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Turkish Van
Picture of Jazz "The SPAZ"  =^,,^=, a female Turkish Van

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Age: 12 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 9 lbs.

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Jazzer, Jazzer-Kitty, Jazz "The Spaz", The Drool Monster, The Hair Monster, & "Spazzy Jazzy"

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-cat rescue

December 25th 2004

Van Bicolor

Being held, hugged and loved. Gentle head kisses too.

The fact that after 2 years here, her older and alpha kat Mouse, still hisses and chases her, even tho Mouse is smaller, her attitude is bigger.

Favorite Toy:
Just like her big sister Pooky, Jazz has decided that the ring from a Gatorade bottle is the ultimate toy!... And by total surprise and joy to me, she plays fetch!, bringing the ring back, time and time again, so I'll throw it for her to chase!

Favorite Nap Spot:
On top of a warm blankie, the top of the water heater, and the top of the TV. And, on top of mommy at bed time.

Favorite Food:
Friskies Moist Food & Purina Indoor Formula

Yes, she taught herself AND me, that she loves to play fetch. Bringing the toy back every time I throw it! SHE tires me out!!


Arrival Story:
We visited our local shelter for the last three months, donating food, toys and whatever else we could, and always stopped to visit all the kitties there. Sometime in June, "Spaz", as she was called then, kept meowing at us, and insisting we hold and cuddle her, as if she had picked us. We didn't adopt her then, because already having two cats at home who are well adjusted and happy, made making the decision difficult. Should we, or shouldn't we, try adding a third? Well, long story short, hubby decided he wants to adopt "Spaz", as his Birthday present, (I gave him the option of adopting Spaz, or a car stereo, he chose Spaz!),, so we went to do so, only to find out she was adopted the evening before... Tears filled both our eyes, and we wanted to leave, but the shelter worker saw how upset we were, and after hearing our story, told us to fill out adoption papers anyway, "just in case"... Sunday night, right before bed, the phone rang, and surprise and happiness was on the other end, "Spaz" was ours!!... Unfortunately, her adoption fell through, and we were able to bring her home Monday night! She's still adjusting to her new life, and her new sisters seem okay with HER, but she hisses at them. I have faith that they will adjust in time, as they are all spoiled and much loved, and now, "Jazz" as we re-named her, is receiving all the love and cuddles and kisses she so deserves!! I also realized when we adopted her, that "Hey!, she's a Turkish Van", a breed I had years ago, and had long since fallen in love with!.. I guess both hubby and I made out, not to mention Jazz!!

Jazz was brought to the shelter as a small kitten, but sadly at this time, the shelter is over full, so any strays or drop offs, well, let's just say, it's not good... But a shelter worker stepped in when she saw how beautiful Jazz was, and by getting her fostered, instead of the unthinkable, she had time to grow up, and she was returned to the shelter spayed, shots done, and ready to go into an adoption room. It shocks me that someone could give up such a beautiful, loving kitty, but I'm glad, because she was meant to be ours. The more I play with her, the more I spend time with her, holding and petting her, we talk, and I told her, "I am glad that SHE chose us!!" I'm also glad that she was seen by a shelter worker who stepped in and saved her! Funny how things work out. Jazz has been the purrr-fect addition to our home. CATSTER'S COTD 05/22/07 CATSTER'S COTD: 06/2007 To be chosen Catster's COTD ONCE, IS and WAS an HONOR, but TWICE??, all Jazz can "meow", is: MeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeWowzy!! :-)

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9 of 9

Forums Motto:
Daddy's Little Girl

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"♥HELPING PAWS♥", ★Paradise Kiss Photo Shop♥, * Shutterfly Shutterbugs *, ****PURRS AND WOOFS FOR THE MISSING****, ♥ Chatty Cats ♥ , CATS ON THEIR BACKS (PART TWO), Welcome Waggin' for Dogsters and Catsters, ~*Card Shower Gang*~, Brusselball, Critters Care Through Prayer, Curious Kitties, FebrezeĀ® Pet Odor Eliminatorā„¢, Impressive Plumage, KittyWhiskas For Catsters, Lazy Daze & Rowdy Nightzz Cat Group.., Orangie Girls, PAWS FOR PAWS, Pawsome Pages, Purrz fur Palz, Sweet Face, The Pampered kitty's group, The Power of a Purr and Prayer.

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FBI - Mystery Rosette Division

I've Been On Catster Since:
July 27th 2005 More than 11 years!

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See me in Catster's 2005 Holiday Picture Party!
Rosette, Star and Special Gift History

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Mouse =^..^=Pooky =^..^=~Itty-Bitty-Ki

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A Home of My Own!!


November 23rd 2010 10:29 pm
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"Meow meowmeow. Meow, purr purrrrrmeow purrrrCHIRP meowWOW!!.. Meow meowmeow, meowpurrr purrrr purrrrrrrrrrchirp-chirp meow, meowmeowow....."

