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Age: 14 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 11 lbs.

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Toff, Little Lion, Toficito, Toffster, Boss, Heavy T

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Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

June 3rd 2002

Orange Tabby

Eating, lounging beside food bowl, lazing about, looking out the window, being petted, being brushed, playing

Going to the vet, the computer, empty food bowl, being cradled in my arms like a baby (He hates when I hold him like that!)

Favorite Toy:
Toffy: I really love the furry brown mousie. Mom: Toffy loves the little pink mousie too.

Favorite Nap Spot:
On the sofa and on the carpet

Favorite Food:
Everything fit for a cat (Toffy isn't too finicky)

Jumps up and catches toys in mid-air. Opens cupboard where cat food used to be kept; can say "Mom".


Arrival Story:
Although I've been a cat lover all my life, it wasn't until summer 2004 that I realized that what was missing from my life was a feline companion. I heard that a veterinary clinic not far from where I live had cats and kittens for adoption. Of the three cats available, the only one healthy enough to leave the vet's was Toffy. I spent some time getting to know him and decided that he was the cat for me. I took him home two days later. I learned that Toffy had been residing at the vet's for two months and that nobody else had shown any interest in adopting him before me.

Toffy is a handsome domestic long-haired orange classic tabby with green eyes. Little is known about his history. He resided at a veterinary clinic dedicated to cats for two months. Previously he lived at an animal hospital on the Sunshine Coast. He may have been an outdoor cat before. He is now an indoor cat who sometimes gets the itch to go outside and drives his mom crazy by playing with the blinds in the middle of the night and engaging in other naughty deeds. Of course, to me Toffy is the purrfect cat and I'm very happy to be his mom.

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7 of 9

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Head of household

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July 3rd 2005 More than 11 years!

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Toffy's Journal

The Whizz, Part 2

June 17th 2016 11:31 pm
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Cats, if the title of this journal entry has piqued your curiosity, then read on.

I mentioned back in February that I’m supposed to go to the v-e-t clinic for regular weight checks. Due to Vanessa destroying the stroller, this was not possible for a while. In addition, a certain delivery company’s incompetence contributed to the delay in receiving the new stroller.

On May 14th I had a v-e-t appointment at which I weighed 5 kgs or 11 lbs. Blood was also taken from me so that it could be tested. This time there was no towel on the examination table, which seems a bit odd, don’t you think? Maybe someone forgot it? Anymeow, no sooner had the v-e-t taken my blood and the assistants were there holding me and applying pressure to my leg, when suddenly the v-e -t instructs Mom to quickly grab a towel from the back room. Unaware as to why she’s supposed to do this, Mom runs to get the towel.

It turns out that while Mom was petting my head and stroking my chin in an attempt to comfort me during the unpleasant procedure, I had let out a stream of urine, just like I did on that previous occasion I wrote about. Heh heh heh! That’s “The Whizz, Part 2” for you!

Tomorrow (Saturday, June 18th) I go in for another weight check. I wonder if I gained or lost weight. While I still enjoy eating, I tend not to finish my food right away like I used to do, opting instead to leave some food for later. I go back to my bowl several times between each meal. Mom usually has to move the food from the sides of the bowl into the middle so that I see it and eat it.

Vanessa and I haven’t been on Catster much these past few months. Every time we come back there’s more sad news. It gets rather depressing.

I was happy to see that several cats had left happy birthday messages and gifts for me earlier this month. Thanks, cats! I appreciate your kindness and for remembering an old cat like me on my special day.



The Whizz

February 15th 2016 7:52 pm
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Hey, cats! How are things with you? I hope that wherever you are it isn’t raining as heavily as it is here at the moment. I really appreciate being an indoor cat in weather like this.

Just a quick update, in case any of you were wondering about me. I’m surviving; like the Catster and Dogster websites I’m hanging on but it’s uncertain for how much longer.

Mom says it worries her that I’m drinking lots of water and peeing a lot. The pee clumps that she throws in the garbage really weigh the bag down in no time. First she scoops the pee clumps into a Ziploc Perfect Portions plastic bag (which is meant to be used with chicken cutlets, according to the picture on the box), and when one of these bags is full (containing around six pee clumps, both mine and Vanessa’s, but mostly mine), she dumps it into the garbage bag.

