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So my human found this site and...

This is Fluff's human and this is the hardest thing I've- ever had to write.

October 16th 2015 4:52 am
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My beautiful demon succumbed to a multitude of things - FIV, degenerative disc disease in his back, anemia, kidney failure, and probably so much more pain than he let on. August 28, 2015 is now officially tied for April 1, 2006 as the worst day of my life.

We had decided on euthanasia back in June when it was clear he wasn't going to spring back this time like he'd always done before. Only a week after his last checkup, he'd stopped eating and using the litterbox. He was hiding under my bed like feral cats do when they're waiting to die. So I took him in and he was a growly pain in the ass just like the first time we met. The vet tech held him still while the vet gave him the injection and I held his paw and told him I loved him more than anything else in the world. And then my heart shattered.

I don't know if any of you know Neil Gaiman's story The Black Cat... I know Coinneach does. Well, now we've both lost our guardian demons.

I still can't discuss it without that huge Maine Coon sized hole in my heart getting ripped open again and again, so please forgive my absence and I'm not sure when I'll be able to come back, as I have tears streaming down my face already and I can almost literally feel myself shattering all over again.

That was the hardest thing I've ever done and it broke me. I can admit that because, for once, it's obvious even to me. I miss him so much that I know he took the other half of my heart with him. Now is his time to protect Val, who has the other piece of my soul. In the meantime, I'm going to honor both of them with every ragged, tearful breath I take. So many people don't ever experience that love you would truly die for. I've had it twice (though never with a romantic partner). In that, I am lucky. There are no words to convey how absolutely alone and broken apart I feel, especially when I'm with other people. That's when it's the loneliest.

Anyway, there's my cue to go cry myself to sleep and hope I dream good dreams of my best friends instead of the nightmares I've been having consistently enough (20+days per month, PTSD nightmares) that my family just let me alone. Fluff's vet, his tech, and the crematory place were all exceptionally kind. I have his ashes in a beautiful carven wooden box, but I'm going to have to change the plaque to say "Fluffy DemonCat" instead of just Fluffy.

I don't have enough metaphors for sadness, so I'll go now. I figured my Alpha boy's friends would like to know what's happened. Referring to the story.... I don't think I'd even feel it if the devil came for me now. That's nothing compared to losing my soul, my heart, and my world. Twice.

I wish I could tell him how much I loved him again. I don't care if anyone gives me the platitudes of "he knew," I want to be able to say it to him again and have him smack me awake with those big, gorgeous black paws.

I am never not broken. Look up the words and the goddess that goes with them.

I love you more than anything, my incredible Demon. I hope you are truly at peace now.

Fluffy Demoncat, you are more beloved than most humans on this planet and have given more of yourself as them, as well.

June 17, 2006 - August 28, 2015
Rest now, my love, my heart.


Fluffy is sad, because his human's friend lost her precious- baby kitten in a most horrible way...

December 28th 2014 4:12 pm
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This is Fluff's human.. my friend, Mal, had her 18 month old kitten, Fus, torn to shreds by wolf hybrids. I'm about to cry at the mere thought of it and what she's had to deal with due to her former roommate (the owner of the unsocialized and vicious wolf hybrids), so I'm just going to post a link to her blog and the fund to help bring Fus's murderer to justice:


Fluff and I would really appreciate if you would all share this everywhere you can think of. Donations towards Fus's legal fund would be immensely appreciated, as this legal fight is getting really expensive, thanks to Dr. Matthew Blacke, the owner of the wolf hybrids, and general bad man (to put it politely) has moved, either selling Mal's stuff or just leaving it, after he kicked her out at the very moment she was crying and screaming in the ran, cradling Fus's lifeless body in her arms, which is illegal eviction and the height of cruelty. He's canceled all of his phone numbers and refuses to return calls by her attorney to his work.

Remember rule zero of the internet... if you fuck with cats, we will get you! I am heartbroken for my friend, so now I must go cry into my beloved Fluff's fur and try not to remember that he's slowly dying as well.


I am annoyed. Very annoyed.

June 26th 2014 6:29 pm
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The human took me back to the vet today. My nose has a swollen bit in one side again. It's a... "localized infection." I have had this off and on for months. The pills do not work, but the vet says I look better than I did a couple months ago. You know, back when he cut my nose open! I don't like this at all. I want to go outside. The white cats get to go outside and the alpha, Pyro, taunts me from the window. Of course, he wants into my room and I want out and the human will listen to neither of us! Appalling. Of course, if I was anywhere near him, I would have to claw his annoying little eyeballs out. This is why the human won't let us be around each other. What? It's only been 6 years that I've known them! I am as antisocial as my human. I can put up with them if there is a door or screen between us. They're so very irritating, with their whining and wanting "cuddles." But I rule here. Fine, maybe it's because the human is worried. Or maybe it's because I can control her mind. Hehehe. Er, I mean... Mwahahaha!!

