real good when I got home and then the next day I wasn't hungry again. My buddy forced food down my throat, all the time saying it was for my own good (I know that she's right, BUT) I keep trying to eat and she keeps saying if I don't eat that she will have to take me back to that godawful place, I'm sorry buddy but I just don't want to eat. So it looks like she will be forcing me in that box again, and going for a ride again, and staying in that place again, My Susan is worried and I don't like seeing her worried so I will try not to complain too much. We are both hoping that they will find out why I am not hungry anymore, maybe this time they will be able to figure it out and make me all better. I'm coming home again, I started eating on my own, just a ittle, but its eating. I think my problem has been because of that thing my buddy sticks in me, from one thing one time a day to another thing two times a day. Maybe they got it right this time. I am going to be getting 2 units (here we go again) two times a day. And to top it off my buddy will be shoving her finger down my throat, there is a part of a white thing, they say its a pill to help me want to eat. I heard my doctors (I like them, see, I told you I was special, 2 doctors and sometimes 3 of them) say it was called Periactin, at first I thought they said purriactin (I like that name better). Well, if it keeps me out of that noisy place I will put up with a finger down my throat every day. Boy what I have to put up with these days. It's enough to make a cat run away from home, I'm not going to, but it sure makes me want to. I haven't seen my buddy yet today (she doesn't know that I'm writing this, won't she be surprised) and when she comes and gets me I sure have alot to tell her, this time I hope she listens better.

I am home and once again I am a very happy pussy. I'm not sure if that stuff she sticks me with is finally working or if it's that thing she is shoving down my throat that is making me want to eat. I really don't care right now why, but I am hungry and feeling GREAT!!! I have talked and talked so much to my buddy
that she is actually telling me to shut up for awhile. What she doesn't realize is that I have had so much to say and haven't been feeling well enough to tell her, but I will spread my thoughts out and talk when each new thought comes to mind. My stay at that place wasn't too bad this time, in fact I enjoyed
looking at all of the strange creatures there, some of them are really sick and some are just there to get baths (better them then me, I know how to bathe myself). I thought that I would be a nervous puss, but in reality I am very calm, when they come at me with that sharp thing and take that red stuff out of me I
am relaxed, the beans are so gentle and loving that I have trust in them (not as much as my buddy). I heard them all tell my buddy that I am a great kitty and they would all love to have me come live with them (it's nice to know that others would take me, I would never leave my buddy, no one can love me
like her). My doc (oh I do like him better than the female who was trying to help me) says that my #'s (?) are finally at the place that they should be (again I don't understand) the best thing about all this is that they have changed their minds about how and when I eat.

I am a lucky guy, I am allowed to graze a little and get wet stuff twice a day. Maybe now I can finally get back to just being the Handsome Devil that I am and enjoy everyday snuggling with my buddy, watching all those things with wings on the other side of the glass (if I could just get a hold of one of them, what fun I could have) playing with Autumn & Bo (when it fits in with my desires), laying in that warm light that shines through the glass (why isn't isn't around more, I don't know), laying around and crunching and sleeping (Oh, I just love doing that), and just being what I am suppose to be, ME. That will make me and my buddy the happiest we can be. I just wanted to write that I am feeling real good, especially since I'm not in that place anymore, I've been home 3 days and I am loving my food. My buddy says my #'s (here we go again) are a little higher, doesn't she realize that I am eating now and it will take awhile for that stuff she sticks me with and the food I eat start working together. She may be getting it, I just heard her tell my vet that she is not going to worry about those things and give that stuff a chance to work with the food. The only bad thing I heard was that now that I am eating good, she is going to remove my dry for most of the day (I'll have to bite her ankle next time it is bare, I love doing that). Uh Oh, I gotta go here she comes, (she doesn't know that I know how to do this) I'll keep you posted. I've been home a week and I am feeling GREAT!! That thing (purriactin) that my buddy shoves down my throat sure is a miracle thing, she is only shoving every other day. I wish she would stop for longer, just to see if I will eat on my own. The bad news is she is taking away my crunchies more and more, she says my #'s (I hate that word) are better in the 200's when I am not allowed to crunch, I know that she is only doing it for my own good, she tells me often enough. I wish that new crunch stuff would get here (Purina DM) maybe I'll like it and if so, she says that I can crunch once more. The other thing that I am not happy with is her sticking my ears, at first I didn't mind but now I am totally fed up with it, I don't care how much she talks to me or love on me, I hate it. There's no treat that I like (at least she hasn't found one yet) that makes up for getting stuck. I keep letting her do it and once she is wearing those pants that exposed her legs I will get even (I love to bite bare ankles and calves).

