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Burbank's Thoughts of the Day

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My 1st Birthday @ Rainbow Bridge

September 24th 2009 11:04 am
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Yesterday was my birthday, and I celebrated it at Rainbow Bridge. Mom was having a difficult time missing me, and couldn't come to Catster to write anything, but she knew it would make me happy even if she was a day late. She doesn't come here much at all because she can't deal with seeing my page, but she is going to try to change that. She wants to pay tribute to me here, and update my siblings pages too. In the meantime I visit my mom often, she feels my presence especially at meal times. Dylan really keeps her busy and apparently he has a kitty cousin that visits a lot, so Mom has her hands full and I'm glad for that. Hello to everykitty, and head bonks to all you doggies!

Love - Burbank


Burbank is with the angels now and we miss her so much!

March 21st 2009 11:30 am
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Burbank passed yesterday. She had health problems for awhile, it started about two years ago when she started getting a cyst and inflammation on her gum which prevented her from eating. The vet found that she responded well to a monthly injection so we continued the shots. The shots however made her develop bumps that would grow and go away.

Last year we learned that she had problems with her thyroid. By the time we learned that her body was in a starvation mode, and she begged to be fed every five minutes. She lost a lot of weight, and the lion cut that she got two years ago never grew out. We got her on the right track with daily medication which she fought twice a day, but it worked, and she gained some weight. Before that she was skin and bones. We got her to gain with generous servings of turkey, and when her dad was home he gave her chicken and steak.

Less than a month ago I noticed her right eye wasn't open completely. We took her to the vet when it was noticeably closing more, and there was a bump just above the eye. We started out treating it like an infection, but within a week her eye was completely closed, and a large amount of swelling caused a huge protrusion to form. It was difficult to look at her. But through all of this she continued to eat, and of course we continued to spoil her.

Yesterday she had surgery. The vet found a massive tumor that was malignant. It was in a bad location and it was cancer. He called me during the surgery, and with my authorization he let her sleep right then, and she crossed the rainbow bridge to be with Ashes and little Bella.

Burbank struggled these last few years. She was a queen of our felines, and she knew it. She was the sweetest kitty, and we miss her badly!

We love you Burby!



My little "deposit"

October 4th 2005 5:37 pm
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It's not my fault I don't get brushed enough, and my tummy gets a huge hairball. I tried to bring it up this morning and left a puddle on the carpet. That wasn't a good idea because Mom didn't have her tea yet, man, does she get grumpy until then. Lily didn't help because she put her head in Mom's tea cup while she was cleaning my little "deposit".

Anyway, I got the urge again and left another "deposit" and Mom put me in the garage and said "don't come back in till you're done!" so I just sat there at the kitty door and waited. But it didn't come up and Mom called me back in.

Mom's not mad anymore, she gave me some treats, four exactly, but everytime she walks in the room she calls me a barfster. What's with that?



Happy Birthday to me...

September 23rd 2005 10:40 am
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Dear Diary - I am another year older today, and I graciously laid in my spot under the big coffee table like I do every morning. From there I can see everyone running around and going to work and going to school. I like to be in the middle of things but I don't like getting run over so I stay there till everyone is gone. Dad left for work and my sister left for school, and they ignored me. Another sister left for work, and she didn't notice me either. I was so sad. I went into the dining room to my other spot under the buffet and Mom came in and said "there you are Burbank, happy birthday!" and boy did my heart feel good! Now I can take my first birthday nap of the day as there will be many.



I thought the house was going to explode!

September 21st 2005 8:46 am
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Pearl, Lily and I finally slept real good last night. We were running and hiding all day yesterday and the night before because of the house lighting up and there was horrible crashing sounds outside. It had me so upset I couldn't eat and you know that's a rare thing.

