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Today is my Gotcha Day! Meow!

April 27th 2012 9:04 am
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Reeb and I are celebrating our gotcha days today!

It's nice to reflect back on the day Dad brought us home to be "fostered" and put us in the bathtub until Mom got home. We're so happy we never left!

Life has been easy here, really, even with so many of us. I have no complaints!

Thanks for stopping by to celebrate with us!



DDP Again!

March 1st 2012 8:43 pm
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I'm a DDP again, twice in a row!

It's been an extra special day because we celebrated Mercy's birthday today. We all love and miss her but we're grateful that she was a part of our lives and hope we make her proud!

Huey decided that he left enough poopie puddles in the house yesterday and decided that today he wasn't going to leave any at all, inside or outside. Now my parents are wondering why he hasn't made any poopies. Geesh, can't they make up their minds? I told them that it's gotta be a good sign!

Thank you Ollie for another memento, and thanks to my good pals who sent me pawmails, gifts and comments!

Irish purrs,
Nike McBeanstalk


DDP Today!

February 29th 2012 7:40 pm
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I'm one of the diary picks today, and I want to thank my pals for stopping by and celebrating with me. Whether you send me pmail, leave a comment, or send a rosette, they are all gifts, just like your friendship! Ollie O'Molly made me a cool DDP memento, too!

My day has actually turned out to be stinky because apparently Huey ate something bad again and left a few poopie puddles in the house! Looks like there are bits of black plastic in the mess. Mom has volunteered to clean it up and give Huey some Pepto. Better her than me!

I gotta go now before I faint!

Thanks again!

Purrs, Nike


Our 7th Birthday!

February 23rd 2012 7:42 pm
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Reeb and I turned 7 today!

Seems like yesterday when Dad phoned Mom at work to show her how we were living in an outside storage area where he worked. The guys were feeding us. Then he sent her a picture of us over the phone and in that picture Reeb was in the front eating and I was standing behind him. I told Reeb that's why he's rounder than I am and I'm taller! MOL!

I just think Catster pals are the best, and I enjoyed reading all your messages today and appreciate all the gifts you sent me! Thank you all so much!



I'm Samoa's Dreamboat #79a!

February 19th 2012 5:16 pm
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I made it to SAMOA'S list of dreamboats today, along with Riley and Enzo! Reebok is already Dreamboat #25. When he became a dreamboat, he embarassed all of us by dedicating a song to her.

I know Samoa assigned me the letter "a" because she thinks I'm awesome, among other things!

Thanks, Samoa!

Love, Nike


Raisins in Autumn

October 31st 2011 10:14 am
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Looks like Huey and the girl-cats have new photos and pages for autumn. If the hat we ordered from Canada ever arrives, the boy-cats will have new photos too.

Mom was mumbling to Dad that it's okay if the boys are late, since people can still eat raisins in autumn. Dad mumbled back in agreement, saying that raisins store well. MOL!

Hope they aren't thinking about putting us in the cupboard and eating us later.....

Love, Nike


New feature - decorate your photo

April 10th 2011 11:26 am
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I just added a new picture to my page and noticed there's a new feature now in our Photo Manager where you can do some photo editing and decorate your photos, along with a demo video.

I guess I'm way behind and missed the announcement!



Diary Pick!

April 4th 2011 8:18 pm
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Huey is sleeping, finally, so now I can write in my diary to say THANK YOU you for the comments, gifts, and pawmails!

We're having pretty good weather so it's always nice to find those sunspots in the house during the day.

Mom promises that Huey will mature and learn to have quieter conversations with me. I'm a boy so I can understand what it's like to have raging hormones, but honestly, does he have to do those unmentionable things to his dolphin pillow pal?

Well, time to go upstairs to have a snack before the dood wakes up!

Thanks again!



Now we're talking!

March 26th 2011 9:32 pm
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I talk to Huey now, just like I did with Quincy. I run up to him while talking my head off and then body slam him! He's taller than I am now even if he may not weigh as much as I do, but the difference is he talks back by crouching down and barking at me. Hurts my ears!

I guess this means I know for sure he's a dog though it's the first time I'm having to learn to live with a puppy. I was sitting in one of his beds last night trying to understand what it's like to have your own bachelor pad. Then he came in and kicked me out!



Diary Pick!

March 5th 2011 6:24 pm
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We've been busy babysitting Huey. Somebody always has to watch him play, eat, pee, poop, and sleep. I like when he leaves toys laying around the house so I can use them as pillows when I take a nap. I did that the other day!

Right now Reebok and I weigh more than Huey does but he's growing like a weed. Mom and Dad want him to grow up because right now he can fit through the opening in the pet gate and get to our food!

We're all getting used to having Huey in the house and are getting closer and closer to him. He tries to chase us sometimes but he doesn't know how to climb cat trees. It's actually kinda fun to tease him.

Thanks for stopping by to honor my diary pick today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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