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I guess this isn't Kansas

This is it

October 21st 2007 12:07 pm
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I was feeling poorly back in September ~ and got another wind. This past week was a real tough one and it brings me now at the side of Ms Melba and my old buddy Tasha, Spike, Heidi, and oh yeah - some of those bunnies I ate a few years back. There is food and water all the time and the temperature is just right.

I will wait for the next furry friend to make it to the bridge so that we can all wait for our human friends to join us one day.

Peace on earth!
Jesse Jack


Another week

September 15th 2007 7:22 pm
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has passed. I am curled up on the Futon - sleeping.

The Lady got the Man to look at my foot. The clump was worked on by the Man and I have really short hair on my toes. BUT THE CLUMP is GONE!!!
Then I played in the water dish - the Man scolded me and then clipped all of my other toe hairs.

The Lady got foods with gravy - I dont like it - so i let Whitefeet eat it. Then I bump Delco out of his food dish.

Will update shortly.


My days are growing near

September 9th 2007 3:45 pm
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It has been a while. The new house wasn't too bad and it has been a good few years. Melba went to the rainbow bridge and I believe my days are numbered too. I have growths all over my body and the fur is matting all over the place. The lady tries to cut them off - but my skin is really close. She is quite kind.

I was having trouble getting into the cat box - sometimes it is just to much trouble to jump. The lady was not happy with the puddles, so she got me a nice low one without a top. EVERYONE likes it.

Today, my paw has a great lump growing and it is hurting me. The lady soaked it today and said I need lotion? Is that a human thing?

She found me laying by the water bowl this evening, and she offered me a smaller dish so that I did not have to reach too far. She is trying hard. I gave her a less than heartful mrow, and then mosied on back to under the futon.

Will keep you updated.


Oh yeah, did I score!

November 7th 2005 3:39 pm
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Hi fellow cats....

I have been relocated AGAIN.

There is some goings on underfoot, and the whole lot of us MOVED. I checked out the location prior to the dump job. The humans were letting us check out the place and when the large sit furniture started going downstairs, it was only a matter of time.

Regardless, I have scored a new chair! The Lady left her computer chair in the living room, since the boxes were in the way. I have now taken possesion of the chair. SHE IS NOT GETTING IT BACK and I am making a point to nap in it every chance I get.

Keep us in mind!



There is fur all over the place

July 12th 2005 9:24 pm
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I have been leaving clumps -- yes I said clumps of hair. I do tend to overgroom, and with this last heat wave -- I have left clumps. Haven't left any hairballs lately, I will have to fix that.

Be back soon for more old cat rantings!

p.s. Could someone mail me a rodent? Some meat? These humans are vegetarians and the large kid eats all of his food, no sharing!


Did I get them good today!

July 9th 2005 7:37 pm
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The man and lady were hanging out on the second floor all day. I was left alone with the nasty troll on the third floor. Then the real insult occurred. They had food dishes at the table with NO MEAT.

I walked through the second floor yowling -- and aimed to leave a puddle in the ladies office, she had just cleaned up the place, BUT she figured it out, caught me getting ready and shooed me out. That really got me mad.

Finally, in the dining room, where they could see me I puddled in the container where the toy mice and balls are kept. I ruined them all and everyone knows I was annoyed.

I hate this place.


I really am craving a rodent

June 7th 2005 7:48 pm
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I used to be an outdoor cat, with a plethora of rodentia available for me at any given time. I used to yowl at the door and someone would get up and let me out, even while the light was gone. Even though I am getting on in years, a catch of the day was always satisfying. These treats were always brought up onto the back porch, this way the rain would stay off the left overs. I never ate the heart and it would always bring a loud appreciation from my Lady out there. I lived with a dog, but she never bothered my leftovers.
I used to go in the house, and demand a litterpan. If there wasn't one, there was this nice little rug in the room with the human sit pan. That would always hold a good amount of pee.
I had a good life, ate well, got leftovers from the oven -- yes I got table scraps -- and lots of them. EVERY DAY. One day I got hurt on my leg, and went to stay with other people until my leg got better. I stayed in a large cage, until I "got used to the place". A few days later they let me out, low and behold, I was in a cat house! There were three other cats and a whole bunch of humans. After a while, I went back to my old house.
As time went on, I started running out of people, they would just leave and never come back. It started to get really quiet around the big house. I was sent to live at the other house with all the cats. By this time there were six cats, and a couple more on the other floors.
I am getting tired and feel the need to yowl about some. In this house, they just ignore me -- and I dont get let outside anymore. But I am going to yowl anyway.

Till my next writing.

p.s. If anyone sees fit, can you mail me a mouse? These treats are nice, but some tasty fur and soft bones would really be sweet!

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