This went on alllll night and alllll day! Lily would run to Mom and I'd run under something - anything, and I don't know where Pearl went to but she was gone in a flash. Mom kept telling us it was just thunder and lightning, and it would be alright, but I didn't believe her. Poor Lily, I saw her running across the carpet practically on her belly like those army guys crawling under things. You could barely see her legs, and I saw Mom laughing at her. Then she'd hold Lily, why didn't she hold me?

Doesn't this thunder and lightning know I need my beauty sleep? I couldn't even get a power nap!



I love to eat!

August 30th 2005 6:32 pm
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Before my little sister, Lily, came to live with us I used to be very patient and considerate, and Mom was always bragging about my table manners. She always said I would wait my turn, not anymore though, nope, that's all changed.

That darn vet doctor said I needed to watch my weight, well Mom watches it for me actually. So first she goes and buys that indoor cat food. I have to admit it's pretty good! Pearl and Lily like it too. Now we won't eat the other stuff, so Mom is happy about that.

Now when Mom puts treats out for us she stands there and makes sure we all get our share. She just started doing that because the other day she turned back to see that I was eating all the treats as fast as I could. Mom doesn't like me eating too fast cuz that makes me barf, and she doesn't like that at all.

So today she let me eat some and then held me back, darn. But when she's not around and my human sister gives us treats I keep my head in the bowl and don't move until I'm done. Sometimes I'll leave a crumb, but not to often...hehehe...


I feel so pretty!

August 19th 2005 9:36 am
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Mom and my sister were sneaky yesterday. They hid my blue box until they shoved me into it and put me in the car. Yup, they know if I see my blue box I run and hide. I wasn't sure if this was a good thing or not so I screamed the whole way there. And I mean loud, and non stop.

Then they put me in a shopping cart and I got a ride to the groomers in a store called Petsmart. See I'm a big girl, and Mom said I'm too heavy to be carried all that way. I got a little scared because they stopped to look at the cats behind the glass and I thought they were going to trade me in because I've been barfing up hairballs lately.

But that didn't happen. Mom told them to bathe me, brush me a lot and give me a butt shave. Yikes! But the lady said it was a hygenic shave so I remembered what that was. It makes bathing a lot easier for us big kittys. One time at another place they gave me a monkey butt. And everyone laughed at me. This time they did it right.

I smelled so good and looked so pretty. My sister said I even looked five pounds lighter. Cool. But Pearl and Lily won't get close to me just yet. At least they're not hissing like the last time. Maybe they're jealous.



Mother Hen

July 20th 2005 12:25 pm
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I'm not a hen, I'm a cat! But my family says I'm a mother hen. It came about again this morning when my human sister left. She goes out the front door everyday, and I sit on the rug to wait for her to come back in, but she doesn't. Not for a very long time. Mom finds me there and she talks to me and gets me to come with her to another room. Sometimes I go and sometimes I'll wait and finally lay down and fall asleep there.

Mom says my sister goes to work, but I miss her because she sits me on her lap like a baby and rubs my belly. I'll write more later, I need some of that beauty sleep.



Hey little sisters, take a break!

July 7th 2005 11:12 am
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Geez, what does it take to get some peace and quiet. I'm ready for a nap just watching Lily and Pearl. I'm going to waddle over to the buffet in the front of the house and crawl in my corner, so I don't have to listen to all the commotion! A girl needs her beauty sleep, doesn't she?


It's trying to get me

June 28th 2005 12:48 pm
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Mom got us one of those fancy water bowls in the kitchen the other day, and I don't like it. She told us it would give us plenty of water, especially since Pearl tries to suck it up every morning so Lily won't get any. But that dang thing scared the willys outta me last night. I was really thirsty after eating my bedtime snack so I waddled over, started drinking, and it talked to me. It said "blip blip". Mom started laughing because she said I jumped straight up and went back landing on my four paws. I wasn't thirsty after that. I drank out of it twice this morning, and it isn't talking anymore. So I decided to lay by the table and watch it for awhile. I'll sleep with one eye open though, just in case it tries to get me...

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