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Me and "Mellow"--- We're cool now...

June 30th 2010 6:51 pm
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So this big orange cat's been the house for a year now. I used to always try to intimidate him with my ninja moves. My short legs could never reach him though. We hardly ever tussle now. In fact, after I eat he lets me come over and steal his last few morsels. We'll even both sleep on the bed with mom at the same time. But not too close, always with mom in the middle. Sometimes, I just can't help myself. I eye him as he relaxes on the other side of mom... Then I make my move- I run over mom and strike the orange beast with a swat and a hiss! I make a quick getaway because mom gets real mad at me, especially if I scratch her in my haste to get to Mellow. But it's always worth it to see the look of surprise and annoyance on Mellow's face.


I Got Rid of Her!!! But Wait- Who's This New Guy???

June 17th 2009 6:56 pm
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I got rid of 99!!! I terrorized her so much that she got rehomed her with mom's brother! Actually, I kind of miss being mean to her... But then this new guy showed up! What in the world? He's big and orange, and in MY HOUSE. Immediately I tried to explain this to him and he swatted me! I swatted back but as you can imagine my short little legs don't even touch him, meanwhile he's smacking my face! Grrr. I keep trying to think of new plans but the outcome is always the same: my head gets smacked. Not cool! At least he's too lazy to come after me. I still run up and try to get him at meal time. Sometimes I can catch him off guard. Stupid short Munchkin legs... Somewhere, somehow, I'll get him in time.


"99" She's Lame.

September 5th 2008 8:45 pm
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One day Mom brought a new kitty into the home. Her name's 99 and she's a GIRL. Yuk. I immediately sh0wed her who's boss. Mom tried to get us to get along. She tried hard. For a long time too. But I held my ground. I just can't look at that cat without getting the urge to beat her up! And there's no way I'm going to allow her near the food or the BOY'S litter boxes. Eventually Mom had to separate 99 for good. Hee hee! 99 now can only be in the bedroom, us boys get the rest of the house. It's awesome, except that 99 gets to snuggle all night in Mom's bed. That part's not fair.

Here's my technique: I wait patiently outside the bedroom door while Mom gets ready for work in the morning. Occasionally the door will be left open unguarded. Yippie! So I make my move. I casually walk in, secretly glancing around until I spot 99's location. Then I continue my casual stroll, by chance in 99's direction. But I don't look at her so no one knows what I'm up to. Then when I'm a few feet away- I launch my attack! She runs off yowling and hissing, it's great! Then Mom usually busts me so I run out of the room, down the hall into the living room, where I innocently fake that I'm grooming myself. Then I stroll away.


Too much fun...

August 1st 2005 9:49 pm
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Today I wrestled many times with my bro Cuca. He may be 13 pounds heavier than me, but I can take him. Then I played with my favorite toy (besides the ferrets.) It's a long wire with a scrap of cardboard on the end. I've been driving mom nuts all day with the sound it makes as it gets pushed around on the floor. But it's the only toy that my canine companions don't take from me. I also spent a lot of time staring at that pet rat mom has. Too bad mom won't let me really play with it. But she says I can spend the whole night tonight with the ferrets! I can't wait!

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