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Sex: Male   Weight: 13 lbs.

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b. April 13,1997-d. September 27, 2005 Jassy-purr, sweetie-purr, purrty purr, little purr, purr-ball,peanut

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Quick Bio:
-pound cat

Gotcha Date:
June 8th 1997

April 13th 1997

Brown Tabby

Play play and play also sucking on his blanket at bedtime while doing cushies and purring as he snuggles next to me

Our other cat Sydney and not being let outside when he wants to go

Favorite Toy:
playing with a stick, his automatic mouse swing machine, his mousey, ballie and of course moi!

Favorite Nap Spot:
next to my shoulder on the couch, couch by the window , the bed on a pillow and his lounge chair outside in the summer

Favorite Food:
chicky (chicken) he gets McDonald's chicken mcnuggets on his b-day--he loves them

He plays like a kitten and he is 8 years old, he likes to suck on his blanket at bedtime and purr loudly

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
My next door neighbor(aka.best friend) had to put her beloved cat to sleep and wanted a kitten so I gave her a certificate for the pound (APL) and on my birthday she wanted to go there..so we went to the (APL) and the second we arrived I heard a loud meow..I immediately went to the cage to see who this noisy kitten was and there was Jasper--the cutest little thing and for me it was love at first site. I took him out of the cage and carried him on my shoulder trying to convince my friend that she needed to adopt him. (I couldn't adopt him because I already had Austin and from my past I was used to having only one cat at a time) She finally relented..how could she refuse to take home this kitten with the cutest/sweetest face ever?? She brought home this 6 week old kitten and we introduced him to my cat Austin who was 4 mos. old at the time and they took to each other almost immediately. We then began having kitty play-dates at each other's houses so that they could be real friends...we found the whole thing to be so funny and adorable. Well, Jasper had a habit of sneaking out of her house to venture outdoors and she preferred an indoor cat...she used to joke about giving Jasper to me and one day I told her not to joke anymore because I just might "kit-nap" him. That year on Christmas Eve she had me close my eyes and she handed me a bow decorated 8 month old brown tabby with the cutest face and said Merry Christmas and Jasper came to live here permanently with his best buddy Austin.

Jasper is a fun-loving playful cat who is totally a "momma's boy". One of his favorite activites are head-butting. He likes it also when I hold my hand up in the air so he can jump up and grab it. Such a funny-honey. He is always around me no matter if I am in the house or outside. he runs to me when I call his name and when I ask him if he wants to roll in the dirt...he finds a dirt spot and does somersaults..He is a beautiful brown tabby cat with black paw pads and a tan tummy with black "buttons" that he allows me to kiss. He is a joy to be with and I only wish that he could live forever. He is def. my little baby. DISTRESSING NEWS FLASH: September 27, 2005 my most precious baby was brutelly killed by an automobile. He NEVER went even near the road in the 8 years and 5 mos. of his life. I feel so responsible for his death that I can barely make it through the day-the hour for that matter. I need help if anyone can recommend any help I would be so appreciative. Jasper was the sweetest cat ever never harming anyone and did not deserve to perish so soon or in such a cruel way. The driver NEVER stopped. Hit and run. Jasper was playing that evening during the last hour of daylight--He had been in the house while I went to get my other cat off of the roof--a game they both thought over the years was fun--the fun part was to see me trying to coax them down etc. That night the door didn't shut all of the way and my Jasper as was his usual style followed me right out the door.....he saw his brother on the roof and got so excited that he did his greeting call and flew up the tree to see Austin. I managed to get Austin down and into the house and went back to get Jasper who just wasn't in the mood to come down. I was tired and hungary so went back into the house hoping that he would follow. After about 5-10 min. I thought I should go back to get him as he didn't follow me-- a first--and he was no where to be found. He ALWAYS came to me when I called for him--no one else could claim that but I could. He was just simply gone. I even spoke outloud saying "what are you -Houdini?", "How can you just vanish?". Well, after searching throughout the night for him I found him at 7:30a.m. about 11 hours after his disappearance only to discover his beautiful body frozen in a running position- I can't tell you the agony-there are no words in any language--all I know is that my heart was gone--the other horrible thing was that I must have heard it happen the night before because I remember hearing what sounded like a door slamming--I didn't go to see who it was--but it didn't matter it was the person who flew by and hit my baby. What compelled Jasper to run to the street I will never really know-even my neighbors had never seen him go even half-way down to the road--we live a good distance back from the road. I know I am babbling here prob. not making much sense-but as I am sure some of you on this site understand and know that the loss of a pet is the same as the loss of a young child. Death is never easy to accept or understand but when it comes before they have had the opportunity of old age it is much harder to console yourself with "well at least he/she had a long and happy life". Jasper had just had his yearly check-up and shots two weeks prior to his death and got an A+ in health and now he is gone. I cannot stop the pain nor the tears and again can't do anything much but think about him. I am half-heartedly caring for my other two cats and am feeling guilty about that too. Those of you who are reading this-thank you for "listening". Sincerely, Lynne Ann

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the essence of life is FUN and PLAY

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April 14th 2005 More than 12 years!

