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I am a big cat.

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Wow, how time flies

February 16th 2008 5:54 pm
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I can't believe it was just September the last time I wrote, seems like yesterday.

Jesse Jack went to the Bridge in late September. He was fading and hung on for a few weeks even though the Lady said he was in failure. We are now a 5 cat household and things have changed since Jesse and Melba left.

Delco and Willo are now the reigning king and queen. They spend alot of time together. Whitefeet and I have moved up on the kitty ladder and keep company together. Dumpling is soo fiending a higher rung on the ladder and is becoming more friendly.

I feel spring getting closer - even though the groundhog in PA said more winter. We have a Groundhog here on Staten Island, but he lives in a house and goes back and forth to the Zoo in a pet carrier. The Lady says we can't take him seriously and there are rumors he uses a litter box!

Will try to keep up on news on a more frequent basis - but until then, head butts and paws up to all!


We are back

September 9th 2007 3:50 pm
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The lady was really busy with "things" and could not be creative. She is better now - and can write about almost anything.

We are now 6 - and the cat sense says that the old man (jesse) is fading. The lady says we need to leave him alone - but he is sure ugly.

I have cleared off the top of every hutch, bookcase, and computer desk. These are my favorite nap spots. I get to watch everything from above.

When more news comes about - i will drop another line.



Can you say BUSY

January 16th 2006 7:13 pm
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Folks, I has been just crazy around here. The last I wrote was in the middle of the GREAT construction. We moved -- yes moved -- twice. The humans had the seven of us in four rooms. We had more cat pans then rooms. Lucky for the humans, that none of us got ticked off and mostly behaved ourselves.

In the middle of December we moved back to the rooms that we were happy with. Praise the great Cat. The feeding location has changed, but not badly. Delco is eating on the same floor as us, but now eats in a room with the door closed. We would watch him eat, he would get annoyed and leave, we would get the food. That is not happening anymore, we will find another way to eat his food. The unfairness of all this is that he gets wet food, the explanation being that he does not get enough "fluids" and may be becoming a diabetic, this to me is a bunch of fluff -- orange and white fluff.

Less Delco and more me.....

Yes the Ladies have written me off. No one wants to play with me. They play with each other..... but NOT WITH WALLI! I would love to have a good run and tussle with them, but all I hear is, you are too rough, stop holding my neck, no you cannot do that. FINE! I will still look at them and pretend to cash them. It is fun to make them growl.

If you are part of a household of 6 or more cats, come join us at the "6 or more kitties" group. I am going to keep a topic per week for folks to squeak up on!

BTW our human just found the camera -- it was buried somewhere after moving all that stuff again. I guess we will have the latest pictures posted soon!


I still cant get used to this time difference thing Dogster / Catster on this PST thing. I called the helpdesk to find out what was wrong with time stamps on these diaries, I think I was called a human word "stoop it". Dont quite know what that meant -- but I think it may not have been too nice.


Our new home

November 7th 2005 3:51 pm
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I was made privy to the move sometime last week when the Lady was leaving the doors open to the stairways. This new location is not half bad, but the cat box stations are not what we are used to. The Lady said this will change but we are not sure what that means.

Willo (mom) and I knew about the place downstairs, since we would look down the stairs and check out the activity. It was necessary to check out the warm flat boxes that would come to visit. This new location is not half bad, but the cat box stations are not what we are used to.

The plus to this place is that we can sneak down to the basement were there are tons of places for a cat to go. The downside is that there are no stairs available to chase each other up and down, and there is alot of favorite furniture that got thrown out! I'm going to especially miss that table which I worked on so hard to get looking just the way I wanted it to.

Stay tuned in for the latest updates



The new litter is GREAT!

October 4th 2005 7:14 pm
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The Lady requested a different cat litter for the upstairs cat box. We had been using a wheat type of a litter -- it was ok. The lady just doesn't understand that we have fur between our toes, and find it difficult to wipe our feet on the tile floor. The bed covers are a much nicer area to clean our feet!