Which will NOW BE 'translated' BY Mommy fur me. So that ALL OF YOU, will meowy KNOW WHAT I just meowed, errrrr, SAID!!... MOL MOL.
Now I KNOW, that all my FUR-Riends know EXACTLY what I meowed, but Mommy said I needed to meow it in people-speak TOO,, or at least let HER 'translate' fur me! So THAT WAY, all the purrreople, or 'Mommys & Daddys', will know WHAT I meowed,
SOOOooo, MY 'meowzzz' above? Are simply MY WAY of saying: "HI & MEOWZZZ EFFURFUR & EFFURY MOMMY & DADDY TOO!!!...
I know my sisfur's and I have ALL been awhol fur,, well??... A LONGGGGGG,, TOOOO LONG,,, MEOWY TIME!...
I THINK it MAY even be a year already! MeeeeeeeeeeeeeYowza!!.. But alas, I have no thumbs and NO TYPING SKILLS, HEE-HEE,, and well,,, my sisfurs and I, ALL have the same, ummmm, 'no thumbs - can't type', 'isses', mol. So we haven't been ABLE TO meow here, because poor Mommy just hasn't had the time (OR ENERGY),,
to type FUR US!....

She STILL spoils us ALL rotten and she STILL makes the time AND ENERGY to give US attention, snuggles, kisses, huggins & LOTZA lovins'! So if WE HAVE A CHOICE?.. My sisfur's & I ALL AGREE,, it's NO CONTEST, (OR EVEN A QUESTION!!)...
ATTENTION, LOVINS' & SNUGGLES??.. ARE ALLLLLL, LOTZ MEOWY BETTER,, than giving that time UP?? Just to have Mommy type fur us!!....
(We all begged her tonight tho, to PLEASE let US MEOW?? But she said that SHE? STILL has to type/TRANSLATE, FUR US!!.. We begged some MORE?.. And well, I guess you can SEE WHO WON! HEE-HEE)....

My sisfur's and I, ALL,, wanted to meow: HAPPY THANKSGIVING EFFURYFUR & EFFURY FUR-PURRARENT!!.. We've missed a LOT here! So many changes, so many new furry faces and TOO MANY MISSED gifts & 'events'. But MOST OF ALL....

We think about YOU ALL effury day and we MISS YOU ALL effury day TOO! AND FURRY MUCH, ALSO!! Once in awhile, Mommy let's us check in here, but it's usually too quick to DO anything, except miss ya'll MORE!!
We also wanted to meow THANK YOU!.. Thank you ALL, fur the gifts we've still been receiving. The little 'pop-ins' & 'reminders' written IN those gifts,, LETTING US ALL KNOW that YOU ALL, STILL REMEMBER & THINK ABOUT,, US!!...
(We all want to 'reciprocate'?, is THAT the proper word, Mommy?..)
But in plain MEOWZ,, MOL,, my sisfur's & I ALL, want to & WILL, (& hopefully SOON too!),, get mommy to sit still long enuff?.. So WE can send gifties BACK to all of YOU, our very much MISSED Furiends & Fur-buddies! But meowing & doing are different thingies, so we wanted to at least MEOW to ya's that we DO THINK OF YOU ALL! We DO MISS YOU ALL, (& we know that Mommy misses your purrarents/Friends that SHE knows too!)

***Looks at Mommy & nods, knowing and quickly paw taps ON the Laptop, MEOWING LOUDLY!!***

Ok, I got's to let Mommy git. SOOOooo,, please don't furget us, as WE HAVE NOT FURGOTTEN ANY OF YOU!.. We miss and think of you ALL, each & effury meowy day & we HAVE NOTICED and we HAVE BEEN VERY TOUCHED BY, alllllll the gifties, remembered Birthdays & 'Thinking of you's',, that you have SENT IN the gifties you gave to each of us. My sisfur's and I ALL THANK YOU!

God Bless effuryfur & effury purrrarent!.. My sisfur's & I are each gonna let Mommy post this in ALL of our Diarys, so that way??... EFFURYFUR get's to see it!!........
Me owz, Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrz & Love,
~Jazz 'The SPAZ'~ =^,,^=



February 24th 2009 8:34 pm
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I know, I KNOW!.. I'm Jazz, "THE SPAZ",, what can I MEOW!?!.. And I was WAY too bizzy BEING spazzy to pay ATTENTION!.. MOL
Too excited to PLAY to realize that I KINDA messed up my sisfur I.B.K.'s Game of TAG!... Bad Jazz, my bad!...

