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Sydney Romeo (in Loving Memory

American Shorthair/Breed Unknown
Picture of Sydney Romeo (in Loving Memory, a male American Shorthair/Breed Unknown

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Home:Dayton, OH  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Male   Weight: 12 lbs.

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Sea Sea Rider,Baby Sea,Syddy-boo, my little love, Siddy, Lover-monkey, smoozer, Syd, Mr. Sydney, big baby, big bear,tubby bubby,Mr. Congeniality

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
April 3rd 2001

August 13th 1998


Protecting the homestead from other cats, playing, slobbering and purring, and at my new house I love to sit by the fireplace in my special chair and in the warm weather sit on my screened in porch and deck!

My other two cats--they are in heaven now.... :(

Favorite Toy:
Anything that moves

Favorite Nap Spot:
Wherever anyone else has been sitting --the other cat's spots, my spot, against the wall heaters in winter, at new house on top of the heating vents, his chair in both the kitchen and living room in front of the fireplace, on our lap, on his curved benchs

Favorite Food:
Anything that is "real" food...especially roasted chicken, grilled steak and pork roast

We have Christmas bells hanging on our door knob that we leave out all year now because Sydney rings them when he wants to go outside.

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
Sydney is the ultimate smoozer. He started hanging around a good year before we adopted him. He was so ragged, scarred and malnutritioned. He had this huge head and skinny body. His fur was matted and dull but he was sooo loveable. He would jump into your lap and put a paw on either side of your neck and lay his big head against our cheeks and purr like there was no tomorrow. A true little suck-up/Romeo. Hey, who could we had him neutered and got his shots and now he lives with us and has for the past 4 years...which is not a treat for my other two cats. They despise him. Austin is afraid of him and Jasper sort of tolerates him. It is sooo sad.

Well, Syd does have an annoying and smelly prob. He sprays IN the house and it is awful. We have tried everything but drugs to stop this habit--even the vet doesn't know what to do. Hey, if anyone reads this and has any suggestions we are open to them. Besides that Sydney is a very lovable cat. (p.s. he no longer has that little problem) My favorite song that my "maw maw" sings to me when she and I do "huggies" and she rocks back and forth while standing and holding me to her heart while I push my cheek against her face: "Baby I love my sweet Sydney.........up above the sky so high, you're my diamond in the cdefg mama loves her sweet Sydney....."

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Sydney Says.....

Correction from previous entry

February 23rd 2015 9:57 am
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It has come to my attention that although we are not positive of the year/month/date of Sydney's actual birth....according to records I found it looks like he was born in either 1998 or 1999....which would make him 16 or 17 years know that he may have been alive longer then I thought somehow makes me feel a little better.

Sydney Romeo
Aug. 13, 1998 or 1999-Feb. 20, 2015


The Light of our life has been extinguished written by- Sydney's Mom

February 22nd 2015 10:55 pm
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August 13, 1999- February 20, 2015

Sydney Romeo my little shining light forever extinguished as he left this Earth and our lives suddenly.

It was inconceivable least that is how it felt that fateful night.....let me back up a bit....we have never been certain of Sydney's age or actual birthdate since he was a stray whom the Vet felt at that time he was 2 or he may have been 15 or 16 at the time of his death.....and we were fortunate to share our lives with him for 14 of those years and my love for him is never ending. All cats are special with their unique personalities but Sydney was exceptional! (in my opinion of course and not to diminish my other fur cats who in their own way were also beautiful and special and I will forever love them too....but today it is all about Sydney)

As you most likely read Sydney's last diary entry you will see that he wrote about a thrown blood clot....but what was wonderful and beautiful is that he survived it and was walking normally and doing his usual things in less then a week (according to some studies only about 34% of cats with this condition make it through their first thrown clot)....This was the beginning of the end......We were so grateful but we knew we were on borrowed time and I was waiting for that proverbial other shoe to drop as we were told that he would throw another one in 2 weeks or 2 months....He had Cardiomyopathy Thrombosis and there was NOTHING we could do to treat that disease at least not that type of Cardiomyopathy ---there is more then one type and this type is untreatable as they do not have any conclusive evidence that clot busters or blood thinners etc. will prolong the cat's life....if only they had something like they do for human beings that have this condition because if they did Sydney would still be cuddled next to my face as I sleep at night and he would be sitting with me every morning while I drank my coffee and he would be doing ALL of things he loved to do.

