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Thursday January 16th 2014

January 16th 2014 7:53 am
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Well it is sure a BEAUTIFUL day here in Northeast Georgia, USA. But it is also COLD!!! BRRR!!! But did you know the birds are already flying around the birdhouses I have hanging out on my front porch, as well as standing out in the yard and up on the sides of the trailer here?? I have always headr early birds were a sign of an early Spring. Let us HOPE SO as the past few years, we have not had no Spring and last year, not hardly a Summer!! Not only was it unusual cool, but rain rain and more rain for here. Had I not had my Jergens Natural Glow lotion, I dont know what I would have done about getting a little tan. But speaking of the birds, Keester tickled me as she sits on the back of the couch and eagerly watches the birds as they fly and flutter around. One bird even aggitates her by flying around in front of the window, as it to say..."Nah Nah you cant catch me!!" Or it will perch on the swing chains and dance around at her. It is hilarious!!! She gets mad and scratches on the window and meows and howls. Well, looks like Face-Poo (Facebook), but I can think of other BAD things to call them, is acting up again and either their server is down between them and me, or they have my account locked again. I dont get them at all!! When I try to log in, it keeps coming up that my account is locked because I have tried logging in from a different device than before. What else would I try to log in from,,,the microwave?? Then I have to do a captcha and a lot of times have to identify photos and etc. of my friends and all. Some pics and people I know but others I dont so I just guess. Sometimes I hit it, sometimes I dont. But they asked me to send a scanned copy of my drivers license with all information covered up and all, just show my picture. I had to do that once before to them and told them this time if this happened again, I was deleting my account and going to Twitter, and then I dont know about that. SO RIDICULOUS!!! Any way, getting back to the KEESTER, she is perched up on top of my late Moma's old sewing machine,,,it is the kind that is in a cabinet, in front of the bay window watching the squirrels and birds. The sun shines in right there so I know she is good and warm and cozy. We both love the den in here but it is sure cold in the winter and stifling in the summer time. I just wish that bay window did not go from wall to wall and floor to ceiling either. It takes an act of congress to find curtains and etc. big enough for it.


Wednesday January 15th 2014

January 15th 2014 9:14 am
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Well I missed yesterday because I was visiting my daughter and sick Grandson. Also did some grocery shopping because they forecasted more SNOW but we did not get one bit. YAY!!! But I got some healthy stuff to eat for a change instead of so much other stuff not beneficial. I also got Keester some stuff as well as the doggie. As always she was perky as a lark to see me back home "where I belong" as she seemed to be saying. She has this way of sprawling out in the floor on her back and rolling from side to side. It is so funny to watch her. She then has this way of "talking" that is totally adorable too. Luckily the sore on her lip is getting much better now too. I know she is happy about that because she has not enjoyed the peroxide dabs nor the Neosporin rubs.


Monday January 13th 2014

January 13th 2014 2:59 pm
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Well today was just a nice day to lounge around with Keester on my lap and a nice cup of hot cocoa. The sore on Keesters bottom lip is getting some better. Still unsure of what it is or how it got there. I got some ointment from the clinic to keep on it, which is easier said than done. LOL!!! But it is getting better. I still cant help but wonder if it could be a change of the cat food. keester will not eat canned food at all I have tried but it is just a waste because she ate dry cat food while she was at the shelter before I adopted her, so that is just what she is use to. I usually feed her Nine Lives or Cat Chow but this time I got kind of an off brand and well, sorry to say that is when the sore came about. With so many of hubbys recent doctor bills coming in from his recent surgery and all, and then the truck payment too from the truck we got a year ago, well, we have had to scratch and dig as the old saying goes. WAH!!! I was wanting to put in for a job with the local power company at the Call Center too, but that was spoiled when I happen to remember they dont allow relatives there. And I am related to at least three people. DOUBLE WAH!! Keester doesnt know how she has got life made. Not a care or worry in the world at all, just food and kitty litter and loads and loads of loving!! And she gets ALL and MORE of all of that!!!