You see, "Itty-Bitty PAWS", my sisfur I.B.K.'s BESTEST meowy FURIEND,, and ALSO, WHO she was named AFTER, had Tagged I.B.K., (which stands FUR: "Itty-Bitty-Kitty", MOL),, with this furry same game OF TAG??,, WEEKS AGO!!.. And by all meowy rights?, I SHOULD have let I.B.K., PLAY FURST!!.. Oh, she'll still PLAY, but I TAGGED "Itty-Bitty PAWS", and it's the SAME meowy GAME!!..
Like, "DUH, Jazz!, Pay attention MUCH"!?!... HEE-HEE-HEE :-)


SOOooo, I WANT to be fair, and I.B.K. will HAVE her chance to play and Tag other's TOO, but to BE FAIR, I am ALSO TAGGING:

1.) TweeKee PAWS #672494

THAT meowy way, Itty-Bitty doesn't have to play the SAME GAME, AGAIN!, MOL... And ANOTHER kitty GET'S to PLAY!.. And HAVE SOME MEOWY FUN!!.. HEE-HEE-HEE :-)


Huggz & SUPER Spazzzy Purrz,
Jazz "The SPAZ" =^,,^=


TAG!!... I'M IT!!!.. HEE-HEE =^,,^=

February 24th 2009 7:58 pm
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Oh spazzy purrrrrrrz, I got TAGGED!.. And I was tagged by my good Furiend, mIcHiS!!.. Thanks mIcHiS!!.. I LUV playing games!!.. SOOooo, here's the questions, and I'll TRY to not pull a "Pooky" and "Motor-Mouth" my spazzy way thru this, HEE-HEE :-)

(Sorry Pookz, No offense meant, I love ya sis, but you CAN "Motor-Mouth It"!, MOL)

1.) What color is your collar?.. Ya know?, up until JUST a week ago?, I didn't WEAR a Collar!.. But mommy found my purrty Burgundy Collar, so I guess the answers is, MOL, Purrty Burgundy, HEE-HEE... (It even has a Medal, a Charm AND a Heart with my name & phone number on it!!.. I feel SO Purrty...)

2.) What kind of food do you eat?.. I eat Purina Dry kibbles, BOTH the Indoor Formula and the Cat Chow flavor. Mommy mixes them, I LIKE variety, MOL

3.) What are your favorite treats?.. This is weird TOO, but up until I saw my sisfur I.B.K. getting treats effury day?, I NEVER ate Treats, MOL... Now?, I just LUV those Greenies, TEMPTING Tuna flavor too, HEE-HEE... AND?, I HAVE to eat them side by side WITH I.B.K.!! :-)

4.) Do you have a valentine or significant other?.. Nahhhhhh, I'm too SPAZZY to even THINK about GUY kittyz, HEE-HEE... I love ALL my Furiends so I never really thought about "dating" I guess you'd meow it, MOL... I'm just a spazzy, single, fun loving kitty-kat!! :-)

5.) Do you get table scraps?.. Nahhhhhh,, I don't like Hooman food... I never did and I never will, MOL... My sisfur I.B.K. LUVS tablescraps tho, SHE'LL eat anything!.. HEE-HEE :-)

6.) What is your favorite toy?.. Hmmmm, I HAVE so MANY TOYZ!!.. HEE-HEE... I GUESS I'd have to meow it's the ring from a Gatorade Bottle, (that's what mommy calls it)... She throws them and I chase them and bring them BACK fur her to throw AGAIN!.. MOL... I have LOTZ of Gatorade rings and they're ALL OVER the meowy house!!, HEE-HEE :-)

7.) When is your birthday?.. Welllll,, they "Guestimated" my Birfday at the shelter where I was first raised, (AND where I, FOUND & CHOSE mommy & daddy when they visited!!),, to be the END of October... SOOooo,, Halloween being mommy & daddy's FAVE Holiday and ME their new FAVE KITTY, HEE-HEE, mommy & daddy chose Halloween fur my Birfday, and MeeeeeeeeeeWowzy!!.. Do we Celebrate!! :-)

8.) How many times a day do you get to eat?.. There is ALWAYS two bowls of kibbles down that mommy keeps freshly filled fur us all, (AND we have a water fountain, water bowl with running water that mommy puts ice cubes in fur us too!!),, then mommy gives us each a WEE BIT of moist food fur dinner... But Mouse, Pooky & I are FURRY CHOOSEY and will walk away leaving it UN-eaten... So it's a good thing that I.B.K. moved in, because SHE finishes effurything WE don't eat after she eats HERS!.. HEE-HEE :-)

9.) What is your favorite color?.. I GUESS Burgundy because that's what color my Collar meowy IS!! :-)

10.) Do you hope all your pals put this in their diaries?.. I sure meowy DO!.. Being Tagged is LOTZ of spazzy fun and you get to not only meow in your Diary, but you get to meow ALL ABOUT your meowyself!!.. HEE-HEE :-)

SOOooo, those are my spazzy answers... Playing Tag is always fun!.. And I DO HOPE the Furiends I Tag?, DO meowy play... After all, it IS, "TAG!, YOU'RE IT"!.. HEE-HEE... SOOOooo, TAG!!, YOU'RE IT!!!.. AND I TAG:

1.) Blaze PAWS #672517
2.) Puff #929171
3.) Smoochie Girl #618010 AND,,,
4.) Itty Bitty PAWS #672507

Spazzy Purrrrrrrrz,
Jazz "The SPAZ" =^,,^=

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