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I'm the baby

I was the first to escape!

November 7th 2005 3:31 pm
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Hi fellow felines....

The word here at the cat club is turmoil and uprooting. I checked out the new place; Walli, Willo, and Delco had absolutely no problem going "down" there. They are soooo attached to the Lady (I hate her). I was brought down by my human, the Man. He kept me calm, but this was not in my plan.

I made it through the nite and after breakfast this tremendous and horrible noise started over our heads. It was totally frightening. I wanted to return to the floor where I live. The Lady left the door open one second too long and up I ran. She was right behind me -- catz, is she slow. I made the mistake of running to a room that has a door and the LAdy closed me in. She returned with that laundry hamper and I made her chase me around a bit, before I caved in and let her catch me.

I was brought back downstairs and ushered into the new living space.


Keep tuned in for the next episode of ESCAPE!


I can't believe this!

August 1st 2005 6:07 pm
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I was told that I cannot go to Hazel Lucy's wedding! Mom and Willo said that there may be cat behavior that I am not accustomed to. Do they have any idea what Walli tells me -- and the old guy Jesse, he is SOOOO inappropriate. Do they not realize that I had one singing episode before I got fixed! I am a CAT.

I was told that there will be dogs there, some cats may gorge on food and force hairballs in public. Spraying may occur -- oh yeah, we've never seen that before (Jesse is the the spray King). I just don't get it, they are going to leave me home with that fat hairball Melba. That frump has the personality of a Possum, with a thorn in its foot!

Hummppph.... Maybe the Fairy Cat Mother will help me out! And no, mice for groomsman! Eichhhh


I won I won Iwon

July 4th 2005 5:52 pm
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I won! The Lady is ignoring me totally! I am able to lay on the perch without those insistent pettings and being picked up since our last encounter when I drew blood, her blood. Now the game is mine!


I smacked the Lady

June 14th 2005 8:43 pm
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I have been letting the Lady pet me. But once I give her an inch --- she takes a foot. The other morning I was scooped up and cuddled like a little squirmy.... I do SOOO hate being treated like a squirmy. Then she (the Lady) had the audacity to hold me around my chest and look at my belly! She was in reach and I took my best shot! Yes -- I connected with her mouth -- you should have seen the look on her face! I was smiling from ear to ear! The Lady put me down really quick and ran to the room with the water. I do believe I drew a good amount of blood.

Since that encounter, the Lady has left me alone - finally. I have told her time and time again, I do not want to be held like a squirmy and now she knows I mean business!

I won.


The people chase game

June 4th 2005 9:31 pm
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I like this place, it has lots of cats, and is much brighter than my baby room. Mom (the Lady calls her Whitefeet) and us squirmies were brought to the baby room before I could walk.
When we all got BIG, my two brothers and one sister, went to live somewhere else. I stayed at the big house and made Lilli go away. The Man thought she would hurt me again. I already went to the vet for an cut on my side and Lilli went to live with the Boy. I won.
I do not let the Lady think that I like her. She kept saying things like "find the kittens a home", "I don't think we can keep more cats", "the bed is really crowded", "not enough cat pans", and so forth. She keeps making noise at me and trys to pick me up. I run away.
This was especially necessary, when I they took my fur away and gave me that cut on my stomach. Twice during the light hours, the Man and Lady would stick a tube in my mouth and put cold stuff in my throat.
That is over now, my fur is just coming back now and anyways, the Lady has the other cats that do all sorts of silly things for her.

Have a great week!

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