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Turkish Angora/Breed Unknown
Picture of Beau Beau!, a male Turkish Angora/Breed Unknown

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Home:Modesto, CA  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Male   Weight: 14 lbs.

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They Call me MISTER Kitty ! BEAUBEAU!!! the Beaubinator, Senior Beaubeau, Snotball, PowderPuff of Love, sweetcheekums, Silly man

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-pound cat-cat rescue


He loved being my sidekick in adventures! taking long walks with mom, Protector of mom, buddy and confidante

empty food bowls, hairballs, noisy garbage trucks!

Favorite Toy:
a fluffy woven red white and blue thing thats supposed to look like a mouse with a bell on it

Favorite Nap Spot:
with mom or on mom

Favorite Food:
Iam hairball formula kibbles, chicken and ANGEL FOOD CAKE!! he would JUMP 10 miles for the stuff!

Fearless Protector and Flopper on the Floor extroidinare! you could feel the floor thump when he flopped!

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
I found Beaubeau with the help of a friend at the San Francisco ASPCA. He was rescued by the wonderful people there from an owner that would take him by the tail and smack him up against the walls, and finally the owner went over the top and THREW him out a 5 story window!!!!!! When i came to the ASPCA to look for a kitty (a month after his accident) I was looking for an all white kitty as my old cat had past the week before and I so missed her (she was horrid but I missed her). In the last row of cages all by himself there he was !!!He had the most amazing eyes!! GREAT beautiful expression filled eyes! Little did i know how much living he had already done!!(beau had to have reconstructive surgery on his face and jaws, both front legs were broken and after that he had chronic snotball problems from his face being smashed up. He had a totally scarred chin and looked grumpy, if you didnt know him!) The officer there that rescued him quietly told me that I might want to take him to the play room and get better aquainted with him...we opened the cage and he stepped onto my shoulder, came around my head and stared me in the eye! it was great!! he let me walk (with him on my shoulder still!) to the play room and i scooped him off my shoulder and we proceeded to kitty WRASTLE!! He LOVED to play hard and tough! he and I played there for about 20 mins and I asked the lady officer if he was adoptable that day. She said that if i didnt adopt him he was going to be taking the BIG WALK..ACK noo!! while i was signing the adoption papers for him i got to look over his file and realized that he had been in such an abusive home and needed someone to love him . He still (even though hes past) shows me daily that we can love unconditionally as he showed me.

When I got Beau home I was in transition and living in a friends garage (bleh!) but we played and he would watch me patiently while i was soldering and buffing jewelry. He would wrastle with me every morning and every evening before we went to sleep.we moved 6 or 7 times in a matter of a few years and he was a Champ about moving and adapting to new places. Everywhere we moved he was the King of the Castle and was very protective of me! We lived in my grandmothers house after she had to go to a bed and boarding home, and she had a BAD case of rats and mice! EEKS! but both of us being fearless of the suckers they CLEARED out!! Beau didnt have many teeth (becuz of his former owner throwing him out the window) and he would catch or corner the rats and I would "dispatch" them!! WE WERE THE BEST TEAM! He would also listen for when i was coming home from work and would GALLOP like a dog up the street to beat me home and scratch on the big tree out in front of my grammas house, looking very "manly" and I would tell him how handsome he was and what a "manly man" he was! He LOVED it!! then we would race to the door to see who would win! When i moved to Modesto in 98 natually he came with me and helped me with being a live in nanny for three children. He was amazingly patient with them! In Nov 98 I went to New York and wasnt sure about my living situation and didnt want to put him thru too much trauman ( i will never leave a kitty behind again! ever!). Two and a half weeks later my friend called and told me that he "ran away" which I knew Beau would never do! He wasnt that kind of cat! Well, I had to move back in the beginning of Dec 98 and went on a Cat Hunt for Beau even though he had been missing for 2 weeks. I checked the shelters and the pounds and the aspca and anywhere I could go to find if he was picked up, posted posters of him all over and after he had been missing for 3 and a half weeks i gave up hoping that some nice old lady was taking good care of him. the NEXT NIGHT at 6 pm (his feeding time) he came HOME!!!!!!!!!! I laughed and cried all at the same time!!!! he was down from 14 lbs to 6 lbs and no one would take the time to help me take him to the vets (I had no car at the time). Little did I know that a friend of mine (whos now my husband) would take us to the vets and we went asap! Someone had "wrapped" Beau in packing tape around his neck, legs, belly and everywhere!! I had to cut it off and found a wound on his back right leg that looked horrid! The vet there wanted me to put him to sleep saying he had a tumor on his liver. I felt it and I told the vet "look, he has been thru HELL I cant just give up on him! Hes my boy!" she thought i was nuts, but slowly he got better. 4 months later my hubby and I were now dating and we moved in together and Beau BLOSSOMED into his gorgeous self!! There was no sign of the tumor anymore!he packed the weight back on to his normal 14 lbs and then we took him to the vet to get his teeth pulled (they were so horrid and hurting ). after a week he was eating his kibbles happily!!! my hubby and i moved a couple more times and got a place of our own where we could get Beau a kitten to mentor...He taught Spot the ropes and how to be a great kitty!! In jan 2003 Beau had a spot on his back leg that was bleeding and raw and I knew it was cancer (it was one of the places he had a sore from being missing for that 3.5 weeks) and it turned out to be bone cancer. There really wasnt anything to be done but enjoy the time that we had with him every min of every day and then make sure he wasnt in pain. I miss my Protector so, still and today is the 2 year anniversary of his passing. Wait for me Beau !! I ll bring Angel Food Cake! FYI: the tattoo is over my heart, so he is always nearby!

