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My Mom Is A Big Fat Liar!

October 22nd 2012 4:47 pm
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Okay, she's not big, and she's not fat (which isn't a nice thing to call any fleshy OR furry being by the way), but she's definitely a liar. Of BIG proportions. And why would I say such a thing? Well, look at the last post -- doesn't it clearly say that my woes and tribulations would be updated before the year is out? The year in question being 2011? And what year is it now? Tsk, tsk!

Now that that is out of the way (although I should mention before I go on that I heard mom grumbling about how Catster obviously can't afford decent webpage designers -- yes, she CAN still be super critical, so SOME things don't change, snort), I'll go on with my tail. Um, TALE.

It all started with a bad bag of Natural Balance. Yep, I was as fit as a fiddle up until then, and then everything seemed to change. Mom didn't know at first though that it was bad. You see, I was given one wet meal and one dry meal every day and that seemed to work well enough for years. Only grain-free for me, and that did the trick. But one day mom noticed that I didn't seem to like those little kibbles anymore, and so she tried to hand-feed them to me as I sometimes like that. Mom's not a tyrant though, and when she saw that I really didn't want those kibbles decided that she might as well donate the huge bag (just opened) to a nice woman who runs a cat rescue. Problem was that none of her cats would eat the dry kibble either! And when her not-finicky-at-all dogs wouldn't touch the stuff, we knew there was a problem. Now according to the company no one else had reported a bad batch of food, but obviously, something was clearly wrong with it. That made mom suspicious of wet Natural Balance as well (a pity, since she thought it was one of the better foods), and so started a long trial-and-error process of trying different brands. Only wet though, as dry was now banned completely.

Well, we tried just about every grain-free brand available here in Canada, and for a long time were eating Wellness. Different flavours though, so that we wouldn't become attached to only one. At about this time mom noticed that I was scratching and licking quite a bit more. I'd always done a bit of scratch and lick (because that's what cats do!), and unfortunately it's now hard to remember when it actually crossed the line from normal to excessive. Mom first blamed fleas as she had found a speck of flea dirt and I was licking/scratching in all the places where fleas like to hang out. Program and Capstar were put to work (November 2010) but by this time I had scratched enough that there were little sores underneath my fur. When mom discovered this (I don't allow handling for the most part), she was horrified and hauled me off to the Awful-And-Will-Not-Be-Named place where a (I must admit) very nice man gave me a shot of Depomedrol. What a relief! My sores healed and all was well we thought.

Nearly a year later (October 2011), mom happened to notice (only because I had my bum up in the air as she was using the slicker brush on my back which I love) that there was a funny little bulge right by my, ahem, poop hole. Well, that didn't seem right! The very next day there was a tiny opening in that bulge and mom knew she had to act. Back to the How-Can-A-Nice-Man-Work-In-That-Awful-Place? and an anal gland crisis was narrowly averted. A few more hours and she would have erupted we were told.

In the meantime, although not as bad as before, I continued to groom more than I should, and was starting to feel itchy-bitchy -- ha ha, just made up a new term. And by this time mom was starting to think that I really couldn't have fleas because I never go outdoors, and no evidence had ever been found except for that one speck of dirt. So mom decides to consult a smart box she calls Computer. Always a good thing, except when Computer spills out so much information mom can't fit it all into her brain. Fleas? Stress? Tainted food? Low quality food? Any number of diseases? Allergies? The last one, allergies, really has mom wishing she had a bigger brain. Never occurred to her (maybe because she's lucky and doesn't have any of her own), but that seems to be a real probability. How, however, can you possible track down what a cat could be allergic to?

Fast forward a month later, and anal sac acts up again. Crisis averted yet again, and the itch/scratch/lick mystery continues. Mom also reads up on cat food and is amazed by how much you have to be aware of: ingredients, composition, preservatives, preferably wet and no dry, no grains, no by-products, meat first (ha ha, I can have all the meat I want and vegan mom can have none), fish only once in a while, careful with carbohydrates, proper balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and on and on until it feels like her head will explode. And she thought she knew a fair bit about food!

Mom restricts my food to poultry-based (chicken and turkey) only, and we're now in the spring/summer of 2012. All is mostly well, except that I'm still lickety-licking AND throwing up once a week. Usually on a full stomach. Gross! And very odd, since in the past I normally only threw up a few times a year. Mom brushes me every day as I'm definitely shedding hair like crazy, but can't understand why I'm throwing up furballs so much. Too much fur and too much licking? Mom again thinks she sees a bulge where it shouldn't be bulging, and off to the Dreaded-Place-Where-It's-Hard-To-Maintain-Any-Dignity I go. Luckily, it's not my anal sac this time, but I'm given another shot of Depomedrol as again I've licked myself TOO clean.

And so the loop continues. Then, the cat rescue woman whose cats also rejected the bad Balance that seemed to begin everything in the first place, informs mom that many cats are actually allergic to chicken. Chicken! Which is practically in all food, and almost the only thing I was eating. Mom promptly takes me off chicken, and because it's hard to find wet, grain-free food without fish or chicken, puts me back on Natural Balance Grain-Free Venison and Green Pea (which I ate for years -- also the Duck -- without any problems), even though one website says it's way too high in carbohydrates. Sigh. Thing is, I haven't thrown up in nine weeks now (although I'm not shedding much fur anymore either), and even though I'm scratching a bit more since my shot, it's still not as much as before, so.....?

And that is the end of my tale for now. We're still not quite sure what happened, what the real culprit actually is, and what to do next, but we're hanging in and tomorrow I'm officially Very Old. Now, aren't you glad we FINALLY filled you in? Snort.


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Purred by: Ashlynne (Catster Member)

October 23rd 2012 at 9:33 am

Happy Birthday to you, Kitty Kazoo! We hope you have a wonderful day - with no itchies! You are not 'Very Old', though! I'm 12 and Beepers is 14, and we're still youngsters!

We're very glad to hear from you, but not very happy about what's going on with you. You have sure been through a lot! We hope you and your mom get to the bottom of the problem. :)
Purred by: Kazumi Joy Oct '01 - Dec 19/15 (Catster Member)

October 23rd 2012 at 6:29 pm

Thanks Ashlynne! I'm afraid I spoke too soon though. As soon as mom got home today I threw up! Luckily right before I got fed, but still. :(

And you're right, I guess I'm not THAT old, yet. Snort.

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