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The final stretch

November 22nd 2005 5:49 am
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Yesterday Sowen's stitches came out and the vet says he's healed beautifully. I think that when he was staying there, they bonded a little bit because when the vet was done with the patient ahead of me and asked his wife who was next, she said "Let's do your Sowen next" hehe When Sowen came out of his cage Dr. F said "I like you, you dirty, UGLY cat." From day one I could tell that he liked Sowen, and as a term of endearment he says he's "so ugly he's cute."

He will be treated like royalty on Thanksgiving Day, complete with some leftover turkey and stuffing with gravy dinner (since we missed his Birthday dinner). Next monday I'm giving him a professional bath and he is getting groomed by my boss and we'll have LOTS of photos afterwards, so I'll definitely upload some. Sowen will celebrate the removal of his e-collar and return to the "pack" afterwards. Soon I think he will be able to write in his own journal.


Pain in the rear!

November 11th 2005 7:54 pm
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Mr. MacLeod managed to unknot two of his sutures- or they came open on their own- last night and Ross took him to the vet today for a progress check. Fortunately he's healed up enough this week that Dr. F said he should be ok, but it amounted to a little bit of stress this morning. His pain patch came off today and he has got his cattitude back. :)


Sowen is home!

November 10th 2005 9:49 am
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He's doing pretty well. His backside is so yucky looking but seems normal. Twice a day we take him out of his cage, remove his e-collar and give him a bowl of food with a pill (Phenoxybenzamine in the AM to help keep his urethra from stricturing, Baytril in the PM). While he's eating, we lift his tail and flush the site with peroxide/H20 50/50 solution, and then rub some vasoline on it to seal it and keep it clean. Then he gets his collar again and goes back. We pet him a lot at that time but he has to really limit his movement so we can't get him out a lot during the day. He hates being cooped up every day, and loses interest in sitting with us after a while.



November 6th 2005 7:47 pm
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Sowen blocked again this morning and we put all of our other plans on hold today to take him to the surgeon two hours away for a perineal urethrostomy. Once there, he was still dripping urine a little when his bladder was expressed and even managed to dribble a little when he tried to pee. The surgeon, a very nice man who came in on his day off for us, said that we had 2 options. We could either try to medicate Sowen further or perform the surgery. He and my vet both agree to a "three strikes" policy- third blockage, it's time to take care of the problem. He wasn't trying to talk us into the surgery, he was very objective. Based on my vet's observation that Sowen had a narrow urethra in the first place, and given what Sowen had already gone through, we chose to operate. After dropping half the estimate for a deposit (*whimper*), we left Sowen in Dr. R's capable hands and headed out to Pep Boys for some Fuel System Cleaner so the truck would make it hom!

I called my vet and gave him the update, and at less than an hour and a half after we left the hospital, Dr. R gave me a call and said he was done! He said that Sowen is doing really well post-op and should be able to come home tomorrow. He added that he's very glad we operated. Sowen had crystals imbedded in the lining of his urethra, causing irritation and making it that much more dangerous. Further up, there was a big tear in his urethra that could only have been discovered or fixed with PU surgery, so we're lucky we opted for this procedure now instead of waiting. There's a good chance he would not have made it if we'd waited too long. I didn't mind paying extra for being seen on Sunday (hey, when you're already going to end up paying almost $1000, what's another $50?), because we were doing the right thing for him.

Who knew, when this kitty came to my house torn and battered a year ago, that I'd be so in love with him now? I just wish he'd had a better birthday!!


Update from hospital

November 2nd 2005 11:37 am
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Sowen left his e-collar and catheter intact overnight so Dr. F was able to feed him today. He has his normal Sowen appetite again, which is good news. The vet wants to keep the cath in for an extra day and try removing it Friday morning. I have an appt there at 3pm and if he's doing alright we'll get to bring him home for the weekend. Dr. F spoke with the surgeon (2.5 hours away!) and if Sowen blocks again, both agree that he should have Perineal Urethrostomy surgery. This could be pretty expensive and is complicated and often leaves long term side effects (though not nearly as bad as FLUTD itself), so we're praying it doesn't come to that.

So I guess right now the good news is that there's no bad news. Let's just hope that Sowen makes it until Friday with his catheter in, and through the weekend without blocking.



More woe

November 1st 2005 5:44 pm
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Up until last night, the updates were good news.

Sowen took a step backwards today. He took it upon himself to remove the catheter and blocked again. The vet gave him a half dose of anesthetic and put another cath in and flushed him out another time. He said it was more difficult to get the obstruction out today than yesterday. He's got an Elizabethan collar today but I told the vet good luck at keeping him in it- this is the cat who can open cage doors, opens kitchen cupboards over his head that don't have knobs, and uses his paws like little hands.

