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Saturday December 21st 2013

December 22nd 2013 7:19 am
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Well, today I started my Keester on this wonderful site. Sad to see Club Cat over on Cat Channel close after the first of the year. *SIGH* so I was told about this network. never heard of it before. So I decided to venture on over after liking it on FB. I am so glad I did!! New friends, friends from FB, friends from Club Cat. What could I ask for??!! Well now, let me see, the weather is horrible today with rain, rain and more rain to come. But the temps are out of range for this time of year, especially here where we live. Feels more like Spring time than winter time. Keester took the day in sprawled out on my bed while trying to put clean fresh sheets on it. I had just put the fitted bottom sheet on and PLOP, up she went and did her "thang". Since she is over spoiled, I just let her lay until she got her nap out. When she finally got down I finished making it all up. I know she is fascinated and cant wait for Christmas either. I had to make a place for her to go behind the tree because she tried to jump across the presents, and ripped a hole in my Grandsons present. Luckily it as enough I could pull the paper back up and tape it down. I think she wants her 'nip stuff in her stocking but she will just have to wait. Wonder what will be in store for tomorrow???


Sunday December 22nd 2013

December 22nd 2013 4:27 pm
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Well today was nothing to do but lay around and watch some Football and cuddle and snuggle on the couch with Keester, since the weather was horrible once again. Rain, Rain and more Rain. What time we werent piled up on the couch watching TV we were snoozing in between. We did however manage to make a batch of sugar cookies, which Keester sat on the floor in the kitchen the whole time watching, and waiting. I gave her a nice little lick off on a napkin and she sampled the mixture and seemed pleased. Hoping tomorrow will be a much better day for the weather and to do more cooking for the big day on Wednesday.


Monday December 23rd 2014

December 23rd 2013 2:52 pm
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Well what a day it has been today. The weather has calmed down a bit but it was still cloudy and light drizzle, nothing like yesterday, and the temps are falling too. Keester and I baked, or should I say attempted to bake our first ever Yule log cake roll. It was suppose to have been Chocolate Mint. Well every thing went well, Keester sat over on the bar watching me with every move. Every thing in preparing went rather well until I tired to ROLL it. It started to break so I just stopped and looked over at Keester and said.."I expected that to happen." Keester did her little "pigeon purr" as if she was laughing and saying..."Yeah NOW what??" But I had another plan. Plan B. I just took my pizza cutter and cut it into squares, and made cookies instead. I still put the filling in between pieces, and frosted them and tossed some chocolate chip pieces on top. Keester could not sample the frosting but she did a bit of the filling and I dont think she liked the peppermint taste too well. She backed off, shook her head and leaped down and ran in to the living room and hid under the quilt on the couch. LOL!!


Wednesday December 25th 2013

December 25th 2013 1:47 pm
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Well first of all MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL!!!! Well I missed yesterday writing in my diary but we were away spending time and Christmas with relatives in gatherings and etc. Keester was very happy and content staying here in the comfort of home with her warm heat and food and water and the whole bed to her self. She did not mind though because large crowds make her nervous. But today we arrived back home with all of our goodies received and did not forget her and our doggie as they received as well. Keester was very pleased with her fuzzy catnip mice and warm bed and our doggie got gnaw bones and greenies as well. We all had a little snack and then we piled up and took a nice long nap afterwards. Kind of hard being up until 12:30 this morning and then going to bed and sleeping until 4:00. Tonight will make up for it though as we are all off to bed early and sleeping late in the morning.
HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS and THANK YOU ALL for the little "gifts" on the page here as well.


Thursday December 26th 2013

December 27th 2013 6:49 am
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Well, despite superstitions and all, all of my Christmas decorations from the tree, to my Christmas glass wear and etc. have been taken down, boxed and bagged up, and put away for another year. yes Keester helped me take down the tree by knocking off some balls and batting them around of course. She even ran off with a candy cane or two too. LOL!! And of course Ithink she was meowing and talking to me trying to tell me..."You aint suppose to take stuff down until after New Years!!" Well, I have tried it all!! I have tried taking every thing down around the 6th of January, I have tried taking things down actually on Christmas Day after every thing got done and over, and nothing I do changes any superstition of having GOOD LUCK because as I was singing as I was taking every thing down..."If it werent for bad luck I;d have no luck at all,,,Gloom Despair and agony on me!!" I took all of the Christmas cards I got which were not very many but I took those all down and off of the door. The house looks bare now but better too. Now we are getting ready to celebrate the New Year but we will not go any where or have any parties or any thing.


