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THANKS for the honor

February 23rd 2012 8:51 am
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Of course I knew all about it, but Mom wasn't paying enough attention the past few days to her emails and to diaries on Catster. Beepers had some teeth extracted a couple days ago and she was focused on that, so she didn't find out until last night that I was named Angel Dreamgirl #5 by the Dreamgirls group.

I knew, though, and I've been waiting to say THANK YOU to the Dreamgirls group for the honor, and THANKS for the special picture!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Dreamgirls, Angel Dreamgirls and Dreamettes!

gotta scoot . . .


my mouse and I on Facebook

December 25th 2011 2:57 pm
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My dear friend Cooper let me know this morning that Catster is using a photo from my first Christmas as the Christmas greeting today on Facebook.

Cooper wrote a sweet diary entry about it, too. Thank you, Cooper!

My first Christmas, in 1988 when I was just a mere kitten of 2 months, was so exciting! I found a ribbon and ran off with it trailing between my legs, as Mom was trying to decorate the tree. When I found a mouse hanging on the tree, I almost couldn't believe my eyes! That mouse and I had a face-off, and Mom captured a photo as I stalked him.

That's the photo on Catster's Facebook Christmas greeting today. It's still one of Mom's favorite photos of me, after all these years. Thank you, Catster, for liking the photo, too. That made Mom smile.

Merry Happy to all Catsters!

gotta scoot . . .


another birthday at the Bridge...

October 23rd 2011 11:22 am
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Has another year passed already? Here at the Bridge it's irrelevant because there's no time as the people on earth know it. The big birthday sign has my birthday posted today, so you can bet I'll be at the party! I can't wait for some of the heavenly cheesecake! This is my third birthday here at the Bridge.

Three years ago at my 20th birthday -- while I was still with Mom and Dad -- special visitors from Catster came to my party: RayPod's Mom and Daisy's Mom. Guess what?!! They're coming for another visit. This time they'll meet Ashlynne and Beepers, of course. They'll be at my house in just 3 days, so Mom's been busy getting ready for them. Those two show cats better put on a good show! ;)

A couple good Catster friends share my birthday, too. Last year Alexander celebrated his 19th birthday with his family. He made his journey here to the Bridge on Christmas day after that, so this is his first birthday here. Happy Birthday, Allie! Alexander will get the special "first birthday at the Bridge" treatment today, and we'll all help him sprinkle lots of Angel dust on his family to comfort them. I know he's still missed very much, as all of us here at the Bridge are.

My furst and best Catster friend, Kazumi Joy (Kitty Kazoo), is TEN years old today. She was just a mere 3 years old when we first met, shortly after we both joined Catster in May 2005. She was the first one to send me birthday greetings this year -- a party hat with a sweet message last night. Happy Birthday, Kitty Kazoo, and many more to you! I still miss you being on Catster and I'm always happy to hear from you.

I gotta scoot for now... the celebration here is for everyone having a birthday today, so there are a lot of friends gathering already to help celebrate... Sally Maria, Louis LeBeau, Dude Kitty, Calvin, Mercy, Baltimore (he's still Balty to me), Marrakech, Garp, Icebox, Hawkeye... I better get in line for some heavenly cheesecake!

gotta scoot...

p.s. Thanks for the gifts on my page. I'll try my best to have Mom help me send thanks to each of you.


two years . . .

February 5th 2011 8:42 am
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Two years since I made my journey to the Bridge . . . some things have changed at my earthly home, but Mom lets me know one thing has not changed. I'm still in her heart and she still misses me and "us."

I dearly miss being carried in her left arm, sleeping on her legs at night to make sure she didn't move or go anywhere, and I especially miss summers in my back yard helping Mom garden or just snoozing in the glorious warmth of a Summer of Scooter.

I miss the special sun that came through the windows in our sunny front room, too, bathing my windowsill in warmth as it faded the big flowers on the ugly, but very comfortable, sofa. That sofa hasn't changed -- except it's even more faded now -- and I see that Beepers and Ashlynne bathe in the sun there now. Did I ever tell you that fabric was picked especially for SooLing and me? Yep! SooLing threw up a lot, all her life, and the background in the fabric matched her throw-up color perfectly, plus the busy print hid most of the tell-tale spots.

I do miss those special things, but I must admit it feels good to be rid of the tired Olde Furt body that was failing me. No arthritis, no coughing or wheezing, no upset tummy, no painful kidney stones, no struggling just to breathe . . . that makes up just a little bit for having no Mom or Dad here with me yet. So I'll be okay here, waiting . . .

Thank you, Catster friends, for the messages and gifts! I know you understand.

gotta scoot . . .



October 23rd 2010 10:45 am
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Me oh my! I don't know what else to say except THANK YOU. I appreciate all the wonderful messages in the gifts, but you shouldn't use your zealies for me! Use the free Catster gift or just leave a comment or send a pawmail -- for free!

It's the 2nd birthday I've celebrated at the Bridge, and this year I can see that it's a little easier for Mom to smile.

My furst and best Catster friend, Kitty Kazoo, is 9 years old today!! HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY, KITTY KAZOO!

A good Olde Furt friend, Alexander, is 19 years old today! Wowza! HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY, ALLIE! He's a Burmese, the same as Beepers and Ashlynne, so Mom hopes they'll be as fortunate as he is to celebrate so many birthdays.

Gotta scoot for now! Calvin is waiting for me to join him on the dance floor so he can get his groove on. He's still flirting with me!
*rolls eyes, Calvin-style*

gotta scoot . . .


in the arms of Angels

October 1st 2010 2:13 pm
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This is a long-winded round-about story. If only you could have seen me going in circles trying to set it up!

