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Tuesday January 20th 2015

January 20th 2015 9:22 am
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Well if it aint one thing around and about happening it seems to be fourty eleven.
Sorry we have not been on here in awhile but so many things happening our nerves are completely shot.
Bad news first. My brother in law suddenly and unexpectedly passed away over the weekend, well, actually last Monday. They kept him on life support because he was donating his organs, until this past Saturday. His viewing and all will be tomorrow afternoon. He was just a young fellow at only 46 years old but he had declining health for the past few years because of a major back injury he suffered on his job several years ago. He never healed from that and along with other issues as well.
Now on to better things. Keester is doing better with her nightly meowing and wall scratching as it was getting so bad that me and hubby were up all night trying to calm her and doing whatever we could to help her and try to stop the habit. Along with much needed rest from my brother in laws passing and all too, I got to the point that I told hubby when she started, just to ignore her and let her go that she would tire herself out and would eventually go lay down. SO---after about 10 minutes and maybe not that long, she jumps up on the bed and stretches out and goes to sleep with us. YAY!! As far as her eating canned or moist food well, that is another issue we are working on. LOL!!
Have a great day and love to you all!!


Wednesday January 14th 2015

January 14th 2015 7:06 am
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Sorry I seem to just get around and about here every once in awhile any more. If things would slow down for us and go smoothly for a change it wouldnt be so bad. Sometimes I think we just need a good motor home that way we can be ready to up and go where ever and when ever and park and sleep. LOL!!
Not only did my son-in-law hurt his foot really really REALLY bad last month while at his work, and is still having issues with that and all, my daughter had her weight loss surgery the day after Christmas too, and well, thought we were going to lose her there at times too. She is recovering pretty good now and that is a blessing. But now my brother in law had a massive heart attack the other day and is on life support now and things just doesnt look good. He is only around 47 or 48 too. But a lifetime of health issues and problems as over weight and all and just not taking proper care of him self either. Please pray for him though.
Well, Keester is still her usual self I suppose but developing habits as she gets older. Dont know if it is equivalent to us women when we go through "the change" or what but she still wants to moan and meow through the night some and scratch on the hall wall. But I have prompted that nearly as I get up and walk through the house with her, see that her food and water are alright, play with her for awhile, lay on the couch until she gets ready to go back to bed which she will start her meowing. I will walk with her and she waits for me to pick her up and put her up on the bed. Sometimes she will make a bed under my butt and will fall asleep and sleep the rest of the night. Sometimes, if she has not had her play out or whatever, she will jump off of the bed and start meowing again. I then have to get back up with her and play or lay on the couch until she wears her self out and down. It might take 30 minutes but eventually she will calm down and go back to sleep. I just dont have the heart to scold her or any thing. She is spoiled beyond every thing seems like. LOL!! I also got her two cans of Fancy Feast to try to get her to eating more moist food rather than dry all the time for health reasons. She just turned her nose up at it once again so it went straight in the trash. I have no clue as to what else to do. But she does drink lots of water especially after eating and her stools always look normal and all. She seldom ever coughs up hairballs or any thing either.
I still wish Catster would have an option to send all of friends gifts at the one time. Even if I do "add friends" or whatever, I still have to go page by page and friend by friend and click on their picture, and for some reason it will only let me go up to a certain page. Then it stops and I have more friends than what it allows me to go up to. Bummer!!! Maybe one day.
Well, in the meantime all of you have a great day!!!


Sunday January 5th 2015

January 4th 2015 8:05 am
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Hope that the new year has started off well for all of you. I must say it has been yet another soggy, rainy, cold and miserable start to the new year, as it has been for the past few years. GRRR!! We have basically not seen the sun in EONS here. I dont even know what it looks or feels like any more.
I also hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas too. Ours was bittersweet, as things happened and were both said and done which caused much heart aches and breaks but were resolved and so things went pretty good after all. My daughter finally had her weight loss surgery the day after Christmas but tragedy almost struck too as they had to bring her back two or three times from the brink of death. She is home now recovering well.
Keester is doing good and loves her new toys. I just have to get some batteries for her whirly gig feather thing.
Aside from other things I have just contacted CATSTER regarding still making options to send gifts to ALL friends at just one click, at the same time. I know you can do that still by going page to page and friend to friend on the Add option on the gift page. But still, it is still often quite hard to get 500 + gifts all sent and for some reason too, I can only go up to page 7. So that means many are still going to be left out. Which is sad. We dont intend on leaving any body out at all.
Well, hope you have a great remainder of the day and a great 2015!!!
Love you all!!