I had to share my good news with all, (at least my buddy thinks it's good news) I had my first ps of 345 this morning (my buddy was so happy you'd thought I just had puppies). From what I can understand (I am trying to learn some new language) my #'s (still don't know what that is) have gone done to +7 205. Maybe that thing that is getting stuck in my body is starting to do something right (does that mean I can stop getting stuck). She did it to me again, she put me in that box and, she took me to that place (I didn't have to stay). I was just having an asthma attack and she (I don't have anything good to say about her right now) panicked (I tried to tell her where my meds were). I wasn't afraid this time, I knew I wouldn't be staying. I do have the start of a pee infection (they called it a UTI), here comes another thing getting shoved down my throat. I also heard them say to up my dosage to 3 units twice a day, well I guess if it works that will be alright. She is giving me a new crunchy to try, it's not that bad tasting, at least the first few bites have been OK. I guess I ought to forgive her and call her my buddy again, but my buddy better watch out she is thisclose to be taking a chunk out of her leg the first chance I get. I am a carnivore after all. I sure gave my buddy a hell of a scare yesterday, a couple of hours after she shoved that thing down my throat I threw it back at her, and when she poked my ear I threw in a 195, then a 223 finally a 254, but she stuck me with that sharp thing anyhow after she said 254. This morning I shook my buddy up even more, I threw in 126's, a 149, and a 129 (I haven't eaten since yesterday aftenoon) and I didn't get stuck with that sharp thing yet today, I don't mean the sharp thing on my ears. But my tum tum is feeling better and I ate this afternoon, it sure tasted good, I love that Tuna Select. So it looks like that sharp thing will get stuck in my body later on today. What can I say, if I need it I need it.
I did find a way to keep confusing my buddy. When my #'s go down, I make my ears cold and when those #'s go up I make my ears warm. She is starting to figure that one out, but what will she think with one ear hot and one ear cold. I am totally confusing my buddy the last couple of days. Sunday night 2/27/05 after she gave me 3u (with a ps of 418) of that stuff, I decided that I didn't like that much and the only way I could let her know was to make my #'s (Ifigured they had to be good for something) go down at +4 I gave her a 73 and then to really get her attention at +5 I gave her a 58, she didn't panic and squirted something sweet down my throat and 1/2 hour later I gave her a 72, I figured that I had gotten her attention so I let them digits go up to 317 by +15 and then she gave me just 2u and since then I am behaving myself and keeping those #'s at a ps of 340 - 360 and a +6 at 180 - 200, but my doctor, who now says he is glad that my buddy is hometesting and he wants to learn more about it, is thing that I may need a little more
than that 2u and the 3u (we already know) is tooooo much, he told my buddy he wants to research it and we will let him for now. I am just so happy that my buddy is happy and my bg #'s (I'm learning) are listening to me for a change.