Sunday January 12th 2014

January 12th 2014 1:19 pm
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Well forgive me for not updating my diary recently, for the past few days, but I have been out of town visiting my daughter and have just got back in this evening. Thank you all for the congratulations and thank you Catster for yet another Diary of the Day win!! But I am sure there are many other nicer Diaries than mine. ;) Got ready and went to church with my two Grandboys and their Dad this morning. My daughter had to work. Boy did Keester even greet me with head butts and purrs as she always does when I come in. I miss her terribly when I am away from her. I know she misses me too. I can tell by the way she does. I am so happy to see her when I get in. It is like a piece of my heart every time I leave her. Oh and thank you all for the nice gifts left to me too, the hot chocolate really came in handy on those cold days.


Thursday January 9th 2014

January 9th 2014 6:06 am
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Well I think I missed an entry for yesterday, but nothing majorly exciting other than a big bright sunny day for a change and warmer temps!! Actually felt like a heat wave here after the weekend of horrible frigid weather. I actually washed and hung out clothes to dry yesterday! No now it wasnt THAT warm but the sun was shining and it did get up to the upper 40's here at least. Today is gonna be about the same too. At least no ice on the bay windows either. Keester is ure enjoying the warmer temps better. I thought for awhile she was going to crawl in to the heaters!! She sure enjoys and loves her warmth. I also see that I have once again got DOTD which I am totally surprised!! I have only been here for a short while and already got COTD and DOTD. That is so grand!! Well today and the next few days will be busy for me and I dont know if I will be able to get on or not. I will have my IPod because I will be out of town at my daughters but I might can get on here with it. Keester will stay here with her Poppie of course. She doesnt travel any at all unless it is to the vet and then she doesnt like that either. I have got to get her a bigger carrier too as the one I have is small and she is like a Bigfoot!! LOL!!
Have a great day and thanks again for another DOTD!!


Tuesday January 7th 2014

January 7th 2014 10:26 am
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Well we set a new record low for last night on this date as it was below zero here. We had BOTH heat systems on and going, the gas fireplace as well as the monitor oil heater. It stayed very warm but still woke up this morning with ice frozen solid over the bay windows in the den. They are thawed out now though as the sun came up and started hitting them and warmed them up. The temps finally made it up to nearly 20 out there too. The water all seems good but I think the tub drain has stopped up or has clogged up one. BOO!! I was hoping for a nice long hot bath but doesnt look that way now. I brought out my green heated throw last night and plugged it in and me and Keester curled up under it and watched the DVR of The Curse of Oak Island. I love stuff like that. I have always wanted to be an archaeologist. Me and Keester got so warm and so cozy that we drifted off to sleep together. Had it not been for waking up from the sound of the howling winds we probably would have slept the whole night long on the couch under that warm blanket. I think I have spoiled Keester now with it because she leaps up on the couch sniffing around and meowing. I think she is hunting for it. So looks like I have ruined her to it now. Looks like I am going to have to go get it back out and hook it up and turn it on for her pleasure. Any thing for my Keester though.


Monday January 6th 2014

January 6th 2014 11:15 am
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Well first of all, today is my youngest Grandsons birthday. He is 3. And todays weather reminds me of exactly how it was when he was born. My daughter and her family had just moved in their new mobile home on the land of my old home place. I went to stay only a night or two with her after she came home but low and behold the snow and ice storm came and there I was stuck and stranded for a whole week with one pair of pajamas and one outfit. Talk about wash/dry/wear but I had to!! And then my daughter fell and twisted her knee all out of shape and distortion too. But aside from the memories of that day, the weather is plain GROSS here as it is snowing, the wind is howling and temps are dropping. It is 19 out there right now. COLDEST we have seen in nearly 20 years here. Our monitor oil heater has not moved off of 4 notches since yesterday and Keester is all sprawled out on the floor in front of it and I certainly dont blame her one bit. She never slept with us last night either. She slept right in front of the heater it was so cold. Well, not in the house but of course out side. Tonight we will probably have BOTH the monitor and gas fireplace on, which is something we have never had to do before since we have had them both. We got the fireplace only a few years ago as a heat back up and alternative in case the power goes out, or we run out of oil. Keester's sore lip is still bothering her but is looking some bit better. I was able to get some peroxide on a cotton ball on it last night and dabbed some neosporin on it while she was laying on my lap on the couch. I still think she has scraped it over something by the way it looks.