Monday December 22nd 2014

December 22nd 2014 7:24 am
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We cant get to each and every friend on here nor can we get to each and every individual so this is our way of saying MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ONE AND TO ALL OF YOU HERE ON CATSTER!!!!!
Keester and I are still on FB but we are not posting that much any more or any thing. We are very busy preparing for the arrival of Santa PAWS along with the human Santa CLAUS in the next few days, much traveling and things to do, places to go, people to see.
From our family to yours please be happy, safe, healthy and above all rejoiceful time!!
Love to you all!!!


Tuesday December 16th 2014

December 16th 2014 10:17 am
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PLEASE NOTE: IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH ME ON FACEBOOK...I have chosen to deactivate my account over there due to circumstances beyond my control and the sensitivity it has caused and all. I may be back in time to come but as of right now I will not. This has been an issue and an accident waiting to happen for a very long time and I am very sorry it had to happen especially here at the holidays. So I would appreciate it that you would all spread the news and let every one know if you have been friends with me over there that I have deactivated. The name was Delores Annette Barnes and I dont know if or when I will ever be back. I can at least keep up with one and all here.
Well now on to Keester and the real world. She is doing fine and looking forward to Santa PAWS. I must say she is a great pussy cat at Christmas time as she does not interfere with the tree or presents or any part of any thing. I am very blessed with all of that. I just wish I was blessed with other things as well as that. I have also recently won a bunch of stuff for her from contests and all, and I have just won a Pandora 12 Days of Christmas bracelet from Jared Jewelers over on Facebook. Boy that is the one thing I am going to miss tremendously is all of those contests. I have won so much jewelry off of there over the past few months. Right now that is the only way that I can afford any jewelry of any kind is if I win it. LOL!! I dont know if I can take the Christmas charms off or not but I would like to get some other charms of my own. I love the safety chain and would love to have some charms of my two Grandsons with their birthstone and of course a kitty cat for Keester. Along with a few others.
Well any way that is about all of the news and stuff I have to say right now and all. Please be in prayer if you will for me and for my family and for my daughter. She is going Thursday to have her weight loss surgery and that is one of the problems right there that has caused every thing to be screwed up but I aint telling her that at all. There are other issues and situations far from that reason that has caused things to be upset and all this Christmas.
From my family to yours we all hope that you all have a wonderful and joyful Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate this time of year and if you dont celebrate then that is fine too. We still wish you the very best!!!
Love you all and have a wonderful day!!!


Monday December 8th 2014

December 8th 2014 2:10 pm
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Sorry I have not been on in awhile but so much happening and going on not even Keester knows exactly when I am coming or going.
She had to unfortunately say goodbye to an old friend that has been with us for 21 years. She had to give up her couch she has been sleeping on and under the spreads for the past 7 years to a brand new recliner rocker that we went in together and got for her Poppie for part of his Christmas. She got up in it one time and felt it rock, and jumped back down and hasnt been in it again. She didnt quite know what to think about it being where her old couch use to be. She really doesnt like the big hoot owl throw we got spread over it either. She still has the old love seat though and the old quilt I keep spread over it to get under though.
Got the tree all up and the lights twinkling around and about on it and presents as well. Keester and Richie Dogs stocking are both packed full of items for them on Christmas morning as well. Well, Christmas evening because we will be at my daughters for Christmas morning. She will be having weight loss surgery on December 18th. NOT for cosmetic purposes but for health reasons and purposes. Her husband fell off of a ladder today and hurt him self too. Lord seems like every year on every holiday there is something that happens or goes wrong or something. The only GOOD thing that has ever happened was the Christmas when I met my husband for the first time and we started dating.
Well, wishing all of you a wonderful night.
Good night and love to you all!!!


Tuesday November 25th 2014

November 25th 2014 9:52 am
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Just wanted to pass by and say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of our wonderful and beloved friends on here.
Regardless of how you may celebrate, or even if you dont, we wish you all the best day possible!! Eat a little, laugh much but be thankful even more!!
We wont be on for the next few days so this is why we are sending out all of our love and wishes today.
CONGRATS to all of the CAT OF THE DAYS and DIARY OF THE DAYS, CATS OF THE WEEK and so forth and so on!!!!!
Keester and I put up our tree yesterday and might I say it looks WONDERFUL!!! Keester is a great pussycat and never minds it or bothers it or gets around it at all. I can even have old fashioned candy canes and tinsel on it and she pays it absolutely no mind. What can I say Keester is just the absolute best pussy cat!! And yes her stocking is hanging and already jammed packed full of goodies too.
Well, got to go and finish cleaning this house. We dont want it to look like a junk yard before leaving for vacation adn Thanksgiving.
You all be good and behave yourselves and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!
Love to you all!!!!