We have an appointment Friday at 3 for vetting one of my rescue dogs and two of my cats. Dr. F said I can come in that day for a consultation. He said that if he makes it through two days with a cath in to flush his system out, then two days with cath out at the clinic and doesn't block up again, he can come home for the weekend. If he seems to still be doing alright by Monday, he says USUALLY a maintenance diet is all that is needed to keep him healthy. Unfortunately, he thinks Sowen will block again. If he does, he doesn't want to catheterize him again, because his penis and urethra have already gone through so much trauma. He said that in that case, we'd have to look into Perineal Urethrostomy surgery for Sowen.

At this point, we're waiting to see if Sowen blocks again right away and will go from there. It's so touch and go from here that I'm holding my breath between phone calls. It's just been a year since we found him but I love my smooshy face stinky cat so much. :( He's the most beautiful and strongest of all my cats, and it's very tough not having him right here with me. When I fed the other cats tonight, I got tears in my eyes seeing his untouched ration from yesterday... I just want him to be ok.


Zen for Sowen

October 31st 2005 8:14 am
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I'm terrified this morning. Sowen seems to have a blockage in his urinary tract and has to go to the vet's ASAP. I feel helpless and sad because I *have* to go to work and can't go with him- there's no one that could cover me and today is a full and busy day. I'm paranoid over this because it's how I lost my "heart cat", Puma. He died when being given the anesthetic for his surgery to be unblocked. I know that Sowen will have to be anesthetized as well and pray that we caught it early enough to take care of it with as little risk as possible.

I'm a wreck just thinking about this. Sowen's come a LONG way from the little butthole cat I rescued ONE YEAR AGO TODAY!!! Yes, Sowen's name is the phonetic spelling of Samhain, which is a Celtic/Wiccan holiday that falls on October 31st, and that is exactly when I found him.

Please keep my smooshy faced man in your thoughts today


Dog days of summer...

June 6th 2005 7:56 pm
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Yo. I can't believe how hot it's been. Yesterday it was horrible- mom said something about "96 degrees." I sure am glad I have a house now. They have these really cool boxes in the windows that throw cold air on you. Mom and dad went away for a few hours, though, and it got warm in here again. I couldn't do anything but spread out on the floor and sleep and try to keep cool. I guess they felt sorry for me, and noticed how uncomfortable I was, cause tonight mom took me to work and cut all my fur off! Well, not all of it, but she made it much shorter. I didn't mind at all and just sat still for her. It felt so good! I know I look a little funny (I was watching in the mirror while she did it) but I feel SO much cooler. I was so happy when I got home that I was purring and playing and running around. I hate to admit it, but I like being a "sissified" house cat. Mom and dad love me so much. Sometimes I feel guilty about eating their bread. Then I snap out of it. Anyway, when I got my supper they added some soft food to it! I also got some treats for behaving.

Moving on- I suppose you've noticed that mom decided to keep the rug-scooter, "Weasley." I've taken it upon myself to show him the ropes (these "city" cats don't know nothin' bout raisin' a tom cat.) We "play" a lot. Mom giggles and calls it cute but she doesn't realize that I'm doing the brat a favor. He needs to learn to be strong, and I'm the strongest cat here so I'm the best one to teach him! He's getting so much bigger and now he plays with the other cats. If, you know, I *cared* I might actually be proud of how much he's learned. But I don't care... not one bit. *sniffle*

I have to go to the vet on Friday to have my cheeks checked. Mom says she's not sure how well they've healed, but dad says they have. I still get pills every now and then but I get them in treats so it's worth it. Weasley, Salem (she hates me) and Sammy are all coming.

Eh, I'm going to go lay in front of the fan now, and enjoy the breeze without my fur suit.




April 30th 2005 8:16 pm
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Man, I forgot. I got in serious trouble today. Dad heated up some venison roast, potatoes, and carrots on the stove. They took their bowls into the living room and the smell just drove me crazy! I got onto the stove and grabbed the biggest piece of meat from the pot. Mom heard me and came running! She was VERY mad and picked me up under my arms. I grabbed the meat with my paws and took it with me, figuring I'd need the nourishment if I was going to be punished. I was eating the meat while she carried me to my crate. I thought she was laughing, but I didn't get to see before she took my meat (*pout*) and put me in the crate for time out.


It was good roast, too.




I have a reputation to maintain here

April 30th 2005 8:02 pm
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So last night after mom went to work, some lady knocked on the door and talked to my dad. She said she'd found this thing in her yard but couldn't keep it and she thought my mom could help. Dad said she'd be able to and the lady handed him this little orange snot rag of a baby cat.

Mom and dad are figuring out what they want to do with it, but in the meantime, all of us cats are having a rough time of it. So many of my "family" are really upset that this thing is here, which leaves me and Jonas to take care of him. Only, I don't think Jonas has any experience at this so I've had to *gag* clean the little guy up. I really hate taking this responsibility but just can't help myself. I always wait until the other cats are out of the room, though. I can't have any of them thinking I'm some sort of a wuss.

Why'd he have to come here? Stupid kitten. *smile*

Later cats,

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