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3 months

June 26th 2015 7:10 am
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Hi all,

Well daddy came runny in and waking me up saying Peyton is 3 months old! Yea I am 3 months old. I ran up to Calvin and Said I am 3 months old, he then pulled me close and whispered in my ear, you know what happens at 3 months old. He said you go to the Vet and get poked in the butt, I said NOOOOOOOOOO! and ran off and hid under the bed. Daddy yelled time for breakfast, I came walking out slowly and yelled you are not taking me to the Vet. Daddy said what are you talking about Peyton. Calvin said I am going to the Vet today, Daddy said no your not Calvin is. I guess the joke is on him you should hear him cry like a little girl.


My first days

June 19th 2015 7:21 am
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Hi, My name is Payton. I am part of a great cat family. My life as short as it is, started a few months ago. My mommy was sent to a horrible place, Mommy told us I was not bad they just did not like any more. At this new home we had a surprise, we were born! All 4 of us and our mommy. The next day we had 2 more show up, mommy said that there mommy was not with them any more. So we all did kitten things as the weeks passed and months come and go. Fast forward to June 14 this is the best part. We where all loaded up into a carrier and rushed of the a place with other kitties. Then it happened, I saw the most perfect human, my new daddy. I reached out to get his attention and he walked past me, so I reached even more, bingo it worked. I squinted at him and he did it back, instant love. He opened the pen and pulled me out, I touched his nose with mine and rubbed all over him. Next thing I was being put in a hand carry thingy and was out the door. He was saying something to me about the new home and my new name, Payton I like that. So we got home, home yes I have a home! My human put me in a room lowered the light gave me my own food bowl and liter pan and lots of toys. I went to sleep fast and dreamed about my sibs and mommy, I really missed them and I started to cry and cry. Daddy can rushing in to see if anything was wrong. I ran up to him and jumped into his arms. I stayed in the room for a couple days, then I went to the Vet and it happened. I was poked, prodded and something shoved up my butt, I did not like that. I heard them say something about me then they put something in my mouth and it tasted awful. This man came in with a white coat on, looked me over, put something on the back of my neck, then I was put back in my carrier. Everyone came over and looked at me and said I was cute, Yes I Am! Then I was taken home and I fell a sleep, next day I was out and about. I said all this is mine, then it happened I heard from across the house, no your not! The shock of my life.

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Payton Rinaudo


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