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Jasper's Musings

Happy Halloween

October 30th 2009 9:49 pm
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Well, it has been a long time since I was on earth getting into mischief with my beloved Austin and being doted over by my Meowmy. I know that they both still miss me so very much since I left this earth Sept. 27, 2005. I do still watch over them--Austin knows and I think Meowmy does too. When she gives Austin his "brushes" he always looks right at me and then Meowmy turns around and asks "Is that you Jas-i-purr? I want so much to let her actually see me and to "talk" to her like I used to. It breaks my heart to know that both her and Austin still are so sad that I had to leave but I know that the 3 of us have a very special bond that will never be broken. I even sent Meowmy the dream years ago to remind her of that. I sent her in the dream a golden ribbon where the three of us were attached....we will be together forever. I love them as much as they love me.
Till later....Jasper Juno.


Jasper's thoughts from the Bridge

October 9th 2007 10:20 pm
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Well it has been 2 years since I made my trip to the Bridge. I arrived here on September 27, 2005...it is amazing how time flies. I still miss my family--especially my dearest partner in crime Austin. I am happy here...it is beautiful.....but knowing that my family is still so sad without me makes things a little hard to bear in this garden paradise that I find myself. I still haven't figured out how I ended up here...I mean I was so healthy, happy, loved and my every need was met...the last thing I remember was sitting on the roof next to my sweet Austin and then I remember seeing a bunch of squirrels hanging out under the walnut tree and thought it might be great fun to attack their enticing tails that were moving back and forth...then poof I was here. It was very sureal. I noticed on the anniversary of my departure Mom was putting my fav chix mcnuggets outside around my fav napping/watching places...she was burning a candle and talking to me and about me....she still misses me so much. I also noticed that she had this giant tapestry throw of her fav photo of me...in fact it is the first picture on my catster website----it is a bigger than life picture of me that sits stretched out in all of it's glory right in the room that she watches tv and types on the computer...sometimes I see her look at it and smile. Ahhh....I wish I were home with her and Austin--aka Boo boo kitty. Well, I have to go and play right now but wanted everyone to know how I am doing and to try and touch base with my earthly family. Till later....Love, Jasper Juno


Today would have been my 9th Birthday

April 13th 2006 6:47 pm
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April 13, 2006

I have never been one for writing but today I decided to say a word or two.
I always loved my birthday because my human Mom would sing to me in the morning and bring me McDonald's chicken nuggets at night. The singing I could have probably gone without but she liked to make a big deal about my b-day and I would actually purr, butt my head at her and sing back to her. My Mom and I had so many special moments together and I know that she misses me more than there are words in the dictionary to convey her sorrow. Anyway, chickie was always my favorite and for sure I would get some on my birthday. This year she shared the nuggets with my brothers--the one I loved--Austin and the one I barely tolerated Sydney--tho I kind of miss him too. She then put some nuggets out by the places I liked to hang out in the backyard--I guess in case I could somehow stop by and eat them. I loved the Springtime-guess that is why I was born at that time of year. I loved to sit on my bench in the mornings and watch the squirrels run up and down the trees. I would sometimes try and catch one but it was always futile. In the afternoons I took to sitting on my very own lounge chair and let the breeze run it's fingers through my fur and I would nap and occassionally watch the birds. When my Mom would come outside to join me I liked to run to her-I guess kind of like a dog..and talk to her. She would then ask me if I would like to roll in the dirt and I would find a good dirt spot and roll around. Sometimes I even did somersaults which impressed her so much that she would laugh. Sometimes I just did a general side roll and then expose my cream/tan colored tummy with the black buttons on it so that she could rub it. I liked it alot but then it got me really giddy and I would kick her with my back legs and chew on her hand. I never really hurt her and she seemed to think it was fun. I do miss those times. At night time-every single night--I would go to bed when she did. As soon as I heard "It's beddy-byes time". I would leave whatever spot I was in --go to my cup for a drink of water and the go to her and curl up by her heart as I sucked on my blanket. I would purr and purr and purr some more. It was our time and it was so beautiful. Well, I would like to write more but I have some committees that need my attention up here in heaven. We are getting ready for the Easter holiday. I love my family and I know that they love me. Forever yours, Jasper Juno

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