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"Sunny days are here again!"

Age: 11 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 12 lbs.
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"This is my kind of book!"

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"Might I interest you in a book?"

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Catman is protecting me from evil spirits while I sleep.

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"Catman is protecting me from evil spirits while I sleep."

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"So, where's Vanessa?"

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"Vanessa, are you in there?"

Greetings from the Toffster!

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"Greetings from the Toffster!"

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Toff, Little Lion, Toficito, Toffster, Boss, Heavy T

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Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

June 3rd 2002

Orange Tabby

Eating, lounging beside food bowl, lazing about, looking out the window, being petted, being brushed, playing

Going to the vet, the computer, empty food bowl, being cradled in my arms like a baby (He hates when I hold him like that!)

Favorite Toy:
Toffy: I really love the furry brown mousie. Mom: Toffy loves the little pink mousie too.

Favorite Nap Spot:
On the sofa and on the carpet

Favorite Food:
Everything fit for a cat (Toffy isn't too finicky)

Jumps up and catches toys in mid-air. Opens cupboard where cat food used to be kept; can say "Mom".


Arrival Story:
Although I've been a cat lover all my life, it wasn't until summer 2004 that I realized that what was missing from my life was a feline companion. I heard that a veterinary clinic not far from where I live had cats and kittens for adoption. Of the three cats available, the only one healthy enough to leave the vet's was Toffy. I spent some time getting to know him and decided that he was the cat for me. I took him home two days later. I learned that Toffy had been residing at the vet's for two months and that nobody else had shown any interest in adopting him before me.

Toffy is a handsome domestic long-haired orange classic tabby with green eyes. Little is known about his history. He resided at a veterinary clinic dedicated to cats for two months. Previously he lived at an animal hospital on the Sunshine Coast. He may have been an outdoor cat before. He is now an indoor cat who sometimes gets the itch to go outside and drives his mom crazy by playing with the blinds in the middle of the night and engaging in other naughty deeds. Of course, to me Toffy is the purrfect cat and I'm very happy to be his mom.

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7 of 9

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Head of household

Famous quote:
There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. (Albert Schweitzer)

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July 3rd 2005 More than 8 years!

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Toffy's Journal

Not Going Anywhere

February 17th 2014 4:38 pm
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Hey, cats! A lot has happened since I last wrote in my journal.

First the fateful announcement on January 16th that the Catster community areas would be closing down forever on March 3rd. What depressing news that was! I don’t know about you, but I always thought that Catster would be around forever. It took a while for the reality of the situation to sink in and when it did I got Mom to save all of my journal entries in PDF format. She did this just last Monday. Then two days later we got the happy news that the Catster community would not be deleted from existence after all. Thank goodness! Now I don’t have to write a farewell journal entry like so many cats did over the past few weeks. Believe me, I was working on such an entry and it wasn’t an easy task. What a time to get writer’s block!

Like many of you, Vanessa and I have been coming here less often in recent years and our level of participation has been lower than it used to be. But we always thought that someday we would become more active again and that we would update our pages with new photos, diary entries and fun stuff, as well as join new groups, give out more rosettes, stars and special gifts to our friends, and just participate more actively in the community in different ways. There was always time in the future for all that because as far as we were concerned Catster would always be around.

There’s no denying that Catster’s heyday came and went a long time ago. I’m glad that I was there. Like many of you who have been here for more than a few years, I have some fond memories of the good old days. Things are a lot quieter now, or maybe I’m just not aware of where all the activity is these days. I’m curious to find out what kinds of changes there will be in the future when the ‘’new partner’’ takes over. While I’m looking forward to some improvements, there is a uniqueness about Catster that I hope will always remain. I’ve browsed a few other sites but none compare to our beloved Catster, so I’m not going anywhere, cats!

Now to follow-up on my last journal entry in which I wrote about how I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I have to take 0.5 ml of Tapazole in liquid form twice a day every day. I’m not crazy about the stuff so I often put up my paw in protest as Mom pries my jaw open to administer the medicine. At one of my v-e-t appointments several months ago the v-e-t was afraid that I was on the way to becoming underweight and so instructed Mom to feed me more because I’m supposed to be a big-boned cat. Hmmm… I always considered myself to be a medium-boned cat but whatever, I’m not complaining if it means I get more food. As a result, I’ve been getting larger portions at each meal and am usually not denied a late night snack when I beg for one. Vanessa also likes getting her late night snack. Well, noticing my new heftier physique, Mom decided to weigh me today and appeared surprised at the number on the scale. I have a feeling the portion sizes are going to get a bit smaller again from now on, but at least I’m eating some good foods, like Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried pouches (just add warm water) and Weruva’s Cats in the Kitchen (the 6 oz cans), often served together. Yum!


Mom’s note: Just to make it clear, Toffy does not get an entire 6 oz can of food at one time. I usually prepare a pouch of the Stella & Chewy’s and add enough of the Weruva to make a meal that I divide between the two cats.