Sunday December 5th 2014

January 5th 2014 12:00 pm
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well so today was yet another Sunday day of church missed due to bad weather and illness. It has already been a whole month. The weather has some what been so-so here today as the clouds have broke and the sun is peeking and warmed up to almost 50. But look out because they are still predicting dropping temps, snow, ice and frigid temps, some below zero here even with windchills WAY WAY below zero. Looks like a duel heat will be in store as we will probably have to burn both the monitor oil heater AND the gas fireplace too. Thank goodness Keester and doggie are very well warm and cozy as well as the rabbit outside with very heavy tarps secured all around the cage and plenty of straw in there to burrow in. Keester has a sore on her bottom lip I am concerned about. She licks her paw and then rubs her chin and lip with it. I try to keep peroxide dabbed on it with a bit of Neosporin when and if she will let me. I dont know if it is switching the dry cat food she eats or what. She usually eats meow Mix or Nine Lives but I had to get a cheaper brand, Whiskas. So I dont know if that was the cause of it or if she has just scraped herself or what. If it gets too bad I will take her to the clinic to be seen about but for right now it looks more like a scrape of some kind and not too bad. Thank you all for the sweet comments and congratulations too on Keesters Diary of the Day and Cat of the Day recently as well.


Saturday January 4th 2014

January 4th 2014 8:07 am
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Well it never occurred to me until today that I must have gotten Cat of the Day yesterday January 3rd 2014. Thanks so much Catster and to all who helped. Is there any way I can pull that up because I missed seeing it for some reason. Since I am new here, does that count for any thing, any special badges or any thing?? Still learning much about things here and there so please all bare with us. Any way I also see that I got Diary of the Day too. Thank you all for that and Catster. Well, the weather is not very nice at all, well, the sun is shining which makes it beautiful out side and all but it is still bone chilling cold. Our weather man (and woman) said to expect the coldest temps since 1996 here next week. BRRRR!!! -1 expected here for Monday and Tuesday. I am so glad we have Keester inside where she can stay nice and warm but I worry about the humans out there as well as all other animals who have no place warm to go. I pray and I also cry for them. I know Keester does too. Maybe this will help get rid of some nasty bugs and spiders and stuff. We dont like creepy crawlers. EEEK!! I may add a bit to this entry by the end of the day. Just stopping by to THANK YOU ALL and Catster for the wonderful welcomes I have received as well as COTD and Diary of the Day. Our love to you all!!!


FRIDAY January 3rd 2014

January 3rd 2014 7:21 am
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Well, yesterday was a horrible weather day. Looks like 2014 is starting off on a pretty rough note weather wise. It rained all day, was very cold and last night it snowed a bit. Woke up this morning to a bone chilling temp in the teens and in many places around was below zero. Thank goodness we were all safe and warm inside and Keester was cuddled up with us on the bed. She is a great warmer and cuddle buddy. Right now she is all curled up in the sunshine coming in trhough the Bay Window in the den, on top of my late Momas old cabinet sewing machine. That is one of her favorite spots to nap. I guess because of the warmth from the sun shining in, and she can see all out too. I cant say that I much blame her. I would lay there too if I could. I had to go back and change her birthdate on her page too because I had it down for September 9th when actually it is September 28th instead. LOL!!

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