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"On September 6th 2012 I married the lovely Lady Dolly. Happy 2nd anniversary, Sweetheart!"

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"Some special days from Cat Channel"

Cat of the Day with my darling Dolly and our (virtual) kitten Molly Rose, born December 17, 2013 on the lovely Pinto Island

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"Cat of the Day with my darling Dolly and our (virtual) kitten Molly Rose, born December 17, 2013 on the lovely Pinto Island"

2014 Olympic curling glory.

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"2014 Olympic curling glory."

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My pal Friday made me this great birthday frame.  Thanks!

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"My pal Friday made me this great birthday frame. Thanks!"

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Well I tell you I am NOT writing a favourable Yelp review

September 17th 2014 12:24 pm
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of that day spa they run at the vets! They’re obsessed with poking innocent kitties in the ear! Why, I tried to politely tell them I don’t want my ears pierced thank you, but finally I had to threaten to lay the smack down if they tried it one more time! Was I ever glad when my Mom came to bust me out of there and take me HOME! I hear that they’ve increased my insulin dosage, for a while at least. I also hear that Mom now has one of those ear poking things. I have a bad feeling about this.

I am still too skinny at 15.8 and need to get a couple more pounds back. They figure 18 would be just about right on me, and I'm willing to do my part! I was never a wet food guy, but since all this happened they have made me a convert. And Mom's been putting chunks of beef or chicken on top of my dry for grazing, so I get more protein from it. Why she even cooked me some burger patties last night & put them in the freezer. Dad is jealous, mol.


So here I am, cooling my heels

September 16th 2014 12:49 pm
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in my “luxury suite” at the Country Grove Vet Clinic. I have to stay here all day for my Blood Glucose Curve, but so far the news is good in that I weighed in at 15.8. That’s almost a whole pound gained back since last Monday morning and that makes Mom really, really happy. But it is so BOR-ing in here! Wait, I spoke too soon, what’s that? Oh no, it’s Angel Mallow! And Angel Gracie! Oh no … they’ve come for me (faint!).

Angel Mallow dumps a load of Angel dust on Mikey and tells him he’s a big orange goof. More kitties appear, there’s Gin Gin and Zippy and Mojo and Molly Rose, the Hairballz … why the whole gang is here! They all have pillows stuffed down the seats of their pants and little Molly Rose is front & centre with Christmas reindeer bells strapped around her little hips. They’ve sneaked in to serenade Mikey and celebrate his turning that weight loss around. Angel Gracie sets down a boom box and they all start shaking their booties to her special version of Sir Mix-a-Lot:

“Oh my Dog, Zippy,
look at his butt - It is so big!
He looks like one of those rap kitties’ boyfriends
Who understands those rap kitties??
I mean his butt - It's just so big
I can't believe it's so round
It's out there
I mean, so cute

I like big butts and I cannot lie
You other brothers can't deny
Mikey’s butt is just so big
Fuzzy and orange....can you dig?”

Suddenly this day got a whole lot better (chuckle). Why, the vet ladies are rolling on the floor laughing. Hey, maybe THEY will pay US for this one!

Thanks, everyone, for the prayers and moral support! – Mike & family


Fifth day on insulin ~ reasserting myself!

September 13th 2014 2:22 pm
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Mom & I are doing pretty good with the needles, and I don’t complain too much about it. I growl & grumble a bit but I do that about getting my claws trimmed too. Overall I'm feeling a whole lot better over this past week, and I've gained a few ounces back since Monday when I had lost so much weight so fast you could feel all the bones in my spine. I have a huge appetite right now to make up for it, and Mom makes sure I get lots of food.

In fact, I had a face-off with Evie this morning over the kitchen food dish. The week I was not quite myself she had taken to walking in and eating out of it, that's something she has never done before in the five years she’s been living with us. Angel Mallow only ever allowed ME to share that dish with her, and now that I've inherited it I only allow Mojo to share it with me. So this morning I caught Evie in there crunching away and I ran her off. Don't get me wrong, I like Evie just fine, but a guy has to preserve order, after all!

On Tuesday I have to spend the day at the vet to get my blood checked over & over to see how well the insulin is working, then we figure out a plan from there.

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