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Age: 1 Year   Sex: Female   Weight: 9 lbs.

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My grandma kitty brought my furmom and her sibs to eat at Lady Dolly

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"My grandma kitty brought my furmom and her sibs to eat at Lady Dolly's house and my fur mom was the only one Lady Dolly's Mom couldn't trap & get to a shelter. She brought me & my sibs back the next year and the humans were finally able to trap us."

I got my first Cat of the Day badge my very second day on Cat Channel.  What a welcome!

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"I got my first Cat of the Day badge my very second day on Cat Channel. What a welcome!"

Catster gave me a pretty great welcome, too!

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"Catster gave me a pretty great welcome, too!"

I love my big brother Mike!

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"I love my big brother Mike!"

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I wonder why the cat grass won

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"I wonder why the cat grass won't grow ...?"

I was The Cat

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"I was The Cat's Den Denmaster of the Month for July 2014 and I took the Den kitties to a very special amewsement park called "Six Fleas Over Catster""


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"I'm the only one who fits in here (giggle)"

September 17, 2014 - I am one whole year old!

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"September 17, 2014 - I am one whole year old!"

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The Moj, Moji-bear, "the squirrel"

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-part feral-cat rescue

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November 29th 2013

September 17th 2013


My new Mom brushes me and it feels almost like when I was with my fur mom. It makes me purr and roll around happily! All the big humans here pet me, hold me, and want to make me feel at home.

Favorite Toy:
My white mousie and the feather wand toy.

Favorite Food:
Whatever's in Mike & Evie's dishes. It's the thrill of getting away with it!

I am learning all about living in a house with humans. I’m a fast learner, I mastered the litter box the very first day and despite being 10 weeks old and semi-feral I turned on my purr motor within 10 minutes of the first time my new Mom touched me.


Arrival Story:
My fur brother Mike's kitty wife Lady Dolly lives in Washington State, where her Mom fed my fur Grandma and her kittens in the summer of 2012 and managed to get all of them to a shelter except for the one who ended up becoming my fur mom. On October 12, 2013 my fur mom brought the second generation, me and my two siblings, to stay under the hot tub at Lady Dolly’s house too. Lady Dolly’s Mom fed us all and wanted very badly to catch us before her family went to Arizona for the winter, but we were all very wild. Finally with the help of a nice rescue lady they got my two siblings on Nov. 26th, while I stepped into the trap two days later on Thanksgiving. My new Mom came down the next day to pick me up and drive me all the way back to Canada. That makes me an international traveler! On my very first night in my new home, my fur Mom was trapped also.

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9 of 9

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Formerly Feral Feline

My Favourite Cat Channel Moments:
♦ Dame of the Realm - March 12, 2014. Thank you King Tucker! ♥ Cat of the Day - Dec 2, 2013, my second day on the site - My badge is dedicated to Q. Lady Dolly's Mom and rescue lady Kelly from MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland, WA. ♥

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December 9th 2013

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Hobo   DB #102a

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Mike ~ married
to Lady Dolly
Evie ~ married
to A. Shai
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The Adventures of Mojo Black Bear

It's a special weekend for me ..

October 12th 2014 2:08 pm
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See, it was one year ago on Saturday October 12th and Lady Dolly’s Mom down in Washington State had just watched her beloved Michigan Wolverines lose to Penn State in quadruple OT, when the kitty she’d been feeding and trying to trap appeared for her usual supper and this time she had 3 little ones with her. One of them was ME, and we were somewhere between 3 – 4 weeks old.

Well, Lady Dolly’s Mom had had no idea we were on the way even though she saw our fur mom every day! She immediately started thinking about how she could trap us before we got as wild and wily as our fur Mom, who had actually been caught in a trap once and managed to squeeze out, leaving tufts of fur and blood round the hatch (it must not have been set up properly!). She e-mailed my future Mom about us and asked if she would take one of us if we could be caught. Well, future Mom wasn’t completely sure what she might be taking on with a feral kitten, but she said yes and asked for the black one because she knew that one would have the hardest time finding a home at the shelter. And the black one was ME! So from that day on, I’ve kind of had two Moms looking out for me (giggle).

That was Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada, and it was Thanksgiving Day in the States when they finally managed to get me into the trap, but that’s another story. I guess that makes me a cross-border Thanksgiving kitty, and I think that’s pretty special!


Wow! I can't believe I'm a whole year old already!

September 17th 2014 6:02 pm
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And you wouldn’t believe what Mike & Evie got me … I’ve been “borrowing” Mom’s little motor scooter so much that they got me my very own Black Cat Scooter It’s not Angel Mallow’s Harley, but it’s “me” and I’m going to be zipping around a lot on it! There’s no stopping me now!

In the non-virtual world Mom got me some catnip bubbles. I’m kind of nervous of them (blush), but they sure do smell interesting! In the CC world we’re going to celebrate with a different kind of big bubbles - you’re all invited to go Zorbing !!! That’s kind of like running around in big huge pillowy hamster balls. We have ALL different colours and the beach at Pinto Island is gonna look like one giant game of marbles!

We’re having cake from the Evie & Mallow Bakery and some special ‘mallows, too. And burgers, LOTS of burgers! And pizza and root beer too. I am having such a wonderful day and I’m so glad you came to join the fun! -- Mojo the big girl!


A very scary experience!!

September 14th 2014 3:27 pm
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Mike & I were sitting in the kitchen at the sliding screen door last night, sniffing the evening air the way we love to do, but this time something different happened. SOMETHING came around, right up to our door! I don't know what it was, but we poofed up, and next thing Mom knew she heard a kitty shrieking and when she ran into the kitchen to see what was going on all she could see was me & Mikey. We were all bristled up and the shrieking was coming from ME!

Well, I couldn't help it. Mikey was all stiff-legged, with his head down and his eyes narrowed and his ears flat, he was making this really low scary growl and he didn't look like my beloved brother at ALL! Then he turned around and saw me all bristled up and screaming and he made that noise at ME!! I screamed even more and ran into the living room, and he was right behind me. Mom shut the door really quick & then she picked up the rug from the kitchen & got between me & Mikey holding it like a matador so we couldn't see one another anymore. She herded Mikey into Big Bro Joe's old room and shut the door on him.

I was still pretty nervous but Mom got Evie into her room for the night before I got all freaky at HER, then I went with Mom into Mom & Dad's room and we petted & cuddled & Dad got the red dot out and then I played and felt better. Then Mom went away for a while to sit with Mikey in Big Bro Joe's room. After a while she came back, and Mikey was following her like he always does at bedtime. He looked like my brother again and I was sure happy to see him! Mom never saw what scared us but she thinks it was probably one of those raccoons come right up to the sliding screen because of the kitchen garbage can that had some stinky fish tails in it. She is sure glad she always puts a hook on that sliding screen!!

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