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I came to my family in the summer of 2013 not long after their beloved Poo journeyed to the Bridge. They beliEVE that Poo guided me to this wonderful home, for I seemingly came out of nowhere. I began as an outside breakfast and dinner guest; mom feeds 5 other outside kitties every day. They all like to stay outside, but there is something special about me ;-) and they managed to get me inside. I now have my forever home and I now have my own page here! Won’t you be my friend? I LOVE making new friends!

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Mee Too


August 13th 2014 11:02 am
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There are three sides to every story. My side, their side and the truth. *giggles*

First off – before I tell my story, I wish to thank everyone for their kind wishes and rosettes that you all sent. I will be writing my thank you notes as soon as mom gets out of her swamp, whatever that means.

So I went on an extended vacation last week and I was gone for 7 days. That’s a long time for an inside kitty to be outside. (all 3 sides agree on this statement) So I’ll tell you my version of the story, then mom can tell you her version of what happened. Neither of us will lie… so I suppose the truth be told in both of our versions.

I was so focused on getting Chance to eat his prescription food and keep him out of everyone else’s food that I didn’t notice that not everyone was present for breakfast. Finally when everyone had eaten, I went to the back sliding door to feed the ferals, and the screen was open. My heart sank. Oh no. Not again. I didn’t even want to tell Jim because ‘Too is His Boy. So I left him a cowardly note letting him know that ‘Too had escaped while he was still sleeping and ran off to work. Fortunately he had a good attitude about it as I did, having been through this before. Well sure enough the little monster stayed and played in the yard for 24 hours, staying just out of our reach. I figured I’d play the waiting game and let him come back when he was good and hungry. Day 2- no sightings. Day 3- no sightings. Dad no longer had a good attitude. So I made flyers, posted them, walked the neighborhood, talked to neighbors, talked to the animal shelter and posted a message in my neighborhood watch group. (I started talking in the ‘third person’ there for a moment as PooToo, MOL) I sat outside and called and called him, and banged the food bowls every day, which is what makes all of the outside cats come running to me. FOOD! But, nothing. I was getting ready to give up. On Poo’s Bridge Anniversary, I looked up and talked to him. I asked him to please help guide his little brother home on his special day. That morning going to work I saw a beautiful sunbeam right in my path breaking through the fog, and I snapped a picture. A bittersweet day. 7 days later, thinking about the possibility of him coming home on Poo’s anniversary and beliEVEing what a miracle it would be, I went outside at 5:45 this morning to feed the outside kitties. I’ve never stopped calling out to him nor stopped banging the food bowls together. Then, there he was in the yard. It was like an apparition, my heart nearly stopped. I sat down with a bowl of food and just quietly talked to him. It took about 15 minutes for him to get close, I made no sudden moves and I was able to pick him up. Jim was in disbelief! I took him up to the bedroom where he was still asleep, put him next to him and said, Jim, look! Look who’s here – PooToo! He was still asleep and said, no, no WAY. NO WAY. He couldn’t believe it either! He looks really good although he has lost some weight and has leaves, twigs, burrs and everything under the sun stuck in his foofs. I immediately gave him a frontline treatment; thank goodness he’d been to the vet recently for his vaccinations. He ate a huge breakfast and was welcomed by his brothers and sisters. I am being extra vigilant about that evil screen door from now on!!!

ME TOO ME TOO MY VERSION (< ----- better, way better)(MOL):
PooToo’s vacation!!
So the humans have this notion that I am an “inside kitty”. I was born outside and well, granted life inside is pretty darn good, I am fascinated with the outside. The pawrents like to leave the doors open with the screens closed to bring fresh air in. One day I learned how to pick the lock and escape! Oh escaping was such glorious freedom! I came back pretty quickly though. I am good at escaping, for I did it again, was out for a little bit longer than the first time, then did it again (mom is taking note here about her defective door – I think she is defective, *giggles*) Well the third time I got out, I was tired of being cooped up and decided to ‘splore and take a vacation! Oh the wonders of the outside world! Fresh air, sunshine, birds, fragrant flowers and lush green grass. DIRT!!!! Oh glorious dirt to roll in! I waved to mom and pranced around the yard for a day, not letting her catch me. That’s what you do, right? I hid in the bushes and watched as she put food out for the outside kitties. I wasn’t ready to come in! I’m not hungry! The next day I decided to hide and not tell her where I was. So much fun, so much exploration! Days went on… it became a week. I could hear her calling to me and banging the food bowls constantly, so I knew I was okay. But… I started to get really tired. And oh boy, I was starting to get really hungry. Snacking on bugs and things just didn’t cut it. I always know where a good food hand out is… so by the 7th day, I was pretty worn out and low on energy so I announced myself that morning and let her know that I needed eat! She is programmed well, and brought me tuna! I couldn’t let her see that I really wanted it, so I took the long way to get to her, around the perimeter of the yard then up the stairs behind her. I stopped. She was sitting really still, so I was okay. I tucked in and started to eat, when she gently put her hands around me and picked me up. I didn’t even squirm. We went back inside and WOW! All of my brothers and sisters were there to greet me! (except mean old Oreo who still bullies me) I ate like a king! My first day back has been wonderful, I have a full belly and a soft bed to snooze on. (Looks up at big brother Poo and smiles.... Thank you for guiding me home!)Until I plot my next escape, I am going to take a long, deep nap…. Good night friends….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