WELL! Wouldn't you know.... the MAN cleaned out the pan with the wheat cat litter and in a shake of a cat whisker, puts down the newly cleaned and filled litter box WITH THE NICEST SMELLING, COOL TO THE FUR, cat litter.

I must have spent a good 20 human minutes rolling, scratching, and throwing that cat litter! It was GREAT fun -- and I could not get enough of lolling in the litter box. This did concern the Man and he told the Lady that this is now her problem. Boy was that floor covered!

Needless to say, the novelty has worn off -- maybe cause folks are using the litterbox and time and time again, there are deposits all the time! Well there are seven of us living here!

I have to go now, there are a number of bugs in the house and I will have to diligently patrol the areas for intruders.

Tail wags to all!


I have been struck by the thunderbolt

September 16th 2005 6:20 pm
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Miss Muppet!
You are the most Beautiful Cat in the world.

Will you share a vitual snack of thinly sliced turkey, tuna pate, and a lovely fountain of fresh water with a plain tabby like me?


My name is Walli, and I am a Scooter.

August 31st 2005 6:21 pm
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YES sireeee
Did I get caught! Ohh yeah the gig is up.

The Lady brought up her laundry and on the top of the pile was my favorite fabric... twill.

You know, I love laundry and I do not discriminate. A damp towel or a clean straight from the dryer piece of fabric suits me.

But this particular time, I had the desire and the means to do it....... I SCOOTED. Yes, but it was just as the Lady turned into the room, and I was caught with my butt on the nice clean, softly woven, twill pants. This did indeed bring an exclamation from the Lady and provoked her to march around and broadcast that I am a nasty cat. She even picked me up and inspected the other end..... and threatening to give my other end a bath, if she found anything. That was terribly embarrassing and luckily was spared the bath since the debris stayed on the pants.

The Brother (human) thought that this was the funniest thing and proceeded to inform the Lady that I scoot all the time. I guess the gig is up, and I will try my hardest to keep my scooting in the private setting, like when the humans are sleeping!

Ah, got to go and check out the left overs in Delco's dish

Paw's up!


Another heatwave, but it seems to be over

July 30th 2005 5:41 pm
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Yes, the heat wave the human's were talking about was quite bad. Nobody moved, nobody ate -- except for Melba. It seems to have broken, and we are able to curl up a bit. The Lady was away during the most of this time, and I am not really talking to her yet. Whitefeet is singing again, and I will try to pay some attention to her. Willo can't stand when she yowls for attention and makes sure she tells her so.

Will give you a weather update....



Oh yeah kitty, the weather has been great!

July 7th 2005 8:54 pm
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I was shedding tremendous amounts of hair last month with that nasty heat wave that came through. The last two weeks have been REALLY nice. Cool in the evening, and tolerable in the day time. The people have been combing us every day, there was some discussion about the tons of hair all over the floor. Well, I dont quite know what the human's expect -- there are seven of us cats, and all of us have hair. I noticed some cats on Catster -- do not have hair -- were they sick? or did their mothers not eat right when they were being grown?
There have been some really good nights to have some runs and jumps through the house. Extra tussling with Willo is always a good sport when it is cool out. Dumpling has been game for some runs, but she is not available all of the time. She hides alot.
There has been some talk about it getting hot again this weekend, but time will tell.

Have to go take care of some pan business, finding an empty one is quick business around here!

Paws up



June 14th 2005 8:35 pm
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Woweee! It has sure been hot here the last few days. All of us cats are S T R E T C H E D out. Willo, Whitefeet and I have decided that a run through the house will have to wait until the heat goes away. We haven't had a good run in over two weeks. The food is staying in the dishes, none of us are really hungry since all we are doing is stretching out. Melba has been laying on her back. I feel bad for her, with all that fur. My short hair is hot, can't imagine what she must feel like. Doesn't smell that nice either....

I heard on the talking box, that the heat may break soon.

Talk soon, it is time to STRETCH out again.

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