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My Life

Just me and my Dad!

August 10th 2005 2:06 pm
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Mommy left me last week and went to Phoenix to see that Stevie Nicks person again. So it was just me and my Daddy for 2 days. I got to spend the day in the big bathroom while Daddy was at work. When he got home I was SO happy to see him, I purred and rubbed on him for an hour. I walked around and tried to find Mommy but she wasn't anywhere. So then I decided to play, and play, and PLAY! I ran Daddy all over the place. He was trying to watch a movie and I just wanted to play so I kept getting on the kitchen counter and in the kitchen sink. That's one way to get his attention! I tried to sleep next to Daddy that night but it just didn't feel right so I moved over to Mommy's pillow and kept it warm for her until she returned the next day. I'm so glad she's home now.


I went on vacation!

June 22nd 2005 12:45 pm
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Last week, Mommy & Daddy went to see some singer named Stevie Nicks in Atlanta. I don't know who that is or where they went, but they told me I had to stay with my Grammy & Grampy overnight. OH BOY did I have fun! I got to hop around on all new furniture and I kept getting on the kitchen table, which my Grammy wasn't too happy about. Grampy opened up the refrigerator door to get something and I decided to hop in and check it out. He called me a funny name and made me get out. I don't understand. It's so neat in there, food everywhere! I tortured their cat, Prance, under the door of the room he was in. I don't know why he won't play with me. I love to follow Grammy & Grampy around everywhere. Those slippers Grammy wears are fun! They acted like they didn't want me to leave when Mommy & Daddy came to pick me up, but I'm not so sure about that. Wonder if I'll get to stay the night with them again?


Yard Sale - I'm NOT for sale!

May 15th 2005 2:43 pm
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Mommy and Daddy had a yard sale yesterday. They thought it was a good idea to take me outside and socialize me with all these strangers. All I wanted to do was sleep, I didn't get it! I went anyway, and got to see lots of people I've never seen before. They all thought I was pretty and I got a few rubs on the head. But my Grandpa kept teasing people that I was for sale! How dare he! I already found my home! Next time I'm going to tell everyone HE'S for sale! See how he likes that! Grandma held me alot, she loves to hold me like a baby and see how long it takes before I want down. I chased bugs at the yard sale! Lots of neat bugs in my garage! I got a little upset because everyone walked off from me and they had me tied to the leg of a chair. When Mommy came out the door I saw her and wanted back inside so bad that I plowed her down in the doorway and brought the chair in with me! I didn't get in trouble though, for some reason everyone thought what I did was funny. I always get off the hook somehow. Mommy & Daddy are having another yard sale at Grandpa & Grandma's house next weekend, so I get to be all cute for everyone again. But most importantly, I get to chase different bugs. I love my life.

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