The Toffster has seen better days

October 8th 2013 11:02 pm
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Well, cats, you may have noticed that I haven’t written in my journal since around the time of my 10th birthday, which was in June of last year. I’m 11 years old now and old age appears to have a firm grip on me because my health just ain’t what it used to be.

The symptoms first made their appearance rather quickly back in December of last year when I was suddenly drinking a lot more water and peeing more than usual. Mom says she rarely ever saw me drinking water before, so the drastic change in my habits meant it was time for a visit to the v-e-t. The result of that initial visit was that Mom had to buy some of that expensive kitty litter for me to pee in and she would obtain a sample of my pee for the lab to analyze. Of course, the sample that she got from me wasn’t quite enough to do all of the diagnostic tests, and Mom wasn’t smart enough to keep the litter just in case, so she had to buy another bag of the expensive kitty litter and get me to pee in it again so that a second sample could be brought in for a more complete analysis. The v-e-t was unable to pronounce a diagnosis at this stage and attributed my increased thirst and urination to getting older. She ruled out diabetes, but did observe that the pee sample was very dilute. This was in February.

I returned to the v-e-t in June for a health check with the intention of getting my teeth cleaned at a subsequent appointment (well that was Mom’s intention, not mine). At this time, as my symptoms had not subsided, a blood sample was taken from me to be analyzed. The results were that my dental appointment was cancelled because going under anesthesia was no longer recommended given the state of my health. The lab report confirmed that my “T4 is at upper end of range” and that my “Free T4 supports hyperthyroidism”. The v-e-t- talked about a place where I could go and get cured, but I’d have to wait until my condition got worse before being eligible for admission. I was to get tested again in about 3 months.

Well, at the end of September, I allowed the v-e-t to draw blood and clip my claws without putting up as much of a struggle as usual. Oh, yeah, I had also been losing weight steadily since this whole ordeal started and am now down to about 5.16 kg or 11.375 lbs, according to the scale at the v-e-t clinic, and yet I’m not really eating any less than when I weighed more. Because of all my fur, I don’t look like a skinny dude. So, the latest blood test confirmed that I have hyperthyroidism. As of Saturday night, Mom has been giving me a medicine called Tapazole in liquid form twice a day (she has to administer 0.5 ml of it to me every 12 hours). Mom mentioned to the v-e-t that she’s afraid that my frequent water drinking and peeing more than I used to might also be due to kidney disease. She read in some articles on the Internet that hyperthyroidism can mask kidney disease and that after treatment with radioactive iodine (i131) the kidney disease can get a lot worse. I think it will be decided after a month or so if I’m a good candidate for the i131 treatment.

So, that’s what’s been going on with me. I’m really not that different than I was before. It’s too early to tell what kind of adverse side effects the medicine might cause. I just hope that I don’t get diarrhea (is that how you spell it?) and that I don’t start throwing up all the time. I pretty sure that Mom is hoping the same thing. MOL!



What cats do when they're not sleeping

June 8th 2012 1:40 pm
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According to Mom, Vanessa and I are spending more time sleeping than we used to. It may appear to be so, but she's not always home with us all day, so what would she know! Here's what happened earlier today during a break from napping.

Mom was in the bedroom sorting some clothes from the middle drawer of the dresser. The drawer was partially open with some clothes on the carpet and other items still in the drawer. Vanessa saw an opportunity to explore a new spot and jumped in the drawer and then squeezed herself through the open space so that she was now standing at the back of the dresser.

It soon became apparent that extracting herself from that spot would not be as easy a feat as getting there. I took advantage of the situation and swiped my paw at her several times through the space created at the bottom of the open dresser drawer. Mom was laughing and told Vanessa that now she was stuck there and had no way of getting out unless she was able to leave the same way she got in.

I hoped that Mom would just leave Vanessa there but she went to the trouble (totally unnecessary in my opinion) of making her escape effortless by removing the entire drawer. Vanessa stepped right into the empty dresser drawer that was now balancing on Mom's legs. It didn't look like she was going anywhere, so Mom had to lift her out with one hand and plunk her onto the bed. I then took advantage of the fact that the middle drawer of the dresser was out of my way and found myself a cozy spot on top of the sock-filled plastic bags in the bottom drawer. Before long I left and Mom put the middle drawer back in and finished rearranging her clothes.

I wish I could have stopped her from doing what she did next. She made a phone call to the awful place and mentioned my name in the conversation. I observed her scrawl "10 am Sat. June 9" onto a notepad along with my name and the evil words "vet appt." I had to act now or never so I quickly jumped onto the small table where the phone and answering machine are located and succeeded in toppling the answering machine. Unfortunately, the phone call had just ended and Mom was hanging up, so I'm not sure that the party on the other end heard any evidence of my displeasure. Note to self: when trying to sabotage a phone call to the awful place don't wait until the end of the conversation.


P.S. If I'm not too busy napping, I may just entertain you with more episodes of "What cats do when they're not sleeping". Stay tuned.

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