I have been on 2U bid since 3/1/05, this was after I totally confused my buddy with my #'s going so low (I'll have to do that from time to time, just to shake her up). But as of 3/11 I have been giving her ps #'s (I am learning what all this stuff means) of low 300's and once in awhile a high 200, she is taking me on the 16th for my Doc to do a curve and we all know that there will have to be an adjustment, don't know how much yet, but I am sure it will be good for me. My buddy has been limiting my crunchies (I'm starting to get use to it) and most of the time she just puts out that DM crunchy (I thought she was
saying damn crunchy, but it wasn't what I am use to) for me, I'm liking it a little bit (sure do miss my kitten chow). I am eating more of that wet stuff. Today, 3/16/05 I was shoved in that box again, and taken for a ride, my buddy kept telling me that I was only going to be there for a little while (five minutes is too long). I was told that I am going to get stuck a
lot today, a curve, why do I need a curve, I have enough of them. Anyway my buddy stuck my ear while we were there and she said 266,(?) and then some guy stuck a needle in my throat and some colored stuff came out of me, after 15 minutes he said 272 (?) both my buddy and that guy were pleased and surprised, only a 6 point difference, I guess that I've done something right. My doc told my buddy to keep me at the 2U and do what she has been doing, like when my ps# (there it is again) is above 350
she gives me a fat 2U (I have no idea what that one means) and when my ps# goes below 250 I get a lean 2U (again, something I don't understand). Best of all my doc was happy the way my buddy does what she is suppose to. He also told her that I wouldn't have to go back unless I started doing crazy things (that's something I don't plan on doing, if for nothing other than to keep from getting shoved in that box)

3/28/05, just about 3 months have gone by since I started getting stuck in my back and my ass, and my buddy is happy, I'm not but I am feeling like I use to. I don't have to get in that litter box as much (sometimes I get in there after the other 2 have been there, phew!!) I have felt like talking again, and I
am reminding my buddy why I am called Taz Maniac. Just to let you know, my ps bg (???) have been 275-325 and +7-9 bg 120-150. About once a week or so something happens and my pm ps (there they are again) is only 100, and when this happens I get my ear stuck 2 hours later and if I am under 150 (I'm really just 11), another 2 hours passes and I get my ear stuck again, some of the time I am above 150 (when I am above that number I get only 1U) and sometimes I just stay that way and I don't get stuck with that longer thing until the next morning, funny thing though my buddy always smiles in the morning saying that my bg (again) is under the 350 number. Maybe all this happiness is because I am not getting much of my dry food, she may be be happy, but I MISS MY CRUNCHIES (she does give me 1/4 cup, but it has to last all day long), but I am enjoying the wet stuff that I get. Today is 4/30/05, it sure has been awhile since I last wrote about what was happening with me, just in case you are interested I am doing GREAT!!!(my paws are crossed, just so I won't jinx things). I am still on 2U bid of PZI Vet(Idexx), at least that's what my buddy says. Whatever this stuff is it must be working cause when I get my ear stuck (I hate it) my buddy smiles and says she is happy that my bg's (I still don't know what that is) are in the mid to upper 200's and on some occasion it is in the mid 300's. I don't have to use that litter box as much (it wasn't always easy getting in there with the other 2 furries using it too). But the best part of the day is when I get to go out on the porch and watch the flying and hopping creatures that are there (I wish I could get to them), I do dream about me chasing them and catching them, yum yum.
I haven't written in a while and I figured it was about time. It's the middle of June, and I am feeling great. I am not eating as much crunchies lately (I miss it so much) and my buddy says that my #'s (I still haven't figured that out) are staying below 200 on most days, on days that I get into the crunchy I hear her say "300 that's what you get for eating that dry stuff". I haven't figured out what she is talking about,
I feel better than I have in a long time, I have even started biting her bare legs again, I almost forgot how much fun that was. Take a bite and run, sneak back up and chomp down again. I don't really bite too hard, just hard enough so that my buddy doesn't forget who is really the boss around here. July is here and I am still doing great, the only thing that I am sad about is my little friend Autumn, she had to go to that place where I stayed and she was gone all day long, when my buddy brought her home her neck had no fur on it and it looked like she had been cut. My buddy told me and Bo that Autumn has cancer (I never heard that word before) and it was something called plasmacytoma (that is a word that I had to ask my buddy how to spell), it is a plasma cell cancer (total confusion here). My little Autumn seems to be acting like herself so I am hoping that it is nothing too major, but my buddy has been giving
her more attention than she does to me, so that is making me believe that it is something to be a little worried about. I just hope that Autumn is going to be all right. I've got my paws crossed and so does Bo, the droolers don't seem to pay attention to these type of things so I will just ignore them even more than I have in the past.