Wednesday November 19th 2014

November 19th 2014 8:16 am
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Sorry it has been awhile since Keester and I have added any Diary entries but always always something to do or going on. And right now it is getting closer time for my daughter and Keester's human sister to go and have her weight loss surgery. She is having her last big Thanksgiving Dinner this weekend and it is kind of sad, but then again not so sad either as she will always have a dinner but she just wont be able to eat any thing. Bless her heart. Hate it for her but then again proud for her too as she has tried eery kind of diet imaginable and nothing has helped at all. She will be having the sleeve surgery on December 15th. That is, they will remove the lower portion of her stomach.
Well, any ways Keester has developed the sore back on her lower lip again and I cant figure it out because I have changed her food and water bowls out to totally glass thinking that would help. Wonder now if I should try ceramic or steel ones now. I dont think it would be her food because we usually get the same kind but different flavors. Kitten Caboodles or Nine Lives. I think it could be where she sits and grooms herself a lot too and rubs her chin raw.
She is getting better on her bewitching hours scratching and meowing through the night too she developed recently as well. Thanks to a kind friend on FB sending us some Sentry Calming Spray. Hubby says it stinks but I cant smell any thing. So I have to limit where and how I use it but it is helping. Along with a regular spray bottle of water too. LOL!!!
Well I hope for those who celebrate the holidays that you all have a very happy, healthy and safe holiday and if we dont get back before Thanksgiving...HAVE A GREAT ONE!!!!!
Loves to you all and have a wonderful day!!!


Saturday November 8th 2014

November 8th 2014 8:29 am
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HAPPY SATURDAY!!! Well, Keester and I are NOT ignoring any one here at all and we are sorry that we have not been around a lot lately. But among the holidays coming up, and Keester's human sister running around getting stuff ready for her weight loss surgery next month, and now with a hurt back from her work it is making things very rough and very hard. Not to mention my own self becoming less able to do the things I use to do and all as well and getting the run around and about from all of that. GRRRR!! Life sure sucks some times.
My luck has been fairly well though winning stuffs lately. I have won tons of jewelry from FB and contests on some of the things I have friended and liked and have won Keester some stuffs as well. Keeping all of that back for her stocking for Christmas.
She is doing really well these days but has developed some rather freaky and bad habits though as of lately. She sits in the hallway during the night and scratches on the wall and meows. I go and straighten up her food and water which is no longer in her food and water tower, which I think she misses, but in glass bowls because she suddenly developed an allergy to the plastic in the other things. She also gets on the dresser and does the same thing with the mirror. She does this a few times and then she hushes. Usually between 2 and 4:00. She never does this during the day.
Just dont know what it could be she wants or any thing.
Well, my hubby's Aunt passed away too Thursday night from a declining illness. HATE going to the funeral home but guess we will have to this evening. GRRRR!! I had rather just go to a forensic viewing instead!!! Me and funeral homes just dont get along very well. I know when my own Mom & Dad passed away I tended to stay out side and away period!!
Well, better move along now. It is lunch time here now.
Have a great day and our love to you all!!!


Monday October 27th 2014

October 27th 2014 5:47 am
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First of all, Keester and I would very much like to apologize for not taking the time to add diary entries or much of any thing lately. Seems like things get more and more complicated to do like that with so much stuff going on right here at the holidays and all with shopping and having to go with my daughter to her doctor once a month for consultation visits for her up coming weight loss surgery. WHEW THAT WAS A MOUTH FULL!!! About the time things slow down seems like every thing starts right back up again. Last week I had my oldest Grandson as they were out of school for Fall Break here. Then I traveled to his house for the weekend.
Keester is doing well and changing her habits a bit as well. I guess because she is getting older. But I just cant and aint going to scold her as I never have. A little spray bottle of water is punishment enough. She won one of those feather whirly gig things from Modern Cat and I am going to save it for her to have in her stocking for Christmas along with her other goodies. She hasn't seen it yet either. So it WILL be a surprise. I also won another piece of jewelry from a Facebook contest. This makes about 3 within the past few months.
Well, thank you ALL for the wonderful comments and gifts sent to Keesters page and we will return the favor when we can.
Last but not least we want to wish all of you here the HAPPIEST, SAFEST, MOST ENJOYABLE HALLOWEEN WEEK AND NIGHT EVER!!!!!
Have a great time but please stay safe and STAY INSIDE!!!!
Love and hugs to you all now!!!

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