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Please Don't Worry About Us

May 29th 2008 6:30 pm
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We just wanted to tell ya that mom might not be posting as much for awhile because her bf is going through some problems and he needs her support so pawlease keep them in your prayers. Also mom is going to A Taste Of Summer on Thursday to see Bret Michaels and then she's going to be gone for a few days at the end of June because she'll be at Country USA in Oshkosh. So if you send us FFR's and messasges and we don't respond right away, we're not ignoring you! We will check in when we can!


Meowmies Boyfriend NEEDS Our Help!!! Send Good Vibes

April 6th 2008 8:05 pm
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Hey kitties I was wondering if you'd be willing to send meowmies boyfriend some good get well soon vibes? Lastnight when they were about to take meowmy home he slipped on the step and everyone thought he broke his ankle because it was the ankle he broke before! Well his sister took meowmy home and his mom drove him to the ER! Found out that it was just a badly sprained ankle! He was crying and meowmy had never ever seen him cry before! He seems to be better today cuz he called meowmy this morning and said she should come over cuz he missed her and he needed a nurse He also mentioned that the painkillers make him loopy and mom said its most likely NOT the pain killers cuz he's loopy when he's NOT on painkillers mol and he's talkin about prom again. He wont admit it but meowmy says that him spraining his ankle was a wake up call tellin him that it could've been worse and really been a brake which would've layed him up 6 weeks and caused him to miss prom(as much as he dont wanna go he knows that deep down meowmy really does and well besides the Wedding day prom is meant for the girl mol.)

Can u kitties send good vibes his way? Maybe include him power of purr? Meowmy can't stand seeing him in pain. When mommy sad I'm sad Angel kitties can u possibly hover with the angel pups?

We've posted this in Friends At Rainbow Bridge on dogster. I'm gonna post in my diary as well.

Get better VERY SOON Sam! We're cheering for ya


Vote Fur Me!

March 27th 2008 10:21 pm
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Meow Meow! Lizzie here just wanted to tell all my kittie pals that I am in a contest on! Could please help me out by voting for me? Meow Meow!



New Diet!

January 27th 2007 8:06 pm
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Hello everyone! I got my diet switched today! I'm no longer on the crappy Alley Cat that gramps always buys. Mom says now that she's working as long as grammy pays for the vet visits she'll buy the food. So it looks like grampy dearest is getting demoted to #1 human to pester during the day! 'm an evil kitty! Hehe!



RIP Elsie!

December 15th 2006 10:43 am
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Lizzie's mom here- Remember when I told you all last week that my friend adopted Elsie? Well she was found dead yesterday when my friend got home from school. :( they talked to her vet who called the shelter and the vet said that it was probably genetic and that the shelter is going to test the other kittens in the litter(and hopefully call owners that adopted the other kittens to let them know) and they are also going to replace Elsie(not that it will be easy) for free with one of their older kittens. This time they are getting a second opinion before they sign the adoption papers.

RIP Elsie


All work and no play

November 21st 2006 12:21 pm
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Well our puters been broked for awhile now so mommy is typing this at school. She's in Study Hall now. Not much to say just wanted to come in and let every meow know I'm allive.



September 3rd 2006 2:53 pm
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Hey everyone! Well I'm back from LONG hiatus. Grandpa is fine but he's living with moms aunt because grandma and him are having a hard time right now. Cinco and Blacky got picked to have their pics at the end of the firehouse movie. I'm so proud of them! My mom started school Friday and she's a Junior in High School now. Go Black Shirts! Wow I can't even remember when I entered an entry last. I have plus now so I can give out rosettes woohoo! Well mom has to get back to uploading aol.




Gramps Is In The Hospital!

July 14th 2006 8:00 pm
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A few days ago Grandpa banged his knee twice on the towball of the Uhaul we had rented. It swelled up and wasn't getting any better so auntie Paula and Grandma took him to the ER and he wound up being admitted to the hospital because his knee is infected and it spread to his lungs! He has to have knee surgery tonight at 6:30 to remove the fluid around the infected area. Mom told him to go into the ER when his doctor wouldn't take him in(unpaid bill appearently). The ER nurse called and raised hell with the reciponist at the doctors office because if they had got him in 2 days agao he may not of had to goto the ER and have the surgery! The hospital has one of the best OR staff teams in the state so thats some comfort. I'll keep you updated.


Dumb Rules

July 9th 2006 8:08 am
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Mom is a member of a few cat forums and some of their rules are kinda dumb. I understand that no linking to forums and such but linking to catster not allowed? Cmon! She just linked to my PAGE if some one came to my page from the cat forum link in my siggie it's [b]NOT MY MOMS FAULT BECAUSE SHE LINKED TO MY PAGE NOT THE FORUMS!!![/b] Me finks that mumzy should create her OWN kitty forum where you can post any pics and links in your siggie as long as it doesn't affect the forums pages and how they load!


Wow 2nd Place!

July 5th 2006 5:04 pm
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I got 2nd place in PPG 4th of July Contest! Woohoo! I'd like to thank the following people/cats/dogs:
Mommy for making me a catster
Gysmo-for helping his mom make my picture
Gysmos mom-for making my pic
Chester-for being my good friend
Dahlila-for being my sister and putting up with my meowiness(I'm so happy I can't stop meowing)
Max-for watching over me
Blacky-same as Max
all the ppg group members for choosing me!
the person/cat who gave me 200 fish treats!
all my friends who I couldn't list!



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