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Some special days from Cat Channel

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"Some special days from Cat Channel"

Cat of the Day with my darling Dolly and our (virtual) kitten Molly Rose, born December 17, 2013 on the lovely Pinto Island

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"Cat of the Day with my darling Dolly and our (virtual) kitten Molly Rose, born December 17, 2013 on the lovely Pinto Island"

The very awesome Boo Kitty made this for us for Valentine

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"The very awesome Boo Kitty made this for us for Valentine's Day!"

2014 Olympic curling glory.

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"2014 Olympic curling glory."

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My pal Friday made me this great birthday frame.  Thanks!

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"My pal Friday made me this great birthday frame. Thanks!"

My lovely bride Lady Dolly & I have each been Cat of the Month on Cat Channel.  We both had a great time.

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"My lovely bride Lady Dolly & I have each been Cat of the Month on Cat Channel. We both had a great time."

On September 6th 2012 I married the lovely Lady Dolly.  Happy 2nd anniversary, Sweetheart!

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"On September 6th 2012 I married the lovely Lady Dolly. Happy 2nd anniversary, Sweetheart!"

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My future pawrents were thinking about getting a companion for Mallow, and because she was nervous about other cats a few people with more than one cat told them a little boy kitten would work best. One night my Dad was on the phone with a guy he knows, when the guy said "just a minute. I have to go get my daughter, she's carrying the kittens around again." Dad said "Kittens?!" and the rest is history. They had to give my fur Mom Mocha a couple more weeks to take care of me, then when I was ready they came and took me home with them. They let me sleep in their bed that first night so I wouldn't miss my Mom & siblings, and I have slept there every night since!

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The goings on around here this week

March 6th 2015 6:33 pm
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you would not BELIEVE!! On Tuesday there were humans in and out, in and out, doorbell and phone ringing all the time and it was all about something the humans call "taxes". It seems that Dad "does" them, whatever that means. So in the middle of all that, a couple of guys came in a truck and they started making a whole bunch of noise outside! Little sis Mojo ran under the bed like a shot and I went to comfort and console her (at least that's MY story, mol).

When we got hungry and ventured out, we saw the most amazing sight that feline eyes ever did behold ... there was a HUMAN up in the willow tree in the front yard, the one we like to watch birds in. He was standing up there like only squirrels and birds and Mallow are supposed to do and he had a thing in his paws that was going RRRRR RRRRR!! And branches were dropping all over the grass!! I tell you, I blinked my eyes and looked again. And he was still there! And our tree was gone!

Well mostly anyway, the branches are still all over the yard! It turned out there was too much tree for the humans to haul away in the truck they had, so they were gonna come back yesterday with a trailer. Well, they didn't make it and all the branches are still there.

Then even more entertainment, this morning the great big giant black squirrel (no, not little sis Mojo, a REAL squirrel that's about half the size of her, I exaggerate not) came back around. Mojo was watching him with great big saucer eyes while that squirrel ran ALL over the branches that are all over the front yard, wondering what in the wide world happened and gathering up his peanuts so he could stash them somewhere else.

The tree was a bad place to hide them anyway, the blue jay was onto him and the Moj and I have been watching him those nuts all winter!


Two weeks without insulin!

October 30th 2014 12:40 pm
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That’s right, I haven’t needed any insulin since the morning of October 16th and I am pretty stoked about that. Mom still checks me morning and night but soon she’s going to drop down to just mornings, since that’s when my numbers have been highest. I hear that if I can keep these good numbers up for 8 – 12 weeks (pretty much through the rest of the year) then I will have been able to regenerate any cells that might have been damaged by glucose. I’ll be good as new except my system probably will not be able to tolerate kibble ever again. Mom’s not going to test that out, believe me!

They say that with home testing, weight loss and changes in diet we diabetic kitties have a remission rate of over 60%. We didn’t know the odds were that good going into this adventure, and I feel kind of sad because I’m sure there are kitties out there who get this diagnosis and their people say “I can’t handle all the needles” and send them to the shelter … or even the Bridge (shudder). I am one happy kitty today!


Another week, another dosage reduction!

October 15th 2014 1:03 pm
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Great news! From the night of Tuesday Oct 7th to the night of Tuesday Oct 14th I only needed insulin 5 times. That includes a whole 3 days without needing it at all! The first time I did need it again, morning of the 14th, Mom played it safe and dropped down to 2 units rather than risk possibly sending me too low by afternoon, since it sure looks like my body is kicking in and doing some regulating on its own. She took me to the vet that afternoon to get me weighed, pick up more test strips and just run the week’s numbers past him.

Well, the vet said Mom did right dropping me down to 2 units and he took some blood from my actual vein to double check her readings against his. He got pretty much the same (normal) reading Mom had just gotten from my ear, and he says I can stay at 2 units unless my afternoon numbers start to go too high. Last night I didn't need my shot again, but this morning I did. The vet also said if I go through another stretch of not needing my shots like the one I just went through, it’s okay to drop down to 1 unit the next time I do need one and see how I handle that.

I sure was not happy to see that needle coming out again on Tuesday morning, I would sure love to get so I never need to see one again!

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