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I swear those people got me to match the couch and wall.

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Leela is in hospital

December 5th 2013 8:37 am
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Ms. Kitty is currently in hospital for an infection. She was responding to treatment last night. As we hope and pray she turns a corner to get better, our family is now faced with the horrible reality of vet bills. We are not a rich family but we love each other and we are trying to raise funds so Ms. Kitty gets the best care to get over her illness. Please donate to her care. We feel selfish for asking for donations but Leela is a special soul. She provides love and companionship to me when I face the darkest days. If I can raise the funds to help her, I will without question.

Thank you,

Colette Semien


I am a kitty genius.

July 2nd 2009 7:28 pm
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I scared my people by throwing up the day before they came back from holiday. And making my cat sitter take me to the vet. The people then took me to the vet. They showed me a lot of attention and fed me lots of food treats. they sang to me and brushed me and begged me to eat and stop being so lethargic. I then started to show that maybe. I had been just sulking and being a brat after all. But, they did not care as they love me so.




An update

April 21st 2008 8:05 am
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The Josh has been gone for over a week. He is in the mainland working. Today, instead of the chopped steak I had been getting for tea. I had to make due with a pork chop. I was grouchy about that. But, I guess I have to eat what is given to me. I also had a can of Park n Shop brand canned food, some Deli-cat crunchy food and vitamins. I have finished my medication. I have had some accidents since we have had the Feliway. I have marked the couch and two loads of clean laundry. I have also had two run ins with Framboise, the cat next door since my trip to the vet. The lady is sort of understanding about my very skittish behavior since Framboise seemed determined to rip my eye out of my head for sunning myself on the balcony. This is why she is trying to bribe me back to sanity with meat. I have been getting better. The lady and Framboise's owner have decided that the day time is for me and Katya to hang on the balcony. The night time is for Cannelle and Framboise. We are made to come inside at dusk. The cats next door come to our window and glare at us when there are no people at our house. As we go to their window and glare at them in the day when they are unchaperoned. I hope this is a beginning of a cold war over the balcony instead of an active one.



Doing okay

April 3rd 2008 3:04 am
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I have a infection. I have to take pills. I have to have a feliway infuser. I got two extra snacks. So, I am happy.



Not feeling well.

April 2nd 2008 4:03 am
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I am going to the vet tomorrow. I may have bladder or kidney trouble. I have been peeing on strange places all over the house. I am usually a good boy. So, tomorrow at four we are going to pet's central.



I am a very bad kitty, with psycho tendancies

September 4th 2007 8:39 am
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This week I found out we were moving house. I do not move well. I also heard the people were going on holiday. To America. The lady was also a day late changing my box. But she cleaned her bed and put new sheets on it. She febreezed it. She made it smell nice. Unlike my litter box. I had to teach her a lesson. She fell asleep late because the Josh was on the super early morning shift and she was waiting late to make a business call. So she went to bed after he got up. And after she fell asleep. I took a dump in the bed. She woke up after I had done it. And cleaned the bed. She did not punish me and promplty changed my box. She had read somewhere that cat's memory is very short so. She did nothing but talk to me about it a bit. I am still mad we are still moving. They are still going on a trip. I am going poo in their luggage again.



I was tagged so 8 things about me.

June 6th 2007 9:36 am
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1. I am a closet cuddler I like to snugggle with sleeping people but skitish to awake ones.
2.I am a talker. If human meows like me ("mEhrm mEhrm mErhm. that is what it sounds like) I answer and have a little conversation.
3. I am a night sleeper. I do not hunt at night. Unless I must.
4. I have killed two mice,
5. I like the barenaked ladies. The people played "Blister in the sun" and I sat next to the speaker calmly although I hate most music.
6. I do not forget stuff. If the people goon holiday. Although I really like the cat sitter. I usually punish them by "marking" their luggage or clothes to punish them for leaving me.
7.I like wet food better than crunchy and will eat cat temptations out of your hand like a nice cat.
8.Katya is jealous of me and the lady being buddies. So if we are having fun she barrels in and has to have attetion.
I do not care. I also let silly katya win all fights, disputes, and have the most treats. Why because she is a little girl .She is too small to fight. Except for my throw pillow girlfriend Sheila.

I am taggin
Pan ache


I am a stupid kitty

April 12th 2007 9:29 am
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The lady made a turkey breast for dinner one day. It had a net around it to keep it in it's football type shape. She took it off after cooking it ,of course. She put the tasty smelling net in the trash. I broke in to the trash while the people were asleep. I have been having weird looking hairballs. So, the lady finally figured out what I did. Now, I have to take cat laxatives for awhile. She says if, I do not like it. I can go to the vet. I hate the vet. so, I guess I will go back to being good.



I really like my house and people

January 25th 2007 9:40 am
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You know what? It has been a really bumpy ride for me to be here. It has been very hard for me to love my family. I had been hurt before, you know. I have been abandoned. I have lived in shelters. I have been clingy and nervous frantic and naughty. But, you know what I have gotten all over that to be a pretty good kitty.



Those people came back

January 10th 2007 1:47 am
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The lady and the Josh are back from their two week tour of that country hey were born in.They brought home a lot of stuff but none of them were gifts for a cat. I am happy the lady is back and I did not retaliate by pooing in a place I was not supposed to. I purred for joy all day that my people were back home with me their cat.


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