It's been so long since I have written here, and I am so very sorry about that. I am doing so good that most of the time I forget that I have to have my ears stuck with that thing 2 times everyday, but lately when I get stuck my buddy is so happy, I hear her say things like "under 200, under 100". She tells me that is happening cause I don't get to eat my crunchies. She does give me a little of it everyday (I always
want more). But I have to say that I do feel a lot better than I use to. It's almost a year since I was first given that stuff in that thing that is sharp, and even though I have to keep getting stuck in my ears and body I am feeling so good. I hear my buddy say every day "below 150, great" I'm not really sure what that means, but she is still happy about it and that makes me happy. I do get a little bit of my favorite crunchy everyday, not a lot but a little bit is better than none. I am enjoying that wet stuff more than I use to and I really don't miss my crunchies as much as I use to.

2/14/06 It's almost 3 weeks since Autumn hasn't come home, my buddy told me an Bo that she now lives over the Rainbow Bridge. I am not sure where that is but it does sound like a beautiful place. I miss the little sweet thing. My buddy says that Autumn isn't sick anymore, and I am happy about that.

No juice since 3/26/06, I am on my way to the Falls, I've heard about h*neym**ns but never thought it would happen to me, but over a year later it looks like I have finally heard what my buddy has been saying to me "come on Taz, get the pancreas working" and as I say, better late than never. I've got to
keep this up and hopefully my buddy will stop sticking my ears.
4/17/06 Yea, I haven't gotten stuck with that needle in 23 days. I am still getting my ear stuck but now my buddy is only doing it every other day and only 1 time a day. She found some crunch food (EVO) thatshe says I can have 1/3 cup a day, it sure is nice to be able to crunch a little bit.

6/29/06 I went 85 days without any juice, I started sneezing and my buddy watch me over the weekend and when she stuck my ear she was upset, she got a reading of 225, she waited and stuck me again in 3hours and it was the same, she gave me 1U of my juice (I had forgot what is was to get stuck in my body with that sharp thing) in 6 hours she poked my poor little ear again, this time my buddy was happy with 101 over the last 14 days I've needed a little juice on somedays and other days I haven't needed it. I am not happy getting my ears poked twice a day, I don't mind getting my body stuck as much as getting my little ears poked. We don't know why I have started needing my juice, but my buddy is confident that I will once again go on a h*neym**n (whatever that is).

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, it's been so long since I let everyone know what's going on with me, I finally convinced my Buddy to let me have a couple of minutes with the catputer. I never did go back on a h*oneym**n, I am getting my juice on what my buddy calls a 'sliding scale', sometimes, depending on what my numbers are, I don't have to get stuck, and other times I get just a little of that stuff, anywhere from .5U to 1 full unit, never anymore than that. Since June, my numbers have ranged from 75 to 180, the only time I got in the 200's was right after 'the Bully' attacked me. I haven't told you about 'the Bully', that's not his real name it's Shadow. My buddy's friend Pam brought this black cat here about 4 months ago, he looked like a nice guy, but looks can be deceiving, he hates me and Bo. He doesn't come around us too often, cause when he is all he wants to do is KILL. Mostly he stays in a room by himself, but everyday my buddy brings him out and puts him in a cage, (I love that, but he sure doesn't) when Bo and I go on my buddy's bed Shadow gets let out of the cage. Of course the
first thing he does is come look under the door at me and Bo. I don't know why he doesn't like us. My buddy says that she is trying to find him a home without any other kitties, but so far she's had no luck, and she will not take him to any kind of a shelter. So until Shadow finds a home where he can be the
only kitty life will go on as it has been. In saying goodbye for this entry I wish everyone to have a very Happy New Year, and my biggest wish for the year is for all the sugarkitties to get better, or at least feeling real good.
I am now a member of the 'over the rainbow bridge group,Girl, th egrande dame, age 17, had Cushings Disease and she was tired so she left it up to my buddy, her mom, help her cross over to the 'bridge', such sadness, Autumn just went 9 months earlier and now Girl. My 'sweetness' has been under control nicely, no major spikes in my numbers.

