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A very, very loooooooong weekend...

May 9th 2005 3:46 pm
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This weekend was one of the worst in my life! I was not taken to the vet or injured or sick or anything like one died or ran away or anything like that. It was much worse.
Mommy went away for the weekend!!!
I was so sad and lonely! Sugar got mad at me for wanting to wash and play with her so much, so she started avoiding me. Great-Grandma was too busy to spend as much time with me as Mommy usually does on the weekends. The wrong type of food was put in the wrong bowls for us and we almost ran out of water because Great-Grandma didn't give us enough refills.
Mommy and Grandma wanted to take me with them on their trip, but the hotel said they didn't allow pets. (It turned out when they got there that they'd been misinformed...there were at least four dogs staying there, and none of them the seeing-eye dogs the hotel said wa the only kind allowed!) But Mommy told me when she got home that it was good I didn't go. The car ride was much, much longer than any I've had so far and I would have had to spend two nights away from my sister, which I've never done before. She said I wouldn't have liked it. She told me my first away-from-home trip needs to be a shorter one with only one night away from home. I guess I understand that, but I still missed her.
I knocked down this little basket she has in her room and made a nest out of the random stuff inside it. That made me feel a little better. I also spent a lot of time in her closet with my head on or in her shoes. They're all leather-and-Mommy smelling. When she got home, she cuddled me and petted me for nearly a solid hour. It was nice to sleep next to her like normal again.
I plan to hold her to her promise to take me on the next trip they take that is shorter and only one night! I don't want to be left behind again! I will be a good kitty and learn my lessons and get my therapy-pet certificate and make Mommy proud!


Bond...Buddy Bond...

May 3rd 2005 4:34 pm
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I had quite an adventure today! I got to take a car ride with Mommy and her mommy. We went to the vet, but it wasn't too bad. I got a shot to make my face not itchy any more. I also got more allergy food and some anti-histamines to take in treats-yummy! ^_^

After the vet, Mommy needed some stuff from the dollar store. And even though the sign said "no animals", the manager was so impressed by me, she insisted Mommy bring me in! It was awesome! There was so much to see, smell and explore! I haven't had that much fun in a long time! I felt like a spy-kitty on a secret mission! I wanted to get in to every nook and cranny, but Mommy wouldn't let me. She got a little upset when I knocked over some shaving cream bottles trying to climb the shelving. ^^;; She kept saying she wished she'd brought her camera so she could put pictures of my adventure on Catster!

Oh-Mommy will give your mommies and daddies tips for leash/car training you, if you want.


*sniffle* Misery today...

May 1st 2005 5:05 pm
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I have can't tell in the picture Mommy put up, but my face is all yucky. I have scabs all over my chin and around my eyes. It's very itchy. They took me to the vet-twice-to find out what's causing the scabbiness. He said I have allergies. He gave me a steroid shot...ouch...a scabies treatment, and yucky allergy food. The allergy food was ok at first, but they tried to make it be the ONLY thing I could it got yucky very fast. My sister liked it though...o.O After the two scabies treatments, we know that's not my problem. On the follow-up appointment I had, they gave me another shot. Ouch. I met a nice doggy at the vet's. He was nice. Big, but nice. I think he was a yellow lab. He was friendly. My allergies cleared up for a while, but the allergy food is all used up now, and Mommy and her mommy can't afford any more. Because of that, my allergies are coming back. :-(

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