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Sunday June 15th 2014

June 15th 2014 2:17 pm
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HAPPY DADDYS DAY TO ALL OF THE WONDERFUL DADDYS OUT THERE BOTH HUMAN AND NON HUMAN!!! And also for those LADIES out there who has to do BOTH, be a Mom AND a Dad too!!! Blessings to you all for all that you do in taking care of your very special and wonderful children!!!
BY THE WAY---I want to apologize to all of you because I had no idea that the GIFTS and all that many of you had sent, also had messages with them!! SO---I am very sorry that I have not returned the pleasure by sending gifts back to you as well. I will try from now on though to start sending gifts back to you as well in return for being so kind and generous. I am still learning much about Catster. I have already sent some in return to many of you from a couple months back. I will try better. LOL!!
Hope that you all have a wonderful and blessed day!!!


Thursday June 12th 2014

June 12th 2014 9:36 am
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Have mercy forgive me once again for being so late on adding a Diary entry. Not only have I been busy as always seems like, but there has also been so much sickness in my family. My brother (Keesters Human Uncle) is in the hospital not doing well. His sugar is out of this world along with signs and symptoms of CHF and Lord knows what else. He is 60. Will be 61 next month. Seems like if it is not one thing it is fourty more. The weather has not been too very hot and dry but quite warm still and the humidity has been unbearable. It might not be so hot enough for the AC but the humidity makes it necessary to have it turned on. Keester has been doing quite well though as she sits and watches the little bird that has a nest built in one of my bird houses hanging out on the front porch. She would surely love to catch it I know. I would enjoy having a bird or two in a cage in the house but I would have to hang it up out of her reach and then she would try to find a way to get to it. SO I guess that is not an option for me here yet. Keester is about all I want any way. She doesnt enjoy it much either when the windows are all down and the AC is on. She had much rather have the windows OPEN and the fresh air circulating which, well, the way the weather has been lately, you really dont NEED the AC on, except on those humid days. WHEW!! But when it rains as it usually has been like I have said, every evening or every other day or so, along with the rain there is wind and what is it going to do when a window is open...BLOW IN!! I would enjoy having my porch screened in for her so she can go out but not outside. Maybe one of these days. LOL!!!! Well that is about all I know to write about for the time.
I hope that you all have a great day and weekend to come.


Wednesday May 28th 2014

May 28th 2014 12:09 pm
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GREETINGS FELLOW PUSSY CATS AND OWNERS!!! SOOooo SORRY for not posting any new entries to mine and Keesters Diary. Been SO BUSY as seems like that is all I am these days. Revival at church and then the holiday that just came and went and we all certainly do hope that each and every one of you had a great Memorial Weekend and Day!! I spent the whole weekend with my daughter and her family while hubby stayed here with Keester. She doesnt like me being gone but hates it worse when we are BOTH gone. I had a bittersweet weekend though as we hung out by her big pool and even got the dogs in with us at times. LOL!! Too bad the CATS wont get in with us. BOO!! But the little Yorkie dog got hold of my brand new sandals I got for my birthday in March from my sister in law, had only worn them a couple of times too, and made a MEAL out of the left one. I was so mad at that dog and so hurt!! GRRRR!!! I STILL wore them to church Sunday morning but kept my feet hid the whole time under the bench or put one foot on top of the other. :( My daughter went back to WalMart though bless her heart, and bought me another pair. Next time I will keep them in my duffle bag out of reach of FANGS!! LOL!! NOT the dogs name but needs to be!! It is JAKE. Then Monday both me and hubby left out and yes, Keester had to stay here by herself. She manages good though and is a great protector. We spent the day grilling out and swimming in the pool and the clouds finally parted for us here and it was a great day after all. Tuesday hubby and my daughter went down to Monroe, Georgia because our daughter is having weight loss surgery in November. Bless her heart, she is frightening me to death with this surgery and all. What she has to eat and drink and can not eat or drink and do for the rest of her life....*Sigh* WHY OH WHY did she have to end up being over weight??!! Of course she was always a chubby girl. Her youngest son (three years old) cut the ends off of her Aloe Vera plant out on the front porch yesterday with his Dad's cutters. LOL!! And the dogs ate the pieces. I hope it didnt hurt them. Must have not because the Boxer eats any thing and every thing and his stomach must be made out of cast iron. If the Yorkie can eat up a pair of MY shoes especially and not get sick either, then he can eat any thing and every thing as well. LOL!! SO---that has been it for the past few days. So how have YOU all been???
Have a Great Day and week!!!