Jumping ahead to June 14,2007, I was not hungry and we all know that us sugarkitties should never not be hungry, my buddy didn't worry too much until the next morning when I didn't want my breakfast. My buddy was on that thing she talks into and in a little while I was shoved in that box like thing and taken outside and put in that thing with the wheels that goes real fast. My buddy and I were going to see the doctor, it wasn't my regular doctor it was some female that I had never seen before. They stuck my neck with a needle and took out blood, I didn't hear anything bad, all I know is that I was able to go home, and my buddy had some pills to shove down my throat. That night I started having some troubles getting my breath, I still
didn't want to eat and my buddy was giving me something she called Cypro that is suppose to make me want to eat, it didn't and my buddy got real concerned so she put my food in a big thing and forced the food down my throat. It did make me feel a little better to have something in my tummy. Monday the 18th my buddy put me back in that box and into the other thing, the one with the wheels and back to the doctor we went, they did something to me called x rays, I couldn't understand what my
buddy and doctor were saying all I know is that when I thought we were going home we in fact went to see another doctor in the main clinic. My buddy left me there, she promised that she would be back in a couple of hours, while she was gone the people there put this thing over my face, I was able to breath so much better, and they did this thing where they were rubbing my chest with something. When my buddy came back the doctor talked to her and it must not have been good cause my buddy's eyes got really wet. But I went home, still not wanting any food. After we got home my buddy's forced food down my throat again and then I heard her say that I had lung cancer and it was advanced. I don't know what that is but it must be bad cause my buddy's eyes kept getting wetter and wetter. As each day passed I was feeling worse than the day before, my buddy continued to force food down me and since I hadn't had a poop in a week back in the box and the thing with the wheel and off to the doctor we went, but this time something totally different was done to me, I had something put up my butt and some warm liquid was put in me, the humility of it all. Whatever was done to me helped me poop and my belly felt better, but it was getting harder to breathe and I was feeling worse each day. One day I was so tired of getting food shoved down my throat that I started spitting it back up as soon as my buddy shoved it down. The night of July 3 I was so tired that all I wanted to do was be next to my buddy and be left alone, I had a problem trying to walk and just wished that I could crawl away. My buddy started talking to me differently, she was saying things like 'I will always love you' hey I knew that and 'I will miss you so much' what? and then I heard that it was time for me to cross over the rainbow and join Autumn and
Girl, I was happy to hear this cause I just couldn't go on any longer. My buddy's eyes were wet all the time and the morning of July 5 my buddy picked me up and carried me to that thing with the wheels and we were going to the doctors again, but this time my buddy's eyes were leaking real bad. When we got
to the doctor I had a sharp thing stuck in my thigh, after a little while I wasn't feeling any pain and it seemed like I was floating. My buddy started to say 'goodbye''I love you''Autumn & Girl will be waiting for me' and she kept apologizing to me that she couldn't be there with me in the final moments, that's when I heard that sharp thing that stuck me was something to make me really relaxed, and not the one to help me get to the 'bridge'. I was OK with my buddy not being with me in that final moment, I was ready to join Autumn & Girl and I didn't want to remember my buddy with lots of wet stuff in her eyes, I wanted to remember her telling me that she loved me now and always would love me. The next thing I remembered is Autumn & Girl standing on the other side of this huge gate, there was a beautiful rainbow behind them, it looked so beautiful, the gate slowly opened up and I walked through it to join Autumn & Girl, all of a sudden I realized that I didn't have any problems breathing anymore, and I was getting hungry. I felt better than I had in a long time, I felt like I was a little kitten once again. I turned to look for my buddy and she wasn't there, she was nowhere to seen, I asked Autumn where my buddy was and
Autumn told me that my buddy was down on earth and that one day she would come and join us, it would probably be a long long time before she did but she would be with us one day. I understood what was being said and even though my heart was missing my buddy, the other side of that rainbow was where I needed to be. July 5, 2007 10:30am I joined Autumn, Girl and lots of kitties and doggies 'Over The Rainbow'. It is a magical place, there's no pain, no suffering, a place where you can eat anything you want and as much as you want, a place where no one is sick ever again. A place where I am no longer a sugarkitty, I don't have to have my ears stuck anymore, I don't have to have that sharp thing stuck in my back every again. While I may not be able to touch my buddy anymore I can look down on her and make sure that she never forgets how much I love her. My buddy and I will be reunited someday and until that happens I will walk besides her silently, I will comfort her in ways that I never have before, I will forever live on in her heart.

