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So much to explore, so little time

Mum and Dad are so thoughtful

October 30th 2005 4:46 am
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They really are. They have bought Oliver and me this enormous new bed, it's so big it could probably fit another cat or two. Also it has a high back and arms, perfect for hiding before jumping on Ollie as he passes, and the back is close to the breakfast bar, making it much easier for me to jump up and survey the downstairs when on patrol. Maybe there is more coming as they say this is the new So Far. (Geddit? hey, So Far, Sofa! What? You humans are sooooo slow, I'm glad I'm here to save you from your stupidity).


Holding the Fort

July 1st 2005 11:46 am
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So Mummy and Daddy went back across to England to visit people and stuff. They left me in charge of security at home, making sure everything is OK and Ollie, the Gromits and all our friends are kept safe. Everything seemed to go smoothly, we had the daily visit from the "Man", he did his jobs quickly, food was left - I made sure I kept an eye on him, no funny stuff. I am trained in the Meower-tial Arts, so no messing around! I think he understood. Good to have M&D back though, gave them both an extra big headbutt and then gave them a full report of what went on. Note for M&D though, next time when you are away, MAKE SURE YOU BRING BACK A BIGGER PRESENT!!!


Strange goings on

June 2nd 2005 1:23 pm
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So all the boxes are gone now, how boring. Nothing to climb into! Mummy and Daddy had some strange man around yesterday who tried to make friends with me, yeah right. Not having any stranger in my house unless he follows my rules first. Rule number one, I'm in charge! Rule number two, you pet me and give me a treat. Rule number three, I'm in charge! Rule number four, you pet Ollie and give him a treat. Rule number five, you should be able to guess that one .....


More Catnip please

May 24th 2005 5:33 am
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I notice that I am not getting the amount of catnip I did when Ollie and I moved over. Will have to write a big message to Mummy and Daddy - MORE CATNIP. Catnip is the best. Catnip toys, catnip treats, Catnip being sprinkled on my head. When I finally conquer the world my first decree will be to make Catnip free and available to every cat on the planet. OK, maybe second after making all dogs our slaves.


Where to go next?

May 17th 2005 10:58 am
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A lot of the climbing frames (or boxes with our stuff from England as Mummy and Daddy call them) are disappearing. Must make sure I check them out and mark them as mine before they all go.

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