Angel Mallow ~ married to O.J.

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"My hubby Oscar Jon and I cheering for the Kitty Avalanche Mouse Hockey team."

Sex: Female   Weight: 8 lbs.
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I married my love Oscar Jon July 30, 2013 on Cat Channel.  Some moments from our courtship.

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"I married my love Oscar Jon July 30, 2013 on Cat Channel. Some moments from our courtship."

I could fly even before I was an Angel

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"I could fly even before I was an Angel"

My Cat of the Day badges from Cat Channel

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"My Cat of the Day badges from Cat Channel"

As Kewlest Catster Kitty for May 2014, I took the KCK gang to the Fraser River Fishing Lodge, near my home.  We had a blast!

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"As Kewlest Catster Kitty for May 2014, I took the KCK gang to the Fraser River Fishing Lodge, near my home. We had a blast!"

THE event of the season, the Pinto Island Beer Can Regatta.

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"THE event of the season, the Pinto Island Beer Can Regatta."

Chesters KCK Rock-n-Roll pawty.  Thanks for the picture, Rex!

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"Chesters KCK Rock-n-Roll pawty. Thanks for the picture, Rex!"

O.J. & I celebrating Mallowween at Mallow Castle in Cork, Ireland

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"O.J. & I celebrating Mallowween at Mallow Castle in Cork, Ireland"

KCK Hallowween 2014 trip to Dracula

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"KCK Hallowween 2014 trip to Dracula's Castle - scary!!"

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Today is my Rainbow Bridge Day.

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-pound cat-cat rescue

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May 30th 2006

May 30th 2005

Gray and White

~ ♥ Married to Sir Oscar Jon on Cat Channel July 30, 2013 "Love knows no boundaries ..." ♥ ~

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I could fly even before I became an Angel! I was very small, but I could jump onto a 5 foot fence with no trouble at all

**Plays for Kitty Avalanche mouse hockey team** Inducted into MHL Hall of Fame June 21, 2013, just a few hours before I crossed the Rainbow Bridge

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
I had been picked up as a stray & was in the shelter for six weeks. Meanwhile, at the other end of town my future family was finally ready to welcome another cat into their lives after Angel Smokey. They went to the shelter thinking "anything but a gray one, because there will never be another Smokey!" Well, even though I'm gray, I kept following them with my big eyes, meowing "pick me, pick me", and they kept coming back to me. When the shelter lady said "would you like to hold her?" I held my breath. When Big Bro Joe declared “This cat has personality!” I knew for sure I had found my forever home! They loved me, appreciated all of my quirks and when after 7 happy active years with them I got a tumor that quickly took my strength away, they had my back. They took loving care of me and I was being held in Mom's arms when I crossed the Rainbow Bridge in my own time and on my own terms like the independent girl I have always been. That's what a forever home is about, and I chose mine well!

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Annals of an Outlaw Nonconformist Angel

~ It's Mallow Fest 2015! ~

May 30th 2015 9:56 am
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Today, May 30th is my 10th birthday and the 9th anniversary of the day I found my forever home. I was sure expectin’ to be celebratin’ this one in the fur, but darn it all, the Conductor saw fit to call for my ticket LONG before I was done ridin’. But are we gonna let that stop us from pawtyin’ on?

You’re all invited to come join me in a rip-snortin’ bash and celebration of all things Mallow. Come take a ride over the Pinto Island in a Marshmallow Man hot air balloon ride, drinkin’ hibiscus iced tea and wine from the Mallow Run Winery in Bargerville, IN. Hit the target with the double-barrelled marshmallow gun and win your sweetie a Sta-Puft plushie. We can have a marshmallow bazooka war, shootin’ the big ones at one another AND if I can get my fellow birthday kitty K. Bennie to cooperate, we have a very special dunk tank too. Use the mallow bazooka to blast the target and dunk him into a vat of hot chocolate with mallows floatin’ on top! And when it gets dark, we’ll float in Mallowwood Bay on our Sta-puft floaties while the big screen shows (what else?) Ghostbusters. Who ya gonna call?

Barristas will be makin’ very special mallow concoctions and as for food, it’ll be a crab fest: Crab cakes, buckets of cracked crab, crab & swiss melt, crab salad .. well, you get the picture. So what do crabs hafta do with marshmallows? NOTHIN”! But, I DID tend to be kinda crabby ….

See ya there!


It's Snowman Burnin' Day!

March 20th 2015 11:47 am
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Every year in Germany & Switzerland, they have major festivals which celebrate the end of winter with a snowman going up in smoke. The rising smoke is thought to ward off any further snowstorms and beckon in warmer, spring-like weather. I thought a lot of our friends could sure use that, so here for your enjoyment I unveil my latest brainstorm: the Burning (Snow) Man Festival!

You know that Burnin' Man thing they have every year in Black Rock City, Nevada where they all get crazy, blast rock music, beat tom toms and dance around pawtyin' for a week before they burn a big giant dude made of sticks? Well, I thought that combined with Snowman Burnin' Day would a purrfect fit around here. I was SO proud of myself, I thought I was just the brainiest and most original kitty around!

But ... I have been beaten to the punch! Wouldja believe that just 3 weeks ago there was just that very festival held in Port Clinton Ohio? BUT the festival carries on and we have lots of the fine product of the Snowman Brewing Company, our best Mallow Yallow 'nip and I was even able to hire the band that played in Port Clinton. Presenting ..... "The Naked Bacon Band"! I swear I did not make that up, I could NOT make that up! (whisper) I sure hope it ain't Kevin and his bros, mol.

And at NIGHT fall, we will paint our faces, put on our grass skirts and, after a blazing display of fire dancing the dancers will ceremonially ignite the snowman!

How’s that for a kickoff to spring?


My presence continues to make itself known at my earth home

January 16th 2015 7:20 pm
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Big Bro Will has been busy in his room, clearing stuff out and throwing stuff out. He found a book down there that he remembers wondering a long time ago if I might have peed on. Well (blush) I wouldn't admit it then but of course I did, there was a tomcat usedta pee in the bushes right outside Will's window, the smell would waft in and a girl hasta stand up & declare her property rights, doesn't she?

Evie gave me away, when she went down to see what Will was doin' she beelined straight for that book and sniffed it all over. Busted! Now Mom is all about sentimental value & all that, but she says she draws the line at savin' that book :D

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