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Age: 8 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 13 lbs.

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sleepyvery active
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March 31st 2007

September 28th 2006


her family and her toys.

being sprayed with water when mean, which is seldom but sometimes

Favorite Toy:
her mice and kit kat stix

Favorite Nap Spot:
my lap and our bed

Favorite Food:
she ONLY eats dry food

she is talented in all things in every way


Arrival Story:
My Calico kitty, Pooky...a.k.a Tumbleweeds passed away in 2006. I was devastated and without life or any thing. I said my next cat would be a Maine Coon. I searched on line from our local shelter and lo and behold the first kitty I came to was KiWi KaTT. The way she looked, her name, every thing about her said I AM YOURS!!! I called and told them I wanted her but had to wait for my income taxes to come back in. I adopted her two days after my birthday on March 31st 2007. She was 6 months old and had been at the shelter since her birth. I have not regretted once ever not adopting her. She lays in my lap, sleeps with me and every thing. She is my gift of life back that I lost when Pooky died.

She may be a little mixed of another cat but she is definitely Main Coon too!!! She talks,,Oh does she talk!! I love her!! But she has 8 of her 9 lives left because a couple of years ago, she suffered from not only a bad case of asthma, but I think she may have gotten bit by a recluse spider or something as well because she had a giant knot in between her eyes. She got down very weak and lifeless and her jaw and whole face swelled up terribly. Her left eye lid turned inside out and her glands swelled and were protruding which was completely gross. She also ran a fever too. She got up on top of my late Grandmothers wardrobe in our bedroom and laid. She drooled heavily. Thank God for our local Mobile Clinic which came and kept check on her because I was afraid to move her in her condition. I had to get a step ladder to reach her. The vet was very kind hearted though and helped in in all ways possible. I kept cool damp towels over her and could not sleep at all through the night. She got so bad one evening, I just stood on the ladder and rubber her and told her if she wanted to "go on" that I understood completely. She would raise her head up a bit and moan as if she was saying.."I AM NOT GOING ANY WHERE!! I WILL SURVIVE THIS!!" As I was rubbing her head, I noticed something green and icky and stinky came gushing out of a hole where the knot was right next to her eye. I went and got some kleenex and came back to rub it off for fear of it getting in her eye. The more I rubbed, the more gooey stuff came out. I noticed the swelling was going down though the more stuff I was getting out. I did this for awhile and then let her rest, and a few hours later I did it some more. I kept doing this for 2 days and finally, her fever broke, her drooling stopped, the swelling went down, and she jumped down off of the wardrobe on to the bed and then came on in through the living room and to her food and water bowl. First time in days. Long story short, she DID recover!! She still has a knot ther, a small one as a reminder of the near journey she had to the Bridge but it just wasnt her time yet to go there!! CAT OF THE DAY: January 3rd 2014, March 15th 2014 DIARY OF THE DAY AND DIARY OF THE DAY PICKS: January 4th 2014, January 8th 2014, January 11th 2014, March 1st 2014, March 11th 2014, March 15th 2014, March 24th 2014, April 2nd 2014, April 28th 2014, June 17th 2014, July 3rd 2014, July 10th 2014, August 3rd 2014, August 15th 2014 **THANK YOU ALL**

Lives Remaining:
8 of 9

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Eat, Sleep, be PURR-ty

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December 21st 2013 More than 1 year!

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Tuesday January 20th 2015

January 20th 2015 9:22 am
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Well if it aint one thing around and about happening it seems to be fourty eleven.
Sorry we have not been on here in awhile but so many things happening our nerves are completely shot.
Bad news first. My brother in law suddenly and unexpectedly passed away over the weekend, well, actually last Monday. They kept him on life support because he was donating his organs, until this past Saturday. His viewing and all will be tomorrow afternoon. He was just a young fellow at only 46 years old but he had declining health for the past few years because of a major back injury he suffered on his job several years ago. He never healed from that and along with other issues as well.
Now on to better things. Keester is doing better with her nightly meowing and wall scratching as it was getting so bad that me and hubby were up all night trying to calm her and doing whatever we could to help her and try to stop the habit. Along with much needed rest from my brother in laws passing and all too, I got to the point that I told hubby when she started, just to ignore her and let her go that she would tire herself out and would eventually go lay down. SO---after about 10 minutes and maybe not that long, she jumps up on the bed and stretches out and goes to sleep with us. YAY!! As far as her eating canned or moist food well, that is another issue we are working on. LOL!!
Have a great day and love to you all!!