Friday December 27th 2013

December 28th 2013 6:03 am
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Well today wasnt much of a day. Unless you want to call cleaning out the litter box and cleaning house a day. Of course I have help with Keester on that. She really enjoyse helping me make up the bed especially, because she usually plops right down in the middle of it. I just leave her there until she gets down, and then I go back to finish making it up. Sometimes it is a few hours sometimes it is all day. Then I sat down and done my weekly manicure and pedicure which Keester watches every move I make with the nail thing that I use to smooth and file my nails down with and all. Once I tried it on her claws and she didnt seem to mind it much. I even tried to polish her nails once but that didnt work too well as she didnt like the smell. LOL!! I was afraid she would lick it off too and be harmful. When I am around the remover and stuff I go to the bathroom and put some water in the sink and wont let her around. We have a real chore tomorrow to do and I will have to call for a neighborly helper too on that as we have to set in on my oven and Easy Off it. Well, We already easy offed it and letting it sit over night and then tomorrow we will tackle the job of washing it out and all. Although it is self cleaning, I dont do it any more because all it does it get the sutt and smutt and stuff all out in the house. I have to open windows and well, cant do that in the winter time and let the heat all out either. So I opt for the fume free Self Cleaning Easy Off. It works wonders. Wish us luck tomorrow.


Saturday December 28th 2013

December 28th 2013 2:59 pm
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Well today it rained and so I called a friend to come help me Easy Off the oven and clean it. We sprayed last night and let it sit over night and then she came to help me this morning. Of course Keester had to help too but stayed out of the way as well. It didnt take but a couple of hours. No trouble hardly at all. After that me and Keester had a great lunch of warmed left over spaghetti and garlic bread. Keester wont eat human food though and wont eat canned cat food either. I guess she just got use to the dry Purina chow she was on while she was at the shelter for those 6 months before I adopted her. But she always has to inspect to see what I have and of course I always naturally offer her a bite whether she eats it or not. I guess I have to let her know what I am eating too in case she does want to taste it. It has been a LONG day and I am calling it a night now.


Wednesday January 1st 2014

January 1st 2014 6:19 am
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I havent composed in the past few days because me and Keester have been busy cleaning nad getting ready to welcome in the New Year!!! Although we were asleep when it rang in, we got up this morning with happy faaces and celebrating the New Year with a bright and sunny morning and day. COLD...but beats the heck out of the first day last year. I have always heard what ever the weather is on the FIRST day of the New year, it will be that way the rest of the year. Proved to be TRUE last year because the first whole week it rained and rained and rained. So it did the whole rained and rained and rained!! It ended up being the 4th wettest year on record. So lets hope that this year it will be SUNNY and HOT as it was not even Spring or much of a Summer here either. WAY too cool. Well, yesterday I had to go to the internet service provider store and get a new router because my old one had routed its final route. I like it better because it is smaller and more compact and can even be hung on the wall if I want it too. Takes up less space. I was worried because I couldnt even get on line. Now I am up and going. Well, as far as the Keester, she has a little cold with sniffling and sneezing and some runny eyes and nose. A little terramyacin in her water will clear that up in no time. That stuff is a miracle powder!!! I have always used that for my cats and other animals when they are ill and it cures them right up in no time. Well...HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!


FRIDAY January 3rd 2014

January 3rd 2014 7:21 am
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Well, yesterday was a horrible weather day. Looks like 2014 is starting off on a pretty rough note weather wise. It rained all day, was very cold and last night it snowed a bit. Woke up this morning to a bone chilling temp in the teens and in many places around was below zero. Thank goodness we were all safe and warm inside and Keester was cuddled up with us on the bed. She is a great warmer and cuddle buddy. Right now she is all curled up in the sunshine coming in trhough the Bay Window in the den, on top of my late Momas old cabinet sewing machine. That is one of her favorite spots to nap. I guess because of the warmth from the sun shining in, and she can see all out too. I cant say that I much blame her. I would lay there too if I could. I had to go back and change her birthdate on her page too because I had it down for September 9th when actually it is September 28th instead. LOL!!


Saturday January 4th 2014

January 4th 2014 8:07 am
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Well it never occurred to me until today that I must have gotten Cat of the Day yesterday January 3rd 2014. Thanks so much Catster and to all who helped. Is there any way I can pull that up because I missed seeing it for some reason. Since I am new here, does that count for any thing, any special badges or any thing?? Still learning much about things here and there so please all bare with us. Any way I also see that I got Diary of the Day too. Thank you all for that and Catster. Well, the weather is not very nice at all, well, the sun is shining which makes it beautiful out side and all but it is still bone chilling cold. Our weather man (and woman) said to expect the coldest temps since 1996 here next week. BRRRR!!! -1 expected here for Monday and Tuesday. I am so glad we have Keester inside where she can stay nice and warm but I worry about the humans out there as well as all other animals who have no place warm to go. I pray and I also cry for them. I know Keester does too. Maybe this will help get rid of some nasty bugs and spiders and stuff. We dont like creepy crawlers. EEEK!! I may add a bit to this entry by the end of the day. Just stopping by to THANK YOU ALL and Catster for the wonderful welcomes I have received as well as COTD and Diary of the Day. Our love to you all!!!

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