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In the life of a Slinkerdoo

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One last note

January 16th 2014 2:47 pm
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I know I am friends with a lot of your families on FB but if you want to stay in touch please send us a message.


So sad :(

January 16th 2014 2:34 pm
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I am going to miss everyone of you dearly. I have been here for so many years and made so many friends on Catster. Thank goodness Mom has made personal friends with your parents on FB.

I truly cherished every friendship here that i have made.

I love you pals
Ruben, Gordy, Melody, Toby and Cole



August 26th 2013 8:13 am
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Thank you so much to all of my friends that left me comments, messages and gifts to help me celebrate my birthday yesterday. I can't believe I am 9 years old already.

I got to spend some time with the family and some time outside yesterday. I didn't get to do as much outside as I usually do because it was so hot out. Now when I go outside I never leave the yard. I don't know how to get myself over that fence. I wish i did but my family is happy that I don't.

Anyway I had a great day and thank you so much for being there for it friends.


Favorite time of the year

September 13th 2012 6:13 pm
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Hey Pals! Had to say thank you so much again for congratulating me on my DDP the other day. I sure don't feel like I deserved it as I didn't say anything too interesting but I appreciate it anyway and REALLY appreciate all of my wonderful friends sending me messages.

Its our favorite time of the year right now. Cool weather, Colorful leaves and fresh air. Mom did all of our pages for Fall now. The fall pages are always her favorite to make along with the Holidays.

I truly need to spend more time here. We dont have plus right now but hopefully we can get it back sometime soon. Mom always has trouble with paypal. Its so much harder to deal with picking pictures to put on and then having to get rid of others.

Anyway hope everyone is doing well


Thank you!

August 27th 2012 8:25 am
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Thank you so much to all of my friends that sent me rosettes and messages on my Birthday. I am so very lucky to have friends like you.
Lots of love,


Big Favor to ask

May 20th 2012 7:44 am
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Hey Pals! So there have been times when mom has come to you guys to ask you to vote for me in something. This time I am coming to you to vote for mom in something MOL.

If your moms or dads have a FB account its really easy to vote. You just plug this link in and simply like the picture. Mom is already friends with a lot of your moms on FB so a lot of you maybe already did this for us.

Mom really wants to win a new Bow for Dad. He is the one who took the picture.

Thank you again! I have the best catster friends.

Oh and Just so you know Mom and dad only Target shoot with their bows. In case you are worried they are going to be used to kill animals.


Foto Contest

All you have to do is Scroll down and like the picture. Its as simple as that.


The Season of Love, The Season of Samoa's Dreamboats : )

January 18th 2012 7:00 pm
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Well I will admit I love watching who is on Samoa's dreamboat list every year. Mom even put our DB# Next to our name like some of the other cats. We weren't sure what to put behind Toby's name though because He was a dreamboat in training until this year and now he is an official dreamboat. So she put DB#6 but there is already a dreamboat #6.

I guess we are thinking too much about it MOL.

Anyway Thank you Samoa for not letting us down. We love watching your diary.



Merry Christmas!

December 20th 2011 7:08 pm
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Hello Friends! Just wanted to wish all of my wonderful Pals here on Catster a Very Merry Christmas.

This year has been good to me. My boy came back from Florida to live.

Mom added another Kitty to her family at her new home. His name is Cole of course and we get along pretty well when he comes to visit me.

My health has been good and we have been having such nice weather this year I haev gotten to spend a lot of time ouside. I am also happy that there is no snow to cover up my favorite window.

Hope all of my pals are doing well : )

Lots of love from me and my family,

Ruben, Gordy, Melody, Toby and Cole



August 26th 2011 7:20 pm
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I just have to say THANK YOU so much to all of my friends who sent me messages and gifts for my Bday. I have the best pals in the whole wide world. I am so sorry I haven't been on in the last couple weeks. Mom has been very busy which has kept us off of here but we should be back more this week.

What did I do for my Bday?? I went pee on grandma's taffy MOL. Grandma had a bag of taffy up on the bar in the basement and I decided to pee on them. I also went pee on my moms clean sheets that were folded on the bar. Yes I have been to the vet to make sure I have no health problems because I do have a history of UTI's but all was fine. Once in a while I just go nuts and pee in the weirdest places and then I am fine again. I figured I would get a little wild on my bday. Luckily my parents have a patient and loving heart for me AND luckily for them when I do pee outside the box it is always in the basement where it can be cleaned up. Last year I decided to pee in the big box of christmas paper : ( what a surprise that was when it was time to wrap presents MOL.

Again thank you so much pals for the well wishes on my bday.

Anyway thank you so so much for my wonderful


New Friends and Old Friends

July 31st 2011 2:48 pm
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Hey pals! Hope All is well. Its really hot here today but I got to go out for a little while.

Catster is really exciting right now. So many of my old friends are getting new family members. New kittens to watch grow up on catster. Little Cole has some pals to play with here that are his own age.

We made some new friends here recently that we wanted to tell you about.

One is Tucker who recently got his angel wings. He is a very handsome boy cat. They lost tucker on July 25th of this year. Mom hasn't had to go through a loss of one of her kitties before but has lost our Doggie sister. It was one of the saddest things she had to go through. Mom knows she will be waiting for her though.

Tucker Angel Wings!

Please stop by and send him a friend request.

He also has a super cute little brother named Taz to check out too.


Its always nice to give a warm welcome to new members.


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