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June 24th 2010 1:03 pm
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Well, I thought it was time to announce the boys names...........son no 1 is called Tommy Mint and son no 2 is called Timmy Mint.


June 21st 2010 1:40 pm
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The boys are now 7 weeks old, bit of difference in weight at the moment as no 2 son has been a little sick, he is now 790gms and no 1 son is 830gms, but today he has been a little sick too. They are both still thriving but having a couple of off days, might of caught something off myself as I was a bit sick after my supper yesturday and it has been very warm down here.
No 2 son seems to be the one that is going to get himself into trouble and go running to mom all the time, he loves his cuddles with mom, the other one is more out going and will quite happily play by himself or go and find someone to play with.
As for names.....I wonder..........


June 14th 2010 1:58 pm
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At 6 weeks old and the boys weigh 700gms. They are a lively pair and mom finds it hard to get photos of them as they are always on the move or fighting with each other.
Auntie mum brought the boys a great pressie, mom opened it for them this evening and what should happen.......Thai, Ziggy, Fox and myself got stuck into playing with it, the boys didnt get a look in, bit embarrassing really. I fell a sleep on it and the boys played around moms feet. Maybe tomorrow they might get to have a go.


June 8th 2010 1:13 pm
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At 5 weeks and 1 day old the boys have just tucked into their first solid meal, yay! After a bit of wind and a wash they are now sleeping soundly, fat and full.
As I said yesterday, the kittens love playing around moms work boots, when mom is wearing them she leaves her slippers in their place. Well she got a bit of a surprise when she went to put them on when she got home of my boys had a little accident and had a little pee in one of them. Bless em!
Moms slippers have now been washed and are in the dryer.
These things happen.


June 7th 2010 12:58 pm
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The boys are now 5 weeks old and still have no names, mom cant make up her mind.
no.1 kitten who was the quietest is now the loudest, no2 kitten is the other way round now and he is very forward and likes to follow mom. They dont tend to follow me as I do nip around a bit too fast and they loose me quickly. They love playing around the lounge and playing with moms work boots, mom quite often finds one with his legs sticking out the top. They have learnt to climb up on the sofa and climb up moms trousers. When the kittens are awake mom and dad have to watch where they put their feet when walking around as the kittens can quickly get under foot. I like to sit on the table and proudly watch over them.
They both weigh 600gms, but at the moment wont touch wet or dry food, they are still quite happy with the milk bar, we will keep trying but I supose they will eat it when they are ready. They do use the litter tray now, well, its not quite a litter tray as our litter trays are too deep for them to get into so mom had to improvise, she got a seed tray from the garage and covered the holes in the bottom before putting cat litter in it, it does the job and they used it straight away.
Mom will be taking some new piccies of the kittens soon and we are hopeing we might be able to add some video, but I wouldnt hold your breath, it will take mom a while to sort out how to download it to the computer then to catster.


May 30th 2010 12:05 pm
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OMC, what has happened to Catster?
Where is the catster we know and love, who is this imposter???
Anyway, I wont go into what we think about the new caster, we think enough cats are up in paws as it is.
My boys are well, one of them has a bit of a sticky eye at the moment, its not sore or swollen and moms keeping it clean.
They were weighed today, no 2 son is now 500gms and no 1 son is 490gms.
Our bed is a large cardboard banana box and the kittens have been happy to toddle and play in the box and have little peeps over the side. Today they had thier first toddle out of the box, it didnt last long as the excitment tired them out quicky and before I knew it they were back in with me for a snack and a snooze.
They have lots of fun playing with each other, smacking each other with thier paws, which look so big compared with the rest of them they remind mom of those giant foam hands you get at sporting events.
Mom got a little carried away with the photos today as she hasnt added any to my page for a while, she has added 14 of the boys today.


May 24th 2010 2:20 pm
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Thank you Catster HQ for choosing my diary as one of today's diary picks.
Its been hot here in Cornwall, its about time spring had arrived.
The boys have been quite wriggly and fidgety today and having lots of play fights with each other, they haven't yet got the hang of it but they give it a good go. They also like to play with my paws and climb all over me, I have to put my paw down at times because I don't want them hurting themselves. They still shout the place down when mom wants a cuddle! Mom says they have cheeky faces and probably get up to a lot of mischief as they grow up.
We will have to wait and see.


May 23rd 2010 12:17 pm
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The boys are nearly 3 weeks old now and they have grown so much. The first born now weighs 380 gms while Mr noisy weighs 410 gms, mom will continue to keep an eye on their weight. They are also toddling around and having look at whats around them (think its takes a while for their eyes to focus), and starting to play.....with me, each other, anything, and try to grab moms fingers when she tickles their bellies. Its cute watching them have a little fight with each other.
My other 3 little ones that didn't make it will always be in our hearts.
The rest of the family are fine, ziggy, fox and meeko have recovered well from having their pockets picked, the oldies are all OK and the youngsters Cairo and Thai are like a heard of elephants waring hob nailed boots when they are racing around chasing each other. This house is a mad house, but its our home and we all love it.
Mom and auntie mom are sowing seeds in the hope that mom will be able to have a nice herb garden for us, moms done a lot of reading to find out what herbs would benefit us so that we will be able to self select when we don't feel right or so mom can make us a soothing drink, balm etc, mom says its called, zoopharmacognosy.
Anyway, enough of that, we have chicken on the menu tonight for supper, yum!
gota go.


May 19th 2010 2:56 am
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I haven't updated for a few days, but the boys are doing well and they weigh 300 gms now, they put on 120 gms in one week. They are both starting to lift their heads and look around at whats going on and wobble around their bed. I surprised mom the other day by jumping onto her lap and curled up for some fuss, I haven't done that before so motherhood must be mellowing me.
It was a busy day yesterday for mom as Ziggy, Fox and Meeko went to the vets to have their pockets picked. What a way for Ziggy to spend his 2nd birthday, poor boy. They are all fine and life is back to normal today. They go back for a check up next Thursday.


May 16th 2010 1:21 pm
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I have had a bit of a lazy day today. I have been supervising mom do the cleaning from the comfort of my bed and I have also been telling stories to the boys, mom says that's what it sounds like. The boys are now crawling around a little more, only around the bed as they are not strong enough to go anywhere. While they are sleeping I take the chance to nip out for a wash and brush up and grab a snack. I quite often sit next to the bed and watch the world go by but the slightest whimper and I'm there, checking on them.

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