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This is me in summer of 1986.  I was the runt of my litter but I grew strong fast!

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"This is me in summer of 1986. I was the runt of my litter but I grew strong fast!"

Oh, the indignities I was subjected to!  Cabbage Patch doll clothes yet.  It didn

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"Oh, the indignities I was subjected to! Cabbage Patch doll clothes yet. It didn't happen very often, thank goodness."

This is my favourite human of all, Big Bro Joe.  I loved him so much I stood still and let him get his good arm around me just right.  We had a lot of great times together!

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"This is my favourite human of all, Big Bro Joe. I loved him so much I stood still and let him get his good arm around me just right. We had a lot of great times together!"

My Cat of the Day badges from Cat Channel

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"My Cat of the Day badges from Cat Channel"

My fishing lodge in Sunshine Valley at the Rainbow Bridge.  Good fishing here!

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"My fishing lodge in Sunshine Valley at the Rainbow Bridge. Good fishing here!"

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Gotcha Day picture from Angel Big Harry & family, thank you!

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"Gotcha Day picture from Angel Big Harry & family, thank you!"

Picture from my pals Possum & Angel Beast, thank you!

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"Picture from my pals Possum & Angel Beast, thank you!"

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Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-part feral

Gotcha Date:
June 15th 1986

April 30th 1986

Gray Tabby

When the weather was bad and I would have to use the litter box inside; anyone touching me when I was eating. See, I first ate solid food out of a pie plate surrounded by my fursibs, a litter of cousins and both our fur moms, and it stuck with me.

Favorite Food:
I also had a real love for Cheetos when I could get them, and corn on the cob. If the humans had corn and didn't give me a cob or two to finish off, I would be rooting in the garbage, trying to fish one out.

I quickly learned to open the back sliding screen, so every summer I would be able to let myself in and out of the house at leisure without having to wait for the humans,

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
With our kids aged 2, 4, 6, and 8, we were visiting a friend on a farm. He had 2 litters of barn cats, and with four kids you know you're not leaving empty handed! Little did we know he would be with us for so many years. Smokey was with us for 18 years. When he died, our two youngest children could not remember a time when he had not been an important part of their lives. ~~ I loved to spend time on Big Bro Joe's bed, on the back fence, and on the hanging chair in the living room where no other cat has dared to go since me (except for Angel Mallow a handful of times). When I got to be 17, toothless and too old to go adventuring, I still felt independent by going just a foot off of the cement back patio, where I would sun myself in a little Smokey-shaped groove in the lawn that is still there. ~~ ♥ My humans took good care of me, and even if they bugged me a lot as little kids (sometimes even dressing me up!) I never doubted that I was loved and would spend the first two weeks of every school year walking around the house looking for them. My favourite was Big Bro Joe, who could always be counted on to get up at 3 a.m. to let me in or out. And he never ever got mad at me for waking him up! ♥

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From the front porch in Sunshine Valley

♥ Bridge Day thank you from Angel Smokey ♥

January 28th 2015 3:53 pm
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Thanks to everyfur who came to honour the anniversary of the day I made my final crossing. It’s the same kind of day at my earth home that it was on this date 11 years ago, cold but bright & sunny through the windows. I remember on my last day here on this earth Mom carried me to a nice patch of sunshine where I could stretch out the way I’d always loved to do. That sure felt good on my tired old bones!

I had a really great life with my family, and almost 18 years of it besides. How many of us are lucky enough to be able to say that?


The first time Big Bro Joe saved my life:

September 15th 2014 3:07 pm
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I must have been about 2 years old, that would make it 1988 or 89 and the humans noticed I was having trouble peeing. I was an indoor-outdoor kitty and I was really lucky that I was in the house where the humans could see me when I started going back & forth to the box and whimpering. Dad took me straight to the vet and the news was that I had a urinary blockage and if I didn’t have surgery very soon I would die. Mom & Dad had four little kids and not a lot of money, and when he heard how much it would cost for the surgery that would fix this problem Dad thought there was no choice but to send me over the Bridge. After all, he reasoned, who knew how long I might live anyway?

Dad left me at the vet and came home to tell Mom and the kids so they could have a chance to say goodbye to me. Well, Big Bro Joe who was six years old broke into tears. I was his special friend who slept with him every night and he didn’t want me to go over the Bridge! He pleaded with Dad “You can have all the money in my bank account, just please save Smokey”. Well, the surgery was going to cost just a bit more than the $10.00 Joe had in his bank account, but Dad’s heart was really touched and he talked some more to the vet, asking him if there was anything else they could possibly do. So the vet said there was something they could do that cost a lot less money, in fact about the same as it would cost to send me over the Bridge. The problem was that it could only fix the problem once, it might not stay fixed for long, and they would have to change my food for the rest of my life if there was any hope that I wouldn’t get another blockage that they wouldn’t be able to fix.

Well, there was not even any debate, everyone said DO IT!! Soon I was home and feeling a whole lot better. Mom & Dad couldn’t afford to keep getting the special low-ash food from the vet, but they went to the store and did their homework. They found a store brand that they could afford with an acceptable ash content, I liked it and for the rest of my life Dad bought it by the case whenever it came on sale.

The rest of my life turned out to be another 15 years, and I loved Big Bro Joe for every day of it!


My kitty pal Spazz

June 16th 2014 2:33 pm
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When I first came to my forever home as a little kitten, I loved to look out the back sliding door and sometimes when I looked out, this big Siamese kitty was out there looking IN! His name was Spazz and he lived next door, but he liked visiting our house and the kids. Sometimes my pawrents fed him and he liked that too.

Well, those were MY kids and I used to puff up with all my little kitten might and hiss at him through the glass. I told him "you had better be glad this glass is here because if it wasn't I would get you but good!" So one day my family started to let me outside, and what do you know? Spazz and I became best buddies.

When the pawrents would feed him, he'd wait to see if I wanted to eat before going to the dish. And we would take afternoon naps curled up together in a box of rags in the carport.

Spazz moved away and I missed him, but we are Angels now together.

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