Wednesday January 14th 2015

January 14th 2015 7:06 am
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Sorry I seem to just get around and about here every once in awhile any more. If things would slow down for us and go smoothly for a change it wouldnt be so bad. Sometimes I think we just need a good motor home that way we can be ready to up and go where ever and when ever and park and sleep. LOL!!
Not only did my son-in-law hurt his foot really really REALLY bad last month while at his work, and is still having issues with that and all, my daughter had her weight loss surgery the day after Christmas too, and well, thought we were going to lose her there at times too. She is recovering pretty good now and that is a blessing. But now my brother in law had a massive heart attack the other day and is on life support now and things just doesnt look good. He is only around 47 or 48 too. But a lifetime of health issues and problems as over weight and all and just not taking proper care of him self either. Please pray for him though.
Well, Keester is still her usual self I suppose but developing habits as she gets older. Dont know if it is equivalent to us women when we go through "the change" or what but she still wants to moan and meow through the night some and scratch on the hall wall. But I have prompted that nearly as I get up and walk through the house with her, see that her food and water are alright, play with her for awhile, lay on the couch until she gets ready to go back to bed which she will start her meowing. I will walk with her and she waits for me to pick her up and put her up on the bed. Sometimes she will make a bed under my butt and will fall asleep and sleep the rest of the night. Sometimes, if she has not had her play out or whatever, she will jump off of the bed and start meowing again. I then have to get back up with her and play or lay on the couch until she wears her self out and down. It might take 30 minutes but eventually she will calm down and go back to sleep. I just dont have the heart to scold her or any thing. She is spoiled beyond every thing seems like. LOL!! I also got her two cans of Fancy Feast to try to get her to eating more moist food rather than dry all the time for health reasons. She just turned her nose up at it once again so it went straight in the trash. I have no clue as to what else to do. But she does drink lots of water especially after eating and her stools always look normal and all. She seldom ever coughs up hairballs or any thing either.
I still wish Catster would have an option to send all of friends gifts at the one time. Even if I do "add friends" or whatever, I still have to go page by page and friend by friend and click on their picture, and for some reason it will only let me go up to a certain page. Then it stops and I have more friends than what it allows me to go up to. Bummer!!! Maybe one day.
Well, in the meantime all of you have a great day!!!


Sunday January 5th 2015

January 4th 2015 8:05 am
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Hope that the new year has started off well for all of you. I must say it has been yet another soggy, rainy, cold and miserable start to the new year, as it has been for the past few years. GRRR!! We have basically not seen the sun in EONS here. I dont even know what it looks or feels like any more.
I also hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas too. Ours was bittersweet, as things happened and were both said and done which caused much heart aches and breaks but were resolved and so things went pretty good after all. My daughter finally had her weight loss surgery the day after Christmas but tragedy almost struck too as they had to bring her back two or three times from the brink of death. She is home now recovering well.
Keester is doing good and loves her new toys. I just have to get some batteries for her whirly gig feather thing.
Aside from other things I have just contacted CATSTER regarding still making options to send gifts to ALL friends at just one click, at the same time. I know you can do that still by going page to page and friend to friend on the Add option on the gift page. But still, it is still often quite hard to get 500 + gifts all sent and for some reason too, I can only go up to page 7. So that means many are still going to be left out. Which is sad. We dont intend on leaving any body out at all.
Well, hope you have a great remainder of the day and a great 2015!!!
Love you all!!

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