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Shadow's musings

My little old man has become an angel

May 6th 2013 12:46 pm
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Shadow has had several mini strokes since the Fall, but always recovered pretty well. This morning, however, he threw a blood clot in his spine (and possibly had another small stroke) and was unable to get up. Mercifully, he was not in any pain and was able to eat and drink some, with help. We took him to the vet and she said that there was nothing that could be done and it was his time. Mommy and Daddy held Shadow and kissed him and told him how much he was loved as he went to sleep.

My dear boy made it to just shy of 21 years old. He really was a miracle kitty. Abandoned by his mother as runt, he almost died at 6 months because of bad hairball blockage. Apparently his insides were "too small" and I was told he wouldn't live a long life. Shadow was always very stubborn and I guess he decided to prove that vet wrong. He made it to 104 people years with no trips to the vet, except for some geriatric testing.

Shadow was a sweet boy and very close to his Mommy. He would give me head butts and kisses, and he loved to talk and tell you all about what happened that day. He was the boss of all the pets - dogs and cats alike. Even when he shrunk down to about 4.5 lbs (just old age), he still had the respect of the others and got to eat first. Food was one of Shadow's very favourite things and he had strange tastes, as you can see from his profile.

My heart aches from the loss of my special little guy and I am going to dearly miss him. :( Thank you Shadow for being my buddy for over 20 years. For being there for me when I was sick or sad or alone. I will carry you in my heart always. Mommy loves you. xoxo


It's my birthday!

August 1st 2006 8:59 am
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Today is my 14th birthday! I'm so excited because Mommy says she's going to give me something special for dinner tonight. I wonder if it will be chicken, steak or fish? Mmmm. She's also going to get me some wheat grass and a new drug pillow. I can't wait! What I'm really hoping for is a good long grooming. At least 15 minutes! I love being brushed.

Mommy and Daddy say that I am in good shape for my age. My fur is greying a bit more, but I am as active as I was when I was 8. Mommy says she's going to take me to the vet and get me checked out. I think that I might get my teeth cleaned this year. I'm not too thrilled about a trip to the vet, but Mommy says she wants to make sure my teeth are going to last me for at least another 6 years.

Well, I think I'll go stretch out on the back of the couch and groom myself. Maybe later I'll stroll by the dogs in their crates really slowly. Just to bug them.


You call this tuna?

April 29th 2006 4:05 pm
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Dear Diary,

The people continue to feed us this slop they call "wet food." It's rather a misnomer because although it's certainly wet, I would hesitate to call it food. I'm turning 14 this August and I have to say that I've had my fair share of human food - chicken, beef, steak, lobster, shrimp, fish, cheese, pickles, pears - to consider myself a gourmet connoisseur. And what I can tell you is this - the stuff that comes out of those tins is all the same, despite what the label says. It all tastes pretty much the same. And I have to say that chicken shouldn't taste like beef, nor should fish or shrimp. And yet the slop in these cans do. The humans have a saying that goes, "Tastes like chicken." I believe that this very same concept applies to the various "flavours" of wet food, only they all seem to taste like beef, and not steak at that.

This morning Mommy put down some wet food for us and despite my misgivings about it, I was forced to eat some. Seems we're running low on dry food so I don't want to risk it. Storm, of course, adores wet food and devoured most of the plate. If Storm were human, however, she would think that fast food is gourmet and would relish every greasy bite. There's just no accounting for taste, I tell you.

Well, I'm off to groom myself in the window. I hear that Daddy is grilling real chicken for dinner tonight so I want to look my best when I suck up to Mommy.



Pensive thoughts

January 18th 2006 6:28 pm
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Mommy has put Storm and I on a new food that is for multiple cats. She says it's because Storm is fat, but she can't put us on diet food because I'll get too skinny. I like this new food though because the kernels are smaller than the regular food, which makes it easier to eat (when you bit into them you don't get crumbs all over).

I have a bit of a headache because the puppies were barking incessantly at a garbage can rolling around in the wind outside. They really are dumb. The little one barked so loud and so much that my ears are ringing. I feel the need to go lick a catnip pillow.



Happy Holidays

December 22nd 2005 8:35 am
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I haven't written in a while but that is because the damn dogs hog the computer all the time.

Christmas will be here soon and I am looking forward to it because Mommy has bought Stormer and I some chicken livers (I saw her put them in the freezer). I am hoping that Santa will bring me some wheat grass and maybe a new drug pillow. I think the lab ate the last one.

I have been spending lots of time looking out the window watching the birds and squirrels and making sure that everything on the street is okay. Daddy put a bath mat in the washroom which Storm and I like to cuddle together on because it is soft and fuzzy. Actually, it is almost the same colour as Storm.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday and that the fat man in the red suit brings you lots of presents (I've seen him - he's real. He comes in through the fireplace, which would make Mommy mad, because she says we're not allowed in there.)




Mmmm... cheesies!

August 14th 2005 2:38 pm
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Today is a rainy day, which is good, because it means that Mommy and Daddy are inside today and will give me some attention. Storm is lying on Daddy's desk supervising him while he works on his presentation for work.

I am feeling happy because the dogs are asleep upstairs and Mommy gave me some cheesies. I really like the salt and that fake cheese flavour. I don't like wet food much any more, so Mommy gives me special treats. I am hoping she will make chicken for dinner and give me some. Maybe we can watch Law and Order later - that is my favourite show! I like the music and always run into the room when I hear it. Stormer likes Great Biker Build Off. That's because Storm really likes men.

It's very quiet upstairs. I'd better go check it out and make sure those puppies aren't up to no good.




Happy Birthday to me

July 31st 2005 10:28 am
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Tomorrow is my birthday and Mommy is going to treat me extra special. She said I can have a can of salmon all to myself - I don't have to share with chub-chub. She also said she is going to buy me a new soft bed to lie in, which is good because the dog ate my old one last year. I really like to sleep under the window at the top of the stairs, so a comfy bed would be great. Daddy is also supposed to build me a cat tree to hide from the dogs in, but that won't be for a while. When Mommy asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told her "rid of the dogs," but she says they have to stay.

Aunt Laura might be visiting me in August. I like her because she says I'm handsome and one of her favourite cats. She gives good belly rubs. Aunt Julianne and Todd are coming too. I just hope they don't bring that dog. Two is enough thank you.

I think I'll go groom myself and look out the window.


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