Sunday May 18th 2014

May 18th 2014 7:05 am
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Forgive me again for not keeping up to date very well with my diary. This has been a very busy week and more busy to come too. LOL!! I went to a place Wednesday I havent been to since I was about 16 or so, maybe younger. I went with my youngest Grandson to a place called Rock Creek Fish Hatchery where they raise fish to stock our mountain streams and creeks. My Grandson's Pre-K class and some special Education classes went and they got to fish right out of the tanks. It was so funny and fun watching them. He wouldnt fish for his life though so his Poppie had to for him. But his limit was caught in no time as were the others. There were plenty of volunteers to help those who were afraid or didnt want to handle the fish. It was a great day. Keester would have probably not enjoyed all of that entertainment though. I dont know how she would have reacted to the fish flopping around much less the noise but I have a feeling she would not have approved very much. She doesnt like noise very much, like myself. The quieter the better. We dont even have the television or radio on or any kind of noise on when we are cleaning the house or any thing. We just like the peace and quiet and sounds of nature. It has been rainy and cooler than normal here the past few days as well. Next week though, so they say, temps will be soaring to no end. I still have the old window AC covered up. I have just been raising the windows letting fresh air circulate. Keester so loves to sit on top of the monitor heater and look out and feel the breeze. She has not enjoyed it though at all during the past few days though because of the rain and cool temps, being let down. She really wont like it when the AC is up and running either but she does enjoy being cool when it is so terribly hot. And living in this older trailer with the aluminum siding and the way the sun goes around and shines in doesnt help any thing either. Well, hope all of you has a wonderful day!!! STAY SAFE!!!


Monday May 12th 2014

May 12th 2014 4:24 pm
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Well first of all I sure do hope that all had a great Mothers Day weekend and Mothers Day. I must say that I got the sweetest card in the mail from my Keester for Mothers Day along with a little poem. Awwwww!!! I get one from her and the dog every year like that. I know who does this but no matter. It is very sweet and I love it!!! One year I got a beautiful blue coral necklace and matching earrings. Wore them to church a week or so ago and got the most compliments. It was also a bittersweet day too as 11 years ago to the very exact day, date and all my beloved Dad passed away. Keester never got to meet him or my Mom. They both passed before she became family. My daughter got me an Aloe Vera plant for Mothers Day but I had no idea that they were poisonous to cats and dogs. Is there any thing I can maybe spray on it to keep Keester from chewing on it? I cant have any plants of any kind not even artificial because she is a chewer. If I had known that I would have opted for maybe an African Violet instead. I sure hope some one can help me out with this issue now. Any way Keester is doing really well and loves to have the windows open and fresh air coming in. As cool as it has been I have not had the AC on and probably wont even uncover it until the end of the month and if then. It rained some Saturday and she pitched a fit when the window was let down. Oh well Keester, got to get use to it especially when it rains. LOL!!
Have a great night all!!!