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may 3rd 2005

This is a posting from my friend Nina to share

September 21st 2010 11:39 pm
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Dear Catsters Kitties
this is written by my furiend Nina to share with all of you
we all feel this with the loss of our kitties, doggies, horses...

"Simon and Ralphie ponder life and what is beyond
by Nina Lyman on Sunday, September 19, 2010 at 11:45pm

Some time ago there were a large amount of cat and dog friends of Simon's crossing the rainbow bridge. Simon and his very wise friend Ralphie, the yorkie angel, have this discussion about life and death and loss and the power of love.They are by the lake in a place called Cobblestone Square....

"Simon is sitting in a quiet spot by the lake. His angel friend Ralphie sits by him and they quietly watch the ripples glide across the water.

"You know how you always say Life is a Gift, Ralphie, well it really is, isn't it, and we should treasure every second of it." "Yes, " answers Ralphie " the gift of life is not a defined space or size..we never know when we are given it how large it is, how long it will last. But, you know, that doesn't even matter...for we can fill a very small space with all the love and life in the universe or, conversely, we can have a very empty hollow huge space that is worth nothing at all. " "ahhh...and then there is the ribbon around the gift" muses Simon 'that is sort of like the Rainbow Bridge, isn't it ... the link to the other side, the ribbon contains the gift of life..the two go together...they are part of each other. the ribbon contains all the memories and the joys and sadness of the life". 'Right "says Ralphie "and when you leave the container of life behind you cross over that ribbon bridge of memories and into the everlasting freedom of heaven, the Rainbow Bridge, where the pain and the suffering and the mistakes made in life are gone and you can only remember the joy you knew in life ..the love.. the happiness. And for those sweet souls who knew no joy in life there will be joy across the bridge. "

They sit there silently. Simon sighs, " Several of my and Marybeth's dearest friends crossed the bridge this week, it has been a week of loss. " "No Simon, you are not quite getting it", says Ralphie, "They are not lost, they have just completed their circle of life, their gift is complete. and now their angel selves can share that gift by spreading love. You feel love in so many ways...we always think love should just be fun and jolly but love is true feeling and can be pain and loss and sadness because those feelings make the feelings of joy and gladness that much sweeter and stronger. Love is not easy, Simon, but it is not hard either...Love just is...all is what we is life and love is beyond life, too. So fill our "gift" to full capacity and wrap it in a ribbon with all the colors of the rainbow".

The swans glide by , slowly and there is a ripple wake behind them. Slowly it makes its way to the shore and laps ever so slightly at the feet of Simon and Ralphie. They turn and smile at each other."


Im sorry all, Ive been away from Catster for so long...

January 24th 2010 11:56 pm
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Hi Efuryone
Ive been gone from Catster as have my has been trying to make things work, and its been "interesting" as we all know
I will try very hard to keep myself and sibs going here and come say Hi on Facebook to us too!
((happy headbonks hello))


times of change ...

October 21st 2007 1:14 pm
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Hi there Efuryone!
today is the day before moms surgery and shes in great spirits
she even got stung by a BEE and didnt ruffle her up!
moms are the silliest things!
ok why doing an entry today?
well first, for those that dont know yet....I have been trying for some time to meow with Ella who was my girl.
She and I grew apart and didnt meow very often which made me very sad.
There is a reason for efurything tho. And I DO understand that not efuryone here on Catster has the involvement that I do with all things Catster
that said, a while after I had written to my dear Ella asking her if we could just be friends please...I was doing my Angel Squad duties and have been talking to (as friends) Tayla, a very sweet and loving Abby who has been very wonderful to me through so many of her own losses in life, etc.
well, I thought hmmmm I should do it! I asked her out for a date
we had a VANILLA milkshake with extra whip and danced on air! it was WONDERFUR!
we went to the Fall Formal too and it was SUPERAMAZING!!!!!!!
((heart goes pittypatty))
so I went and did it
I asked her to be my girl and sent her a surprise package!!!!!!!
I KNOW she will love it
it has one of her FAVORITE things in it!
and thats all Im going to say until I hear from her and she can get some of the kitty kisses that I sent in the mail for her!
well, purr for mommy if you can ...shes doing well and WILL do well, but purrs are always great too!

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