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The Life and Times of the Pixelator

Man, am I in big trouble!!

January 18th 2007 7:23 pm
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Most of the time mom does not let me go outside after dark (unless she takes me in the stroller). Last night I snuck out when my brother Jules came in. I wandered all over, exploring. I went to my favorite spot across the street, through the parking lot of the apartment building into someone's backyard. Mom had tried to block the hole in their fence that I go through, but I'm too smart for that!
Mom came out three times and called me, even made the food can sound (I think she taps something on a food can) but I didn't want to go in. So, I ignored her. I was out almost two hours before she found me. She drove her car around to the front of the house whose backyard I hang out in. She got out and called me, and I guess heard me defending my territory from another cat. We were behind a bush, then I chased that silly cat up a tree. It jumped down and ran under a car, so of course I had to follow. Mom kept calling me and calling me, but hey--I was BUSY!! Finally she laid face down on the snow, reached under the car and grabbed me and pulled me out! Then she made me get in her car and drove me home. Boy was she furious! She'd been so scared that I was lost or hurt, and there I was all the time just ignoring her.
I'm now grounded for life from going out after dark. Hmmpphhh.




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