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Age: 12 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 14 lbs.

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-mixed breed-cat rescue

June 3rd 2002

Orange Tabby

Eating, lounging beside food bowl, lazing about, looking out the window, being petted, being brushed, playing

Going to the vet, the computer, empty food bowl, being cradled in my arms like a baby (He hates when I hold him like that!)

Favorite Toy:
Toffy: I really love the furry brown mousie. Mom: Toffy loves the little pink mousie too.

Favorite Nap Spot:
On the sofa and on the carpet

Favorite Food:
Everything fit for a cat (Toffy isn't too finicky)

Jumps up and catches toys in mid-air. Opens cupboard where cat food used to be kept; can say "Mom".


Arrival Story:
Although I've been a cat lover all my life, it wasn't until summer 2004 that I realized that what was missing from my life was a feline companion. I heard that a veterinary clinic not far from where I live had cats and kittens for adoption. Of the three cats available, the only one healthy enough to leave the vet's was Toffy. I spent some time getting to know him and decided that he was the cat for me. I took him home two days later. I learned that Toffy had been residing at the vet's for two months and that nobody else had shown any interest in adopting him before me.

Toffy is a handsome domestic long-haired orange classic tabby with green eyes. Little is known about his history. He resided at a veterinary clinic dedicated to cats for two months. Previously he lived at an animal hospital on the Sunshine Coast. He may have been an outdoor cat before. He is now an indoor cat who sometimes gets the itch to go outside and drives his mom crazy by playing with the blinds in the middle of the night and engaging in other naughty deeds. Of course, to me Toffy is the purrfect cat and I'm very happy to be his mom.

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Toffy's Journal

Water Bowl Rules

July 31st 2014 11:23 pm
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1) Number 1 rule: Never forget that the water bowl is fragile: handle with care.
2) In the morning, carefully pick up water bowl from its spot on the floor with both hands and carry it to the kitchen sink.
3) Empty water into sink, taking care not to knock the bowl against the faucet or other object that might be in the way.
4) Rinse water bowl with hot water, adding a drop of dishwashing liquid only if you are doing a thorough cleaning, otherwise water is all you need.
5) While drying outside surface and bottom of bowl with dish towel, run cold water.
6) Test water with fingers to make sure it’s cold enough. Then, while holding bowl with both hands, fill it about half full with cold water.
7) Do not attempt to completely fill water bowl at this point and under no circumstances should you rest the bowl on an uneven or narrow surface such as the edge of the sink, no matter how many times you did this in the past with a plastic water bowl.
8) Carefully, using both hands, carry the half-filled water bowl back to its spot on the floor.
9) Take the container of cold filtered water out of the fridge.
10) While crouching over water bowl, pour enough water to fill it to the desired level, ideally about a centimetre from the top.
11) Maintain water level and cool temperature by adding more cold filtered water from the fridge as necessary during both day and night. No need to replenish water completely until the next morning.
12) Your cat will happily drink water and thank you for handling his/her fragile water bowl with extra care.

Translation: Mom broke my water bowl and had to buy me a new one. Luckily the store had another one just like it in stock.



Twelve years old

June 4th 2014 6:06 pm
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Hey, cats! I’m twelve years old! Hard to believe, isn’t it? Here’s how a conversation with Mom went yesterday:

Toffy: So, Mom, I want to be sure that I understand purrfectly... you didn’t find a good enough birthday gift for me so you have decided not to get me anything at all?

Mom: No, Toffy, that’s not what I meant. I do plan on getting you a gift but it has to be purrfect. If I could I’d take you shopping with me and you’d see for yourself the dismal selection in stores.

Toffy: What about shopping online?

Mom: Yes, I’ve considered online shopping but there’s always a risk involved. What if the item arrives damaged? I’d hate to go through the hassle of returning it and what if the seller doesn’t believe that the item was already broken before I opened the box?

Toffy: Oh, so you’re thinking of getting me something fragile? Hmmm… wonder what that could be….

Mom: You’ll just have to wait and see….

In the meantime, cats, thanks for the happy birthday wishes and pawsome gifts and messages. I truly appreciate them and your friendship.

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

On Monday, I was scheduled to go into the v-e-t clinic for a simple claw trim and weigh in, but it turned into a full-fledged examination and then some! And to think that Mom almost succeeded in cancelling the appointment in the first place due to my feeling under the weather. I ended up staying at the v-e-t clinic for close to one and a half hours. That’s like four regular 20-minute appointments.

Early Monday morning, around 4:30 am, I awoke Mom as I was trying to poop in the bedroom litter box. No matter how hard I strained nothing came out. I threw up instead. As the hours passed things did not improve. I did manage to get out two small round poops later in the morning, but also vomited a white frothy liquid and then later a bright yellow liquid. Due to the fur on my backside being kind of stinky and dirty Mom and I thought it best to cancel the nail trim and weigh in until things were back to normal.

