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Setha's Stories

I feel so special!

December 8th 2005 6:16 pm
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How exciting! Yesterday, I, little ol' me, was selected by the good people of Catster to be the Cat of the Day! My Meowmie and Poppy were so proud! I got be be "Queen for the Day" at our house. Although, EVERY day I'm queen of the house, but it was nice to hear Mom and Poppy call me that all day long. I got invited to be friends with so many new kitties! That's the best part of being Cat of the Day! I love making new friends! I stayed up late last night singing all kinds of songs about how much I love Catster and all of my new friends! I have an idea! How about we make a singing playdate? Tonight at midnight, why don't every kitty reading this join me in song? Our Meowmies and Daddies will just love to hear us singing for them! Yea! Kitties of the world unite! This is gonna be so much fun!....


Update on my "lazy" life:

June 13th 2005 10:45 am
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Hello everybody! It's been awhile since I've gotten on Catster. I've been busy playing outside on the screened-in porch the past few weeks. Mom has a bird feeder outside that's been fun to watch! Lots of bright red birds hang out around it! =^..^= I like playing outside! Plus, the sunshine bleaches out my fur, keeping me nice and bright white! Usually, I have to find the sun spots on the bedroom floor to keep my fur bleached white. But going outside is much better! Unfortunately, the past few days I've been stuck inside since Mom says it's too hot and humid to go outside. Besides, it's been raining most afternoons. I'll probably have to wait until the fall before I can play outside again. Bummer.
But I've been keeping busy indoors too. I've discovered I enjoy playing pattycake with the pretty kitty that lives in the mirror. (I still can't figure out how she gets IN there!) And Mom and Poppy got a new tiny goldfish for me to watch! He's a little boring, though. He hides in the far corner of the tank whenever I sit by it. The old big goldfish, Desdemona, use to actually swim towards me when I sat next to the tank. Something strange happened to her though. One morning she quit moving and Mom had to remove her from the tank. I haven't seen her since.
Today has been a good day. Poppy has the day off from work so I was able to wake him up myself instead of that loud beeping thing waking him up. Waking Poppy up is so much fun! I walk all over the bed and meow right in Mom and Poppy's faces! Then I knock stuff off of their nightstands. This morning Poppy sat up and said "I guess Setha says it's time for EVERYONE to get up!" all grumpy like. But I don't think he was really mad at me for waking him up early. He still petted and kissed me. Then Dirk and I chased each other around the house most of the morning. Then I took my collar off and ran around the house naked! Purrrr! But Poppy caught me and put my collar back on. So now I'm dressed again. After all that running around, I think it's time for a nap. (yawn). Anyway, that's what I've been up to lately. Mom says that I live a lazy life, but as you can see I'm actually quite busy! Now, let's see if I can get this dang collar off again......


Practice makes perfect.

April 22nd 2005 6:32 pm
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Um...I'm confused. For some reason Poppy wasn't too impressed by my serenade late last night. I realized he was trying to go to sleep, so that was why I chose to sing lullabies! Wonder why he wasn't pleased? Maybe I just didn't sing loud enough. I'll try harder tonight......


Time for a change...

April 21st 2005 4:53 pm
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Well, I've decided to give up on my scientific studies on the Law of Gravity. I think with my good looks and beautiful voice I'm better suited for a career in entertainment, not science! My Mom and Poppy are happy with my decision too. For some reason, they never really supported my interest in science (something about the fact that I did my work while they were trying to sleep)! Your guess is as good as mine why they would have a problem with me knocking things off their dresser while they are sleeping! I HAD to wait until they were asleep! While they are awake, it's time for belly rubs and being fed! Science experiments are best done solo, so it made sense to wait until they were asleep, right? Anyway, Mom said she was glad that "phase" is over. Now I'm just practicing my singing all night! I heard Poppy mumbling something about me being very loud and keeping him awake, but I'm sure that was a compliment! So I just meowed LOUDER since he seemed to like it! I'm learning some new songs to sing to him tonight....I'll keep you posted on how well he likes them! ='.'=


Mommy's little helpers!

April 11th 2005 8:59 pm
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Whew! I'm exhausted! Today was spring cleaning time at my house and Dirk and I helped out! Well, I did most of the helping. First, I helped Mom make the bed after she washed all the sheets and blankets. I got under them as she was putting them on the bed just to make sure everything was nice and fluffy! Besides, my pretty white fur looks so nice on the fresh, clean, dark maroon sheets! Next, it was my favorite chore of all: dusting/decorating! This entails Mom going from room to room wiping all the yukky dust off everything with a rag or a feather duster (!!!I never knew TOYS made good cleaning tools!) while I go right behind her and "decorate" everything with my beautiful white fur and cute paw prints! What a work of art! Tonight I even got to leave a paw-drawing on the TV screen! Poppy's gonna be so impressed next time he watches TV! After the house was nicely decorated, it was time for laundry/break time. First, I helped Mom sort the laundry into baskets. She almost made a few mistakes, so I had to grab some socks out of her hands as she was trying to toss them into the wrong pile! Good thing she has me around or Poppy would never have any pink socks to wear! MOL! Then, I decided it was time for a break so we played hide-and-seek. I hid under some clothes in one of the laundry baskets. It must have been a good hiding spot, because she didn't find me until it was time to wash that load! Then it was time to change the kitty litter. That's Dirk's area of expertise. He gets into the litterbox as soon as it's filled to give it a test run. He has to be quick and get in before Mom puts the cover back on and walks away. He wouldn't want her to leave the room wondering if the new litter was in good working order or not! Lastly, it was time to vacuum. That's where Mom is on her own! Dirk and I don't like the vacuum. Mom thinks we're scared of it, but really it just upsets us because it means we have to get to work all over again. You see, Dirk and I always have to leave a "Hansel and Gretel trail" with kitty litter all over the house leading back to our room where the litterbox and, more importantly, the FOOD is. If we didn't leave these trails, Mom and Poppy might get lost in the house and not find their way back to our food dish to feed us! Yikes! So everytime we see the vacuum we frantically run away, trying to entice Mom into a game of tag so she'll forget about her chore. But it never works. She sweeps and as soon as she's finished Dirk and I have to start all over again making trails! So, as you can imagine, today was an exhausting day for me! Mom appreciated all my help so much she gave me a treat. Now it's time for a nap so I can be rested up in time to resume my scientific studies while Mom and Poppy are sleeping. You see, I'm testing the Law of Gravity by knocking things off Mom's dresser at 5 am. It really is important work, so I don't understand why Mom yells at me. Oh well. I'll meow at ya later!


Happy Birthday to me!

April 1st 2005 4:49 pm
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Yippee! Today is my birthday! That means I got to eat lots of treats and get spoiled all day! For some reason my Mom lit some candles and sung to me, but all I was interested in was the food on the plate! What in the world did she think I was going to do with a candle? And everyone knows I'M the singer in the house! Oh well, Mom can be silly sometimes. At least I got to eat treat food TWICE in one day! Of course I had to share it with my big brother Dirk. Bummer. But it's only fair, I guess, since he always shares his birthday food with me. He's not such a bad brother, but he does love to tease me. Lately he's been flapping his whiskers about how he has a Five Paw rating on this site while I only have Four Paws. He thinks he's cuter than me, but I tell him he doesn't know what he's meowing about. He's not CUTER, just FATTER! Humans seem to like fat cats. Mom and Poppy always tell us both that we're cutie-patooties, so I won't let his higher rating get me down! =^..^=
It's time for a catnap now! I'll meow more of my story another day.

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