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Goofiness to the Max

Thank You

November 18th 2006 8:11 pm
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Thanks for the star, Tippy.


Thank Yous

November 14th 2006 3:38 pm
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Thank you, Ally and Polly, for the rosettes.


His Last Week

July 2nd 2005 8:47 pm
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Sylvester went missing twice before, both times for four days. The second time when he came back on Thursday, he was really weak. He wouldn't eat or drink. He used the litterbox a lot. We took him to our usual vet, who said Sylvester had a temperature of 105 degrees Farenheit and diarrhea and probably a bacterial infection. He gave Sylvester antibiotics and a shot. Sylvester was a little better the next day, but on Saturday he started rectally bleeding.

We took him to a different vet. They kept him there Saturday, Sunday, and part of Monday, giving him fluids. They said he was severely constipated and had a temperature of 104 degrees Farenheit. When they sent him home, they told us that Sylvester's temperature kept fluctuating and if he wasn't better in a week, we might want to check him for leukemia or AIDs. Again, Sylvester was better for a while, but each day after his stomach swelled more and more.

We took him to a third vet. They said he was severely constipated, gave him an enyma (sp?) to clean out his intestines, and kept him there overnight, giving him a catheter (sp?) while he was there to take some fluid off of his stomach. The next morning, the vet called to tell us that Sylvester had colon cancer and there was nothing they could do for him. We told them to put him down. I cried a lot, then we went to visit Sylvester before his death. At least, in those few moments, he was happy and purring. At first, I wanted to be there when he died, but then I just couldn't go through with it. We went home a few minutes before the vet put Sylvester down.

I...really miss Sylvester. Everybody in my family does. But he's in God's hands now. At first I questioned why God would take Sylvester, who was only a year and a half old, away from us so soon when we loved him so much. But, after a little while, I realized that my family's financial situation isn't very good. We can't afford four cats, a dog, a house in Nebraska that won't sell because nobody new is moving into that town, a rental house, and our new house. And Sylvester is in Heaven, and he'll be there when we join him. I just...when I think about what he went through the last week of his life, I feel like crying--partly because I miss him, and partly because of the suffering he had to go through before anybody found out what was wrong with him. I wish...I get mad at the first two vets, when I think of how they prolonged Sylvester's suffering and didn't diagnose him correctly. I really hope that when I become a veterinarian, I don't do something like that, and I wish I knew why those vets couldn't find out what was wrong with Sylvester and couldn't help him.

But...before he died, when he was still healthy, Sylvester caught and killed a frog. It was the first and only thing he ever successfully hunted down. I'm sure he's having fun teasing it in Heaven...and I know he's not suffering there.


Rain, Rain, Go Away

April 23rd 2005 6:04 pm
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I was happily slinking around outside when it started raining! And it didn't sprinkle to start off with, no, it started off with a bang! So I made a dash for the car. When I was safe and drying off under there, it started raining even harder and the human-mom opened the door and started calling me to come inside. It was tempting, yeah, 'cause there was food and warmth inside, but it was raining so hard I didn't dare move from under there! But she kept calling and calling, so finally I dared the rain and came inside. And when I was halfway inside the door, the dog grabbed me by the scruff of my neck! Now, I don't know about you, but I haven't have that done to me since I was a kitten, and she wasn't trying to bring me inside. She nearly bit my neck! And she got yelled at good for that, heh heh.

Speaking of the stupid dog, the human-mom dropped some food on the floor today. She told Blair (the dog) that she could have it. Blair just stood there staring at the food. So Buddy ran by and took it on his way through. Blair started growling at him all mean-like, but it was too late. She's now a very shameful dog in the eyes of many, and Buddy is now a very proud cat in the eyes of all. :D Great fun.

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