This is the story of Taz Barnes and his buddy Susan and the love the two of them shared with each other.


Missing Mom

July 9th 2007 6:24 pm
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July 5, 2007, a day that will live in infamy. It was my last day on earth, it was the last I was ever going to be able to spend with mom, it was the day that lung cancer won the battle.

I have had lung cancer for a long time, I didn't know what was the matter, and I never told mom that anything was wrong with me. Mom had enough to worry about with me being a Sugarkitty (diabetic), mom hometested me everyday for the last 3 years. Mom would give me my insulin depending on what reading she would get when she poked my ear. Over the last 3 years both mom and I had a rough time with my diabetes, it took a long time to get me regulated and on a sliding scale with my dosage. I had to do some changes too. I use to always eat dry food (my crunchies) I loved it, but mom said that it had too many carbs and that was bad for me. While I didn't mind eating the Fancy Feast I missed my crunchies. To make mom happy I gave up my favorite thing to eat.

When I got to this strange place called 'Over the Rainbow Bridge' I was happy to see my kitty sister Autumn, she left the family a long time ago and there was my doggy sister Girl. As I walked through a huge gate I was greeted by many kitties and doggies there was, Gato, Chelsea, Bill, Angel, Clyde, Snipper, Princess, Billy, Squeak, Bear Dog, Tiffy, Buddy, Muffy, Blue, Bono, Kassie, Fancy Pants, Mr Penny, Miss Kitty, Bonita, Velcro, Chico, Bandit, Fred, Sammy, Honey and some that I don't remember their names. I felt lots of love and for a little while I was so happy.

And then it hit me, mom, where was mom, I looked everywhere and I couldn't find her. It wasn't like mom not to be there. Autumn took me by the paw, sat me down and told me that I was in a place where I no longer had lung cancer, or diabetes, I could eat all the crunchies I wanted, I could do anything I wanted except, mom was not with us and wouldn't be coming, not for a long time. But we would be with mom again one day. I wasn't sure of anything, I was feeling better than I had in a long time, I was happy to see Autumn but mom, I missed my mom, I knew mom would be missing me. I knew mom would be crying, I knew mom would be hurting, I knew mom would be lost without me. How was she going to sleep without me in her arms? How was she going to get through her days without by her side? I don't have the answer to any of these questions.


Sad days

February 1st 2006 9:49 am
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Lately everyday has been a sad day, my little friend Autumn got real sick and had to be taken to the hospital, she was gone for a long time and then one day my buddy kept crying and crying. All of us furry kids were told that Autumn wouldn't be coming home anymore, all I know is that by buddy said that Autumn's cancer was not good and that she crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

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