Saturday May 3rd 2014

May 3rd 2014 9:29 am
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Sorry that I havent added a new entry to my Diary in awhile but I have been SO SICK with an allergy and cold and all kinds of weird stuff. Keester has been the best buddy though being of comfort to me and my aid in distress and when I couldnt get up and go no more. Bless her heart. She knows when Mommie doesnt feel well. If I went to bed she would come and curl up under my butt and would lay right there with me and would not move or get up until I did. LOVE HER!! Above and beyond all of that we had hot water heater problems too in which we had to buy a new water heater. Our trailer takes a 30 gallon which is very hard to find any more. We found a 38 gallon with measurements at least an inch to two inches different. It took an act of congress and a few nips and chips and saws here and there and removing some 2 x 4's along the way but we got it in the space and got it set up and boy is the water hot now. Much better than what it was. It is getting to the point though these older trailer like the one here, things are getting so hard to find for them any more. Glad we remodeled it out and out though and put all new stuff in it from head to toe. The only thing old and original on it is the hull on the outside now. But it gets pressure washed twice a year and looks as good as it did brand new in 1972. yeap...that old!! But it paid for and it is HOME!! And Keester enjoys it along with our dog Richie. I like it too. I gotta say. Keeps me protected from the elements and private for personal stuff and issues too. Well, not sure but I would say that next Saturday will probably be the Rabies clinic here. Low cost Rabies and vaccines sponsored by the 4-H club. We usually take Keester and Richie to get theirs, but also take them annually for their regular check ups and stuff too as needed. They arent neglected by no means.
Well, I am going to get out and enjoy this absolutely amazing and gorgeous sunshine and warm temps. Keester and the dog have to stay in of course but they will be watching I am sure out the window this evening as I get some help with my yearly flower arrangements and flower beds and stuff. Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!


Monday April 28th 2014

April 28th 2014 1:48 pm
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Now---let me just say that for some reason, I have not been able to log in or do any thing at all through GOOGLE CHROME lately which I have used for the longest. It seems as if now for some reason, the server wont allow it and so I had to go through Interenet Explorer this time to get here. GEEZ!!! Cant understand this but any way here I am after a few days so forgive me.
If I have been Cat of the Day or Diary of the Day the past few days I would appreciate it if you would let me know so I can put it down.
Keester is doing fine and waves her paw to every one out there.
Have a great and blessed night now.


Thursday April 24th 2014

April 24th 2014 11:58 am
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Sorry I havent added any new entries in awhile but CATSTER has been down for one thing and we have had all kinds of problems with our hot water heater too. We have been without water for two days and it is getting kind of raunchy around here with dirty dishes and laundry. As well as Keesters litter box. As I always clean it thoroughly and wash it twice a week especially along with daily scooping. Trying to find one that will fit the cubby hole though is difficult as we live in an old 1972 mobile home that has been completely restored and remodeled. But we never thought of remodeling the cubby hole where the water heater sits. And we have to have a special size and all. Luckily though we have a pretty good size branch and creek flowing right out by the house so we can carry water as we need it especially for Keester and the other critters and to flush the toilet and all. Keester prefers good fresh natural creek water to the old nasty chemical treated city water any ways. I have to put terramyacin in her water ever so often as well because she gets allergies and sneezes often too.
Well, hope you all have a great day and pray we get our water heater installed this evening and good hot baths tonight.


Monday April 21st 2014

April 21st 2014 4:14 pm
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Well I do hope all had a very nice Easter weekend and Easter Sunday!!!
It was a beautiful Easter weekend and especially Easter Sunday here. Keester spent the day watching the birds out the window and the nice fresh air circulating through the house as I had the chance finally to open up some windows. She also enjoyed her 'nip and stuff I got for her in her Easter basket too.
Catster must be having technical issues today as I cant get any of my messages to upload or any thing. Says they are not found on this server so I dont know. :(
Oh well have a great night!!!


Saturday April 19th 2014

April 19th 2014 5:19 am
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First of all I want to thank each and every one of you for the great gifts you have sent to Keester!! We may not can get around for returning the favor as we only have 3 zealies left. LOL!! But thank you all.
We also would like to wish each and every one of you a very HAPPY and SAFE EASTER weekend and Easter Sunday tomorrow!! Hope you all find lots of eggs and 'nip.
We are spending it with my daughter and her family.
All have a wonderful day and weekend now ya hear??!!

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