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Saturday April 19th 2014

April 19th 2014 5:19 am
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First of all I want to thank each and every one of you for the great gifts you have sent to Keester!! We may not can get around for returning the favor as we only have 3 zealies left. LOL!! But thank you all.
We also would like to wish each and every one of you a very HAPPY and SAFE EASTER weekend and Easter Sunday tomorrow!! Hope you all find lots of eggs and 'nip.
We are spending it with my daughter and her family.
All have a wonderful day and weekend now ya hear??!!


Thursday April 17th 2014

April 17th 2014 6:12 am
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Well what a gorgeous morning it is outside today. Much different than was Monday and Tuesday, and part of yesterday. Winter tried to make a comeback but wow not today and the rest of the week and weekend. Keester and I would like to take the time to wish each and every one of you a very HAPPY and SAFE EASTER!!!!
I also want to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful comments and the gifts. I may not give gifts back in return to all of you because I am running out of Zealies, but please note that we thank all of you for sending them. They are so sweet and so cute.
It has sure been a very busy week and very busy month too as I have had to go to my daughters so much to baby sit while she takes the oldest to the doctors and around to have him examined for seizures and for other ailments. They only have about a month left to go to school here and then they are off until the first of August.
Well now lets talk about my KEESTER. She has been annoyed of course at us having to go so much here lately, and she cant go with us of course. But she misses us when we are not around surely. She doesnt fret too much though. But I can tell she is sure glad to see us when we return. We dont stay gone too long. Her Poppie usually stays here with her while I go every other weekend to our daughters. It is only 28 miles away. Sometimes though we both have to go and stay but it is usually just over night and mostly just on specific holidays.
Well, hope you are all having a great day where you are and blessed too.


Monday April 14th 2014

April 14th 2014 9:55 am
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Sorry for not being around to keep up with my diary but a lot of things going on and with Easter coming up too we got to get ready for Mr. Hopsalot. That is what we call the Easter Bunny. This past week and weekend was totally awesome!! I usually dont do Easter for Keester, but I think this year I might at least get her a basket and put some nip and some toys in it and see what she does. Well, I know this is a rather short diary input for today, but I DO wanna thank ALL of you who have sent gifts and stuff. I am sorry that I dont get around to sending thank you's as I should, so here is my way of sending it out to you ALL!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Have a great day!!!


Monday April 7th 2014

April 7th 2014 5:53 am
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Well this has been a nice weekend. But my aches and pains sure caught up with me. Yesterday was my 29th wedding anniversary and instead of celebrating and enjoying it, I stayed in and rested because I had so many aches and pains. Keester made me feel better though by giving me comfort. We just sat and watched the ball game on TV along with movies and stuff. Boy today it is raining and raining and raining like it hasnt rained in weeks. Which it really hasnt, not this much any way. Thank goodness though it is suppose to warm back up and be pretty towards the end of the week. Keester has had a bit of the sniffles and sneezes lately so I had to put some medication in her water. I use a bit of terramyacin powder in it as that is the best stuff for any ailment for an animal that I have found yet. I tried all kinds of vet meds a couple of years ago and they were expensive as well. But I tried that terramyacin and it helped and cleared every thing right up better than any thing else. I have got to get out and get her an Easter Basket for Easter soon. Yes I guess you can all tell she is certainly very much so spoiled. LOL!!
Have a great day!!!


Friday April 4th 2014

April 4th 2014 11:48 am
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Well it has been a very lovely week here for a change of pace. Instead of cold windy rainy or snowy it has been warm sunny and lovely!!! Keester has really enjoyed the fresh air coming in from open windows as well as being able to look out the front door too. She has also been able to hear the geese from the neighbors pond across the street and cant seem to figure them out just as of yet. Of course the bug zapper stirs up her curiosity too. Well this Sunday will be mine and my husbands 29th anniversary. Doesnt seem like it has been that long. Much waters have run under the bridge both clear and muddy.
Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Wednesday April 2nd 2014

April 2nd 2014 5:03 am
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THANK YOU CATSTER and every one else for giving KEESTER Diary of The Day for today!!
I am very thrilled and pleased for Keester!!!
Thank you all again so very much!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!


Monday March 31st 2014

March 31st 2014 2:20 pm
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7 years ago today and it was on a Saturday evening at that, I adopted the most beautiful, loveable and absolutely amazing pussy cat ever!!! Not one day of regret have I ever had of adopting her. She has been such an extreme joy and pleasure!! I am just over come with happiness!!!


Sunday March 31st 2014

March 30th 2014 1:41 pm
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Well forgive us for not posting a new diary entry in the past few days but we have all been rather busy. Which is nothing short of unusual here lately. I was visiting my daughter this weekend and yesterday was MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Now tomorrow is Keesters ADOPTIVERSARY too!! She will be with us for 7 wonderful glorious years tomorrow. My where has the time gone??!! She has been the best and greatest thing that I have ever adopted other than adopting (if you will) my Savior Jesus Christ. She has just been the greatest joy and pleasure to this house since my daughter and Grandson lived here, but of course after them left and got a place of their own, I was lonely and lost even though I still have hubby too. Both he and the Keester are my daily laughs and companions. Without them I would not have a heart at all. Well, at least not having a heart here at HOME that is. I am sure you all know well what I mean and how I feel. LOL!! I am always over come with happiness and joy when I come through the door and Keester is there to greet me. We are looking forward to tomorrow and another year and many many more to come with Keester. Life couldnt be any better than this!!!
Have a great day!!


Monday March 24th 2014

March 24th 2014 6:46 am
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Well what a wonderful weekend it was. Despite the fact it was a bit cold and rainy yesterday, Saturday was a day filled with entertainment, celebrations and PRESENTS!!! My family (in-laws) all got together at my sister in laws house for a bog March birthday party and blast. My birthday, my mother in laws, sister in laws, great niece and nieces hubby are all in the month of March so we all got together and had a celebration. Keester has a GOTCHA day coming up on the 31st as well. She has been with us happily now since 2007 when I decided I would go to the shelter and get her after seeing her on line waiting for some one to come. That some one was ME!! And I have certainly not regretted it not one day or time. I would surely do it all over again and she knows it too. She has been nothing but total sheer enjoyment and joy for both me and my hubby. Without her it would be so lifeless and boring. I hate to see her getting older and all, but I enjoy the seconds and every minute I can with her. She is just the greatest thing since God, and my Grandchildren. What else could there be??!!
Have a great day!!


Thursday march 20th 2014

March 20th 2014 6:16 am
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HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY SPRING ONE AND ALL!!! Good bye furr-ever to this Winter!! It has been a horrible one for sure!! SO ready for warmth and sunshine!!
Sorry for the late additions to mine and Keesters Diary here but so much to do so little time seems like any more. Birthdays and adoptiversaries coming up too. GOODNESS!! Went to a recent foreclosure sale and got so many good things. Got some new cordless phones with an answering machine. Very handy indeed since many times people will call and let the phone ring and ring and ring knowing good and well we are not available to answer. Keester enjoys the one in the den because it croaks like a frog when it rings. The one in the living room plays music. Of course Keester does not like the curtains I put up over the bay window either where she enjoys laying and watching the birds and feels the sunshine on her back. But they are lacey sheers so she can still see the view and scenery. She is just like my late Dad and Grandpa though she has to have full open view of the whole world!! SO---I STILL have to open them back a little bit. LOL!! Well, so the 29th of this month is my birthday and the 31st will be Keesters adoptiversary. Where has the past few years gone already??

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