Meh. I'm tired. I'm going under the bed to get away from the world.


Not so great news...

June 24th 2014 8:44 pm
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Fluff's human again here.

Fluff has recently been diagnosed with FIV after having sniffles for a couple of months. He was on antibiotics for 3 weeks to combat ear and nose infections. That was only a couple of weeks ago and he's back to sneezing and it sounds like he's wheezing in his sleep. It looks like he'll be one of the 30% that has chronic upper respiratory infections, probably viral. The little snot won't take his NutriCal or his treats with vitamins, so I need to figure out some way to get added vitamins into him, as well as to boost his immune system.

Other than that, he seems fine. He's alert when he's awake and is eating and drinking, though not as much as I'd like. I read that the average lifespan for cats is 3-5 years from diagnosis. I don't know what to do in order to make his quality of life better, longer. He is my top priority and I'm perfectly willing to put the rest of my life on hold for him.

He's 8 today (or somewhere around today), which is a miracle considering his previous feralness... but in my mind, he's only 8. I want him to stay with me forever and I hate seeing even these minor instances that tell me he's got limited time left, even though we all do. He's been purely an inside cat since May '13 and doesn't like it much at all. He *really* doesn't like it when I leave him alone for any length of time, which isn't like him, so of course I'm paranoid that he's feeling worse than he's letting on.

Thank you everyone for his gifts! He loves the attention, though he'll never admit it.


Fluff's human stopping by again..

January 13th 2014 2:00 am
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To say that the Demon plays now! He loves his mousie toy and is scratching his scratchie thing instead of the furniture. He's settling in as a house cat really well. Not sure he's ever going to get along with Tweak and Pyro, so I've had to keep them separated. Tweak and Pyro get to go outside during the day, but Fluff is stuck inside - there seems to be some permanent damage to his hind leg. He can walk and "trot" just fine, but he's not so good at running. The twins like to sit outside of my bedroom window (where Fluff is) and bug him. There's been no hissing or growling when I'm in between them, but at their ages plus having two alpha males (Fluff and Pyro), I doubt they'll ever been buddies.

As of this writing, Fluff is snoring on the bunk above me. He caught an upper respiratory infection about a month ago and seems to still have some sniffles. Then again, so do I. Gotta love cold and flu season.

P.S. All of the boys and I thank everyone for their lovely gifts!


This is Fluff's human..

October 2nd 2013 4:15 pm
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Sneaking in an entry while he's napping to say thank you! I was so touched when I read that Fluff was Cat of the Day. Everyone's congratulations, sweet messages, and friend requests made my day! Fluff, of course, loves the attention and has been cackling maniacally about an army, but he appreciates it, too. :) He really is much nicer than he makes himself out to be, but don't tell him I let you in on the secret.

Thank you!!



September 23rd 2013 3:17 pm
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The human dragged me to the vet today. My eyes have been a little watery and the right one's been kinda wonky. The human says that my pupils were different sizes even with the same light, but the vet said everything looked good. I swear, she's so paranoid. I had a freaking migraine, ok?

(The human interjects that different sized pupils and eye watering can be anything from an eye infection to a brain tumor and she wasn't going to leave it alone, no matter how much I bitched. And I *bitched*.)

Anyway, plans for world domination are still on. Just from under the human's bed for awhile. *hiss*


Now I'm on here!

September 15th 2013 5:44 am
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My human is typing as I'm dictating, of course. It wouldn't do for the future Emperor of the World to type his own entries. She already wrote how we met, so I don't need to go there. Suffice to say, however, she's the first human I bent to my indomitable will. It kind of sucks that I don't have thumbs, so I can't get back outside to do my dominating of the world the old fashioned way, but the human insists that this internet thing will do just as well.

I've been informed that talking about my intention to rule the world isn't polite for first impressions. Really, why does no one tell me these things before I take over the humans mind... er, fingers? Anyway, my cat name is Fluffy. Don't ask me why, she called me Satan when we first met. I like that name much better, but at least now she sometimes calls me Demon. That works for now, though her mother says that calling me either of them isn't nice. Silly humans.

So... hi. Bow and stuff. That reminds me, I really like that Loki character from the movies we've been watching a lot lately. He has style. I need to meet him, he could be the commander of my armies. He does good work, but needs better direction. Which I could give, because really? Thanos? The Chitauri? Thpfft... worthless. I think my human's geekiness may have started to rub off a little. Don't judge me. The intelligent will rule the world, not the meek. Whoever thought of that?

I'm being reminded again that this isn't nice to be talking about. Whatever, I do what I want. I'm a cat, after all! Though, I admit to being rather zoned out right now, so this shall be a short entry into this new way of ruling the world. The human's been up all night catering to my whims, so I suppose I'll let her sleep, too. See? I'm nice.

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