The v-e-t assistant who answered the phone convinced Mom to bring me in anyways. It seems that I was due for a check-up as well. Before we left, I made one last trip to the litter box, this time to pee. I tried to poop again but no luck. I hopped in the stroller without allowing Mom to clean me up a bit. Instead of my stroller blanket I had to sit on an old beach towel, for obvious reasons.

It was a warm sunny day and the stroller ride was faster than usual. We arrived right on time. I put on weight, which was the intention. The v-e-t said that I was now at an ideal weight again. In case you’re curious, I weigh about 6.63 kg or 14.6 lbs.

In addition to the usual check-up, I had to suffer a number of indignities being done to me, not the least of which was having my blood taken. I’m supposed to go back for a dental cleaning sometime in the next few weeks. The results of my blood test showed that my T4 is within normal range. I am to continue on the same dose of Tapazole twice daily. Unfortunately, though, it appears that I am now in stage 3 of chronic kidney disease, according to the chart on this page. There was one value, the CK, which was through the roof. Oddly, I don’t think the v-e-t even mentioned it when discussing the results of my blood test with Mom on the phone. I just hope it isn’t anything serious as I already have other health issues to deal with.

In conclusion, I leave you with the Toffster’s take: getting old is a pain in the butt.



Moments in the spotlight

May 17th 2014 9:35 pm
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I had my moment in the spotlight yesterday when my journal was one of the daily diary picks. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised! It certainly has been a while since that has happened. Of course, I haven’t exactly been writing a lot of entries lately. Thanks to those who sent congratulations. It was nice hearing from you.

One of the reasons I’m writing a new entry in my journal today is that there have been situations where some cats have gotten more than one DDP honour in close succession and they didn’t always pen a new entry in between. I would think it odd for such a thing to happen to me, so here’s something fresh just in case my prose is deemed to be worthy of consideration again in the near future.

I thought you’d be interested in hearing about two incidents involving Vanessa. She hasn’t gotten around to writing about them in her own diary, so I’ll do so here in my journal. The first one happened sometime last year. One evening Mom was watching a movie on TV called “Norma Jean and Marilyn”, about Marilyn Monroe, the famous Hollywood movie star, while Vanessa and I were chillaxing in separate areas of the living room. At one point in the movie there’s this famous scene where Marilyn is on a stage singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” while wearing a sparkly white dress. At that very moment while Marilyn is on the screen occupying the spotlight in her white dress, Vanessa, whose fur (in case you didn’t know) is entirely white, gets up on the small stool beside the TV and just stands there looking towards Mom and me, the light from the TV illuminating her fur. Funny thing is, Vanessa rarely stands on that stool. That she should decide to suddenly do so at the exact same moment that Marilyn Monroe is on the TV screen in a similar pose is quite a remarkable coincidence, don’t you think? That evening, Vanessa was in the spotlight in a good way, which isn’t always the case….

Now on to the second incident involving Vanessa. Let me be clear now: I was in no way involved in the following incident except as an observer, an innocent bystander. Vanessa, of course, claims to be the innocent one herself and not surprisingly tries to blame me.

It happened one evening a few short months ago: Mom was about to clean our litter boxes after getting home from work. As is often the case, Vanessa has to go at the same time that the litter boxes are being cleaned. At first it looked like she was going to use the bedroom litter box, so Mom went to clean the bathroom litter box first. Vanessa changed her mind and followed Mom to the bathroom and signaled her intention to use that box instead. Mom appeared to be annoyed.

“Vanessa, use the other litter box!” she said to her, before going back to the bedroom herself to deal with the box in there first.

After finishing with the bedroom litter box, Mom once again entered the bathroom, where Vanessa was no more, only a dirty litter box, and… what’s that yellow liquid Mom suddenly sees on the floor under said litter box? Why, it’s pee! (Just imagine her shock, cats!)

“Vanessa!” exclaims Mom. “Are you responsible for this inappropriate pee?”

Notice how she didn’t say my name? Well, Vanessa comes and looks at the IP, denies she had anything to do with it, and tries to blame me for it. So what if I’m the cat who drinks a lot of water and pees a lot? It wasn’t me! I categorically did NOT do an IP! So, if it wasn’t me, it had to be Vanessa. But Mom continues to be baffled by the incident.

She said to us recently: “You know, cats, I’m still not sure which of you did that IP in the bathroom that time, but I’m glad that there hasn’t been a repeat performance.”

There really is no mystery about it: Vanessa was the guilty party and that’s the end of the story!


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