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Dr. Patty's Notes

My New Life

October 18th 2014 12:21 pm
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Katie, Blair, Buddy, and I now live in a little house out in the country. I, being blind, am an inside cat, and Buddy, being annoying, is also a reluctant indoor cat. He's constantly trying to figure out how to get outside, though. Silly fool.

Anyway, my blindness led me to me being given special considerations. I have my steps to Katie's bed by night; by day, the bed is covered with a plastic tarp, as I have been known to be lazy and pee on the bedding rather than find the litter box. There are two litter boxes in the house, mine and Buddy's. His is cleverly blocked off in the dog crate so that the dog can't reach it. Mine is tucked away in the utility closet, also blocked from the dog, and with a washable training pad underneath. The training pad is a necessity because I poop in the litter box and pee in front of it. Katie battled me on this for a good while, trying to figure out what my problem with peeing in the litter box could be, but she gave up and I won two training pads.

I am fed twice daily, a special prescription diet food I share with Buddy because otherwise we get loose stools. On Sunday evenings, Buddy and I split a small can of wet food, just for fun. I have multiple cat beds scattered around the house - but not in the bedroom, because I pee on them if they are kept there. I know, I'm difficult. Deal with it.

All in all, life is not bad. I just wish Buddy would figure out that I have never played with him in the past and I will not start now, being blind and three pounds smaller than he. But, alas, there is always a flea in the ointment.


Thank You and Bedtime

November 18th 2006 8:15 pm
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Thanks for the rosette, Tippy.

Katie went to the Humane Society to volunteer this morning, as she does every Saturday morning. I strongly dislike this. She gets up early in the morning, pats me on the head, and leaves to pet other cats for two hours! It's horrible! And then when she comes back, she pats me on the head, takes a shower, and eats lunch before she even thinks about me again! Pooey! :(

It was even worse today. Shortly after she returned, the whole family left to go shopping. They didn't come back until five p.m.! And then she practiced her clarinet and played the computer. And she's STILL on the computer!

But now it's bedtime, so I'm doing my best to be cute. I'm curled up on her bed right behind her, looking up at her so sweetly whenever she turns around. I'll have her in bed in a few minutes. ;) Bedtime=Cuddletime. And if she's not on time, she doesn't get cuddles. And if she doesn't get cuddles, she can't go to sleep. Mua ha ha ha ha. I have all the power. :K


Thank Yous and Collars

November 14th 2006 2:49 pm
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First, I would like to thank Ally and Polly for the rosettes they gave me. They match my fur nicely. ;)

Secondly, I would like to rant about collars. Is that ok with everyone? If it's not, you must not be of the feline species, and it would be best for all involved if you just leave now.

Alrighty then, now that we've gotten that taken care of. Collars. My human, Katie, bought one for me quite a while ago, for $3. A big waste of money, I say. I've never been lost in my life! *sigh* But I understand she's paranoid. She also got collars for Buddy, Dick, and Beijing. But since I'm special, I'm the only one with a tag on mine. Yup. My rabies tag was the only one that came with a little thing to hook it on my collar. So I'm special. ;)

But recently, Katie's mom washed all of our collars. When mine was replaced on my fuzzy gray neck, it was looser than before. That's all fine and good. I like it better that way. Well, today when Katie was petting me after school, she decided the collar was TOO loose. So. She tightened it to the point where she can only BARELY stick her finger between my collar and my neck. And because the collar is that tight, when she was hooking up the loose end, she was nearly choking me. HISS!

So I jumped in the litterbox and kicked litter around, just to make her mad. :K


Silly Humans

August 14th 2006 12:19 pm
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I've been trying extra hard to be cute today, but Katie still won't get me a mouse! She says it's because Blair isn't locked in the kitchen, and Blair loves eating my mice, and so I can't have one. My question is, why not just lock the dog out?! Who's more important to you, the dog or the cat? Come ON, people! *sigh*


My owner

June 6th 2005 8:44 am
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...has a new web site! And there's a whole section there that tells about us cats!



April 24th 2005 4:00 pm
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The most awful thing happened to me today. First, my human (Katie) put my blue halter on me. When I have that thing on, I walk around with my stomach sagging because it feels weird. Then she attached my red leash to that. Heh. Yeah right. I've seen people walking their dogs on leashes, but I am not a dog. I layed down in my cat basket. Even when Katie showed me a treat and called me to come to her, I wouldn't. She wouldn't give up! So finally I came, just because the treat smelled so good. Then she made me sit and lay down. Yum! I got two treats for that. Then she moved a ways away, still holding onto the leash, and called me to come. Well, fine then. I did. And I got a treat and the leash taken off of me! Yay! So I thought the struggles were over (aside from the halter, but I can deal with that).