Unlike those pee-filled garbage bags, the word “heavy” no longer describes me. At my last vet appointment at the end of December the v-e-t made it clear to Mom that she needed to feed me more because I had lost too much weight. I weighed 4.95 kg, which is just under 11 lbs. That may sound like a good weight for the average cat, but meow, I’m not your average cat; in the words of the v-e-t, I’m supposed to be a big cat. I’m due to be taken to the vet clinic for a weight check but thanks to Vanessa causing irreparable damage to the stroller, that won’t be happening for a little while. I’ve been getting more food than before and am not only eating what’s in my own food bowl but also helping myself to some of Vanessa’s food as well. I also get fed more often when possible, including in the middle of the night. Whether or not I’ve gained any weight remains to be seen.

At my December vet appointment, for some reason they were running behind schedule and several other patients had already arrived and were waiting to be examined. Since Mom didn’t want me to be put under anaesthetic just so that my blood could be drawn and claws trimmed, the number of staff needed to hold me down during these procedures meant that we would have to wait until after the other patients were seen. In other words, my loud and violent reaction to the unbearable pain and needless suffering inflicted upon me would have scared the other kitties, heh, heh, heh!

So, Mom left me there alone for about an hour and did some grocery shopping. After dropping the groceries off at home, she returned to the clinic just in time to find me on the examination table surrounded by the v-e-t and several assistants who were holding me down on top of a towel. The claw trim came first, followed by the blood drawing, after which it was necessary to apply pressure to my leg for several minutes to stop the bleeding. Mom’s role in all this was as a familiar presence reassuring me that everything was going to be okay. At this point, the v-e-t had left the room with the vial containing my blood, so missed out on witnessing the ensuing turn of events.

Well, being a cat that has to pee often and not having peed since the morning (it was now early afternoon), I felt the urge to go and so that’s exactly what I did right then and there as I lay stretched out on my side on top of the examination table. A steady stream of light-coloured urine, aka “the whizz”, flowed into the air, much to the surprise of the vet assistants who were holding me down. Mom held the towel up to prevent the pee from dripping onto the floor and hoped that her action didn’t make the liquid accidentally splash onto anyone’s face. She apologized on my behalf (I’m a cat, I’m not going to apologize for anything) for the incident, which in a way was kind of amusing.

Oh yeah, the results of my blood panel showed that things were stable with me and that no change in medication dosage was necessary.




June 8th 2015 10:16 pm
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Hey, cats! Thanks for remembering me on my birthday last week! I’m really loving those scrumptious chocolate cupcakes and delectable layer cakes, which also happen to have chocolate in them! Yummy stuff! Of course, I’m also grateful for all the other gifts, big hugs, and kind messages that were left on my page. Thanks, friends!

Well, I made it to thirteen, at least! What I mean by that is that I may be even older, as my real age was unknown when Mom adopted me all those years ago. Being the cute young-looking rascal that I was, there was no way I could pass for a mature five year old, so I was deemed to be two years old.

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past year. I have been feeling too tired and lazy to write in my journal. After all, I am now a senior citizen cat, the equivalent of a 68-year-old human, according to the online cat to human age calculators. Meow, that sounds old! I think I’d rather be a teenager than a senior citizen. Alas, the reality of the situation is otherwise.

Honestly cats, I’m tired of having to deal with health issues. Along with my hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, and on again off again arthritis (see below), I now have some sort of growth on my tail that the v-e-t will be taking a closer look at in a few days. The useless antibiotics I was on for the past week did not make the growth go away or diminish in size, well maybe just a little bit…. Oh, and you can add constantly reappearing crusty eye boogers to the list too!

So, I’m not sure if I told you before about my being diagnosed with a having a bit of arthritis. Anymeow, a few months ago I was walking with an obvious limp and was unable to jump higher than a foot or so off the ground. Can you believe that I was no longer able to jump up on the bed or even onto the coffee table? Sadly, the days of me jumping from the floor up onto countertops or the stove are long gone. My condition was brought to the attention of the v-e-t, who recommended that I be fed a prescription food that helps with mobility. Mom bought me a several cans and mixed this food in with my regular food and also fed it to me alone at times. She was also kind enough to place some different sized boxes at the foot of the bed so that I could make my way up there more easily. In a few short weeks I appeared to be cured of my arthritis. My limp was gone and I could jump up and down from the bed without having to use the boxes all the time. In spite of the good news, the v-e-t recently recommended that I still eat the prescription food even though I appear to be cured, so since I do like the taste of it, Mom is letting me eat a bit of this food along with my regular food.

Well, that’s about it…. Oh yeah, now that I’m older I’ve become much more vocal, mainly at night when I can be heard meowing loudly and howling endlessly. I only stop (temporarily) when Mom gets up and pets me or feeds me a snack. Sometimes a little catnip works too. When I’ve calmed down I usually go to one of my napping spots in the living room, only to be heard again a few hours later. Heh, heh, heh!


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