Yesterday Mom noticed a new feature for Catster diaries. When you click on "See all diary entries for [whoever]", instead of a page showing every entry written, you get a page with the last 10 entries and links to pages for the rest of the entries, with 10 entries to a page. Some diaries were taking forever to load, so hopefully they'll load faster now.

So Mom clicked on my diary to see how many pages there are (35). Then she scrolled to the bottom of that first page to see what the 10th entry was. It was an (epic-length!) entry from her, after my journey to the Bridge. Included in the entry was a list of friends who had written something in their diaries about my journey, with links to each of the diary entries.

As Mom scanned down the list she noticed my friend "Doc", who no longer has a page on Catster. Doc's momma wrote the sweetest note to my mom at the time she removed his page from Catster, and she gave us some of their zealies, too.

Since the link in my diary was not to Doc's Catster page (which is gone) but to the diary entry, Mom wondered if that link still works. It does! (I knew that.)

She re-read Doc's diary entry, which also told about Doc's grandma and grandpa's doxie dog going to the Bridge around that time. Doc's momma had bought some prints of Angels holding doxies from an artist on Etsy, to give to her momma. A link to that Etsy shop was included in Doc's diary.

So Mom clicked on that link to Etsy, to look at the prints. She looked further and saw a few prints of Angels holding cats . . . and eventually saw an Angel holding a Siamese cat . . . in her left arm . . . just the way I liked Mom to hold me.

She knew that print was meant to be hers. Reading the diary entries had made her kind of sad again, but that little print I led her to reminded her that I'm safe in the arms of Angels now. That put a smile back on her face, even if it was through a few tears.

Whew! I had to do a few loop-the-loops to navigate through all that and show that Angel print to Mom, but it worked!

Then Mom emailed the Etsy link to a few friends. One looked at several of the angels . . . saw one that reminded them of a Dogster friend at the Bridge . . . and pmailed their mom . . . who bought that print . . . and a second print that reminded her of another of her Angels.

I didn't really plan that last part, but that worked out well, too, didn't it?

gotta fly . . .

p.s. If you look in that Etsy shop, you can use the "search" function to look just for "cat" prints or for a particular type of cat or dog. There are only about a dozen cat prints. Here's a link to the prints with cats in them



May 1st 2010 9:10 am
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I got my "5" today on my Catster cake!

My very furst, best Catster friend Kazumi Joy reminded me a few days ago about my "5" approaching, so I didn't forget. But Mom forgot to look at my "5" today... until my good pal Calvin sent me a rosette that reminded her to look on my page.

Thank you, Calvin and Kazumi Joy for remembering!

Mom's excuse was she's flying out to visit some relatives today...

I gotta fly now, too...


Pawsome loss

October 29th 2009 8:27 am
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Last night, when I learned Icebox made her journey to the Bridge, I couldn't help being sad for her family.

The Pawsome Pages group she founded will continue on, but all of Catster will miss Icebox, her knowledge of all things technical, her helpfulness to anyone who needed it, her sense of "right" and fairness, her just plain common sense and, not least by any means, her sense of humor.

It's her family who will miss their Pure White Pawsome Kitty Icebox the most, though. My heartfelt sympathy goes to Icebox's family.

I can't forget Icy's sense of humor and playfulness, though, so if you see a white STREEEAK in the sky, you can bet it's Icy playing a little joke, trying to stir up some mischief, leading a "streak" through kitty heaven.

Wings for two good friends in one week -- Calvin, and now Icebox -- two friends who have made such a huge impact on Catster, is a huge loss for Catster.


p.s. This past January when Icebox honored me with a White Star award from the Pure White Kitty Club's Whitester Day 2009, it was one of my proudest moments on Caster.


Sad Day for Catster

October 26th 2009 8:49 pm
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The broadband has been so busy here today at the Bridge since Calvin's arrival this morning, I could barely get a message through. I kneaded to say a few words, though, about my pal -- and your pal -- Calvin.

Calvin was everycat's pal. It didn't matter how "popular" a cat was or wasn't, Calvin would be their pal and be there for his pal.

I think that's just about the best thing you can say about any cat. That was Calvin. All that, and he was orange with big gorgeous green eyes, too.

Calvin entertained us, educated us (Word Up!) and enriched our lives, with the help of his loving Mawmee. Thank you, Calvin's Mawmee, for sharing your special orange boy with us.

My Mom and so many other Moms and Dads on Catster are sharing his Mawmee's and Daddy's sorrow tonight. I saw the number of hearts in Calvin's heart basket and I'm sure it was even more than the gazillion he said. Most were pieces of hearts from Catster Moms, including a piece from my Mom's heart -- I recognized that one.

I know you had a wonderful and a long life, Calvin. I know your Mawmee and Daddy have many wonderful memories to help fill the holes left in their hearts. I know you'll live in their hearts forever. I know they're going to miss you, though. So is all of Catster.

Angel purrrs are especially comforting so I'm joining your many other Angel friends, sending purrs to comfort your Mawmee and Daddy and family.

your pal,

p.s. I borrowed the title of this entry from Calvin. It's very fitting today.


If you're going.....

October 1st 2009 9:24 am
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The tribute book that many of you contributed to is going to San Francisco today.

Yes, it will meet some gentle people there -- including the gentlest of all people, crazy cat ladies -- who will add their "pawprints" to the book.

On the front of the book, I'm wearing flowers in my hair, of course -- my plumbago flowers.

You can now view the entire book online. Skeezix says to, "Hit the Full Screen button in order to make the text big enuf to reed." Thank you, Skeezix, for the link to the book and the tip. View the entire book here on Blurb.

gotta fly . . .

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