Boy, was I wrong. A while later, Katie's mom came out and the two decided that they were going to Petsmart. Now, I don't know much about that place. I just know that whenever they come back from there, they've got food and litter and toys for us "pets". Great, I thought. Go ahead! But then Katie puts my leash on and picks me up! And she carried me out to the car. Ok, by now I'm getting scared. She never puts me in the car unless she's taking me to the vet or taking me to a show (and I hate both those places).

I curled up really tight in Katie's lap, tucked my head under her arm, and shook the whole way there. When the car stopped, Katie picked me up again and carried me through a "parking lot" where a lot of cars were all in one place. Out front of Petsmart were some dogs in cages and lots of people walking around. I curled up really tight and tried to make myself invisible.

There were a lot of people in Petsmart, too, and dogs and weird smells. Katie walked by a place where there were a whole bunch of birds all in cages. Paradise! I perked up my ears a little and stared at the oblivious birds. Katie's mom took two pictures by those cages.

Katie walked down an aisle that had a whole bunch of cool carpeted pieces of furniture. Most had holes to little private places in them. Cool! I needed someplace to hide. So Katie stopped and let me climb into one. Her mom came and took a picture. Then Katie dragged me out of there and said we couldn't afford one of those! But her mom said she wanted to take another picture of me, so Katie put me in another one of those carpet-thingies. Her mom took three pictures (I blinked in the first two), then Katie dragged me out again! Argh!

The next aisle was the toy aisle. I wasn't too interested in the toys--I was looking at a cat tent and cat beds--good hiding places. But then Katie neared the catnip, and I just couldn't help it...I stuck my nose out, sniffing that irresistible smell. Katie picked a bag of 12 toy mice for me (YAY!) and we moved on.

The next aisle was grooming products. Katie was looking at a set of brushes--which smelled really good--but her mom said no. So, we moved on to the canned cat food aisle. Yum! Katie set me down on the floor because I was trying to get down. I tried to run under a shelf. Katie dragged me back out. Darn it...

Katie tried to get me to pick out which flavor of Fancy Feast I wanted for my birthday, but I was still trying to get under that shelf. Katie picked Turkey & Giblets for me, then her mom took another photo, then Katie picked me up and we went to the rodent cages.

They smelled really good, even though I couldn't see any rodents (were they scared of me? I wonder why...;) ). Then a family of a mom and three sisters of varying ages came up. "Look at the pretty kitty!" "What's her name?" "Can I pet her?" No! I tried hiding, but when you're being carried around by a human, there's no place to go. So I got fondled for a long time...

Finally we went to the checkout counter, and from there, back to the scary parking lot and the car. Katie tried feeding me a treat, but I wouldn't have it. A treat would not make up for what I just went through! At Blockbuster, Katie and I sat in the car, shedding really hard (well, I was, anyway), and I kinda started relaxing. And then all the stress came out: I shed, my toes and nose sweated, and I started breathing hard. Then I ate the treat.

It was such a relief when we got home! Katie took my leash off and started carrying me to the door, but I jumped down and ran underneath the car. I needed to stay outside to sort things out for a while.

NOTE FROM KATIE: I took Patty to Petsmart with me to show her off (I never got to show her last year) and buy her late birthday presents. Traditionally, for each cat's birthday, I buy them a can of Fancy Feast and maybe a toy. Patty's birthday was April 13 or 15 (I lost the birthday book!), so this was obviously late...:( But when she comes inside again, I'll groom her (she was shedding so hard!) and feed her Fancy Feast...and take off her halter. :)


Play with me, human!

April 16th 2005 7:35 pm
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I'm sitting on my human's open binder, specifically, on her Algebra workbook, meowing at her, but the response I get is a simple scratch behind the ears. Apparently she's too busy reading my Catster page to play with me.

This is an outrage! I've dealt with this stubborn, although loveable, human for four years now! I mean, she even forgot about my birthday! She remembers now, of course, but she has yet to buy my special birthday Fancy Feast canned cat food. Humph.

My toy mouse is probably in the entryway closet. Human, fetch! Argh, she's typing all of this down. Silly human. I'd rather she'd play with me!

Yay! She's getting up now and opening the closet! ...but there's not a mouse in there. Darn it! I meow at her more, urging her to search for my mouse! But she picks me up. I lay my ears back, let her pet me a bit, then jump down and meow some more. Where is my mouse?

She can't find it. Humans, I notice, tend to lose track of simple things like that. I mean, I simply don't have the time to remember where the mouse was last. Maybe the dog got it? Should we disect her? Can we, please?

My human located a bump on my shoulder. Goodness gracious, it's just a bugbite! Now where's my mouse? Oh, so you want to train me instead, huh? I guess I can deal with that...for now.

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