I digress....back to the story of how we lost him......On Feb. 19, 2015 it was like any other day....Sydney did all of his usual cute things such as our morning routine which of course meant breakfast for him and putting the fire on just for him (this was our cold weather routine-in the warm weather we hung out on the screened porch until he felt like walking gout to the deck to lounge on his scratching lounge bench while the sun warmed him)...he always had dry food available but breakfast meant wet food....he then would go into the Sun Room and bask in the warmth of a sunbeam on his table or bench by the window or sometimes just on the area rug....then he would have some treats and retire to "his" bedroom...the room he chose when we moved to this new house.....he would come back to the kitchen when he knew it was dinner time to once again sit by the fire and receive his nightly meal of human food...his favorite was roasted chicken but he also enjoyed steak and pork......he would RUN to his dish when I said it's "chickie" time......after dinner he would lounge with us on the couch...first with me to have his "brushes", get his buggies as he purred and drooled on my shirt...then he would proceed to his Papa's lap to snooze until he felt like munching on his leftover chicken....he liked to space out his dinner.....then off to bed with his mama to snuggle for at least most of the night as sometimes he left to go to the bathroom or eat/drink water and then he would make it back to the bed before I awoke as if he never left the the summer he would wake me up with a cold nose on my face, a forehead lick or he would paw my hair out of my the winter he sometimes would meow but wasn't in any real hurry for me to get up to wait on him. The last week and a half of his life he started a new thing which was to lay on top of my back or my side if I was sleeping on my side.....I think he was doing that to get warmed up.....he always loved heat....he would nap against the water heat boards at the home he knew for most of his life which would provide warm heat constantly and then on top of the vents at the new home which much to I am sure his dissatisfaction only was warm when the furnace turned on.....So to continue......again everything was as usual that day and night until about 10 p.m. when he let out a cry and jumped to the floor stretched out and was trying to shake out his back legs until he couldn't move them any longer.....he had thrown the 2nd clot only this one was so large it affected both of his legs which left him with only his front legs to crawl across the room to a more private location...which happened to be the sun room behind the giant chair.....I had 2 syringes of pain medication from his first clot so I immediately administered one shot to ease if not eradicate the pain.....well the shot worked great for the first-time clot but this time he still cried in intervals......My heart was breaking....I felt so helpless....we called the emergency clinic three times to see if they had anything to help him and the answers were no no no....just let him rest.....I stayed up all night with him and soothed him as much as possible upon the make shift bed on the floor in front of the electric fireplace/heater (this was not his daily fireplace...that was a gas fireplace) after awhile during that night he would move and cry....I think most was from pain but I think some was because he was frightened and agitated because he couldn't sit nor stand and some of his cries were for me when I left the room for a moment or two....just thinking about this as I type makes me cry....I noticed that though not opened wide he was doing some of his breathing through his mouth and I knew that I was in real trouble because that was a sign with this specific disease of congestive heart failure and I became hopeless and knew deep in my heart that even though I was taking him to his Vet as soon as they opened in the morning thinking perhaps there would be some miracle I was doomed....doom to have to let him go.....let my second fur child in 14 months go......(only this was different....he was fine and then not fine but conscience where my other fur child was not conscience when that horrible decision had to be made) Sydney looked up at me with "help me mom' eyes and I was so upset because the only thing I could do is let him go.....even though in the car he reached his front legs out to leave the car and making his I don't want to go to the vet part of my guilt in letting him go is knowing he did not want to go and trusted me to just make him better so he could continue to enjoy the rest of his life....I am so torn apart that I can't eat and I exist as a zombie even though I have been assured that this was the kindest thing I could do for him....I just wonder if I could have found a better solution.....I so love Sydney and he has done so much for me that I don't have the room to write it all down......he is also the last of our little family of three cats and now this house is just an empty box without a soul....this is the first time in 18 years that there hasn't been a fuzzy little face to nuzzle and to care for......I know that I am not the only one who feels like this when they lose their special fur kid and as they all know it feels as if your heart has been ripped out of your chest and everyday you wake up TO a nightmare.....Oh my Sydney I am SOOO sorry that you trusted me to help you and I failed you. With Love Forever, your Mommy!!!


Clot in back right leg

December 26th 2014 6:48 pm
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Hi Folks
Well I am in awful pain dragging my right back leg and my mama is happened out of minute I was my cute self tapping her leg with my paw and the next minute I cried as the pain hit me and I no longer could walk on all fours as I was dragging my right back leg. The vet gave me a pain med shot and gave my Mama a few for over the weekend along with the emergency vet address.....I am so scared and so is my Mama....because the vet said now that I have had one clot it is darn sure I will have another and could die at anytime...or be in so much pain that I will have to be euthanized.....This is SO unbelievable that I can't really grasp this horror and neither can my Mama.....what are we to do????? I love my Mama and she loves me so much that her heart actually hurts she said. She also isn't sure what to do....give me more get the circulation back in my leg or what to do....This is so frightening for us! :(

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