*opens one eye before falling asleep* So, which version do you prefer? Mom’s or mine? ;-) winks and purrs


My appearance was a mystery, my disappearance is a- heartbreak

August 10th 2014 11:05 am
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I appeared in my family’s yard nearly a year ago as a kitten, seemingly out of nowhere, just after my brother Poo lost his fight with cancer. My family saw it as a sign, that Poo guided a special little kitten home to be with us or perhaps to let us know that he was re-born in me. Sadly, I escaped my safe home and have disappeared, ironically, just prior to Poo’s crossing anniversary, which is tomorrow.

What does this mean?

I came to my family at a time my family was in mourning, seemingly out of nowhere. They were immediately taken with me for inexplicable reasons; a feeling. Now I’ve left home at the anniversary Bridge Crossing of a very loved warrior angel, almost exactly a year later. Is it some sort of sign? We ponder. Was I sent to deliver a message? I suppose we will never have all of the answers.

I have always been obsessed with the ‘outside’ and the outside kitties. I have also always been loved, well cared for, fed and happy (however it was NOT fun when mom took me in to be shaved.) I escaped 3 times in the last month by opening the screen door all by myself. Why didn’t this happen before? Even when we all double checked that the screen was latched?

The first time I escaped I was outside for 6 hours and had fun. (Per my previous diary entry) The second time I was outside for 12 hours… and I came up to mom (very grateful) as she was feeding the outside kitties. This time, as of now, I’ve been gone for five days. I stayed in the yard and played for 24 hours, having fun and not letting them catch me. My family is heartbroken yet they won’t give up, as they posted a message in the neighborhood watch group, posted flyers, talked to neighbors and continually walk the neighborhood. They won’t give up on me because they beliEVE.

Mom says: I will always love you PooToo, even if you want to be outside again more than inside. I don’t know where you are, but I wish you safe travels, wherever life’s path may take you. We always have the door open for you and we will not give up. We pray that you are just taking a little vacation and are ready to come home again to the people, kitties and doggie that love you so much.

Please come home. We love you and we miss you, PooToo, we beliEVE



July 7th 2014 1:28 pm
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It’s been almost one year exactly that I’ve been an inside kitty. I love my house and my family, but I also love my outside siblings when I see them. I race from door to door, hoping I can play with them. We sniff and paw each other through the screen door; I love my friends so much.

This morning I darted out through the screen door that mom went through to feed the ferals. Her jaw just dropped and I heard her say, oh no no no no nooooooo…..

*giggles* Freedom! I got to roll in the dirt, I got to swat at Moo, the newest feral kitty who has come by (I don’t think I like him) and I got to hide in the bushes and play with bugs. Fresh dirt on freshly groomed long fur is the absolute best! I played hide and seek with mom; it was SO MUCH FUN! She kept going around the bushes to get me and I went through them to hide from her. She even got stuck by a thorny rose bush. Hide and seek is fun!

Mom was really mad. After an hour of playing games with me, she said something to herself, something like, ‘FINE DON’T COME BACK YOU LITTLE BRAT….’ But you know what? I am smarter than that. I know she’s mad at herself and not at me. Dad decided to come out and play hide and seek too! Wheeee!! I am just as good at hiding from him too! Me Too PooToo! MOL MOL.

So mom had to go to work and dad stayed at home to work and he let me play. He kept coming out with the feather thingy inviting me to play. Which I did, but kept my distance. After all, fresh dirt on long newly groomed fur feels SOOOO good and it is so much more fun!

By then mom was really sad. See? She isn’t mad at me, she loves me. She felt helpless and irresponsible and was having a rotten Monday because of me. I guess Monday’s are rotten to begin with for humans? MOL

Finally 7 hours later I decided not to play hide and seek any more. As dad played feathers with me, I got close and he scooped me up and put me back inside! I don’t know what the big fuss was? Sheesh, humans. Silly mom was crying happy tears for me at that point. I guess those 7 hours felt like an eternity to her? *shrugs* Well, I don’t think I’ll be escaping any more… both hoomans are going to be extra careful with the doors now.

*spies a pretty butterfly and gets distracted* Mom, it’s okay. Poo is watching over me, always. I love you even though I did